Cave Dwellings: “Team Heiser” Spends The Weekend…
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Monday, May 9, 2011

“Team Heiser” Spends The Weekend…

  This weekend, Terrie and Tim went to Zionsville to be with Chris and John.  Every year since Chris and John were married they have run the Mini Marathon in Indianapolis…(Mini, as in 13 miles, instead of 26…which is still in the MAXI area of my running abilities).  Well, this year Chris has just had baby Maddox, so she cannot run..Tim had run last year with them, so he and Terrie went to spend the weekend and Tim and John ran the Mini…Whew…how many words did I just use to explain a simple race  event…OVERKILL, DONNA!

  The Heiser kids spent Friday and Saturday night with us…which is always a treat!



I decided that when I am on crutches, I want to have a boot like Taylor’s Uggs…(Talk about Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!!)….Now these would certainly set me aside from any other old Grandmas on crutches…Too bad they’re too small, eh??



Both Taylor and Peyton play on the same soccer team, so on Saturday morning, I started the “up and at ‘em” routine for all three…We had to be at the soccer field in Kaneland (just about 1/2 hour from our house) by 8:45 AM…McGuyver was otherwise disposed for this event..He had a trailer load of aluminum siding to haul(which snagged $275 at the metal scrapper) we invited Jessica, our tree climbing “monkey” neighbor, to come along…


Taylor didn’t have on her soccer cleats in this photo …Obviously the Uggs were not going to see the soccer field.

  It seemed pretty warm at our house when we left, but up North about 25 miles in Kaneland, the wind was blowing across the fields like a gale, and it had to be at least 10 degrees cooler…and no sunshine.


We got there plenty early, so Campbell and Jessica did some warm ups with Taylor and Peyton before the game….Pretty soon the field was full of parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors…most with a blanket…I’m sure they could tell that this old lady had not attended too many soccer games in the spring….



The Green Team won…YEA!!! And I , for one, was glad the game came to a conclusion in one hour..The only sport  I want to watch from under a blanket is football!!!

  After a full weekend of pizza, hot dogs, egg salad, french fries, popcorn chicken…we ended with a Sunday breakfast fit for a king..rather  2 kings and a “drama” queen.

Yesterday, I attempted to get on the computer and found that “we had exceeded our download allowance…”  Hmmmmmm..Possibly our granddaughter on her I-phone, texting??? …ya think??? We had been “fapped”..This means we had virtually no internet for 24 hours…It’s similar to when our parents took the car keys away from us because we had abused our privileges…and kind of like being spanked….


No blogging today….





So, Mother’s Day, McGuyver worked on our garage, and rototilled our veggie garden.  I planted my herbs, and enjoyed our FINALLY beautiful day…Terrie, Tim, Kelly and Cindy all came over later in the day and we hung out on the deck…About 5PM, everyone had left except Den and me…and we sat by the campfire…just “chilling out” .

  We hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day with family and soaked up some great weather wherever you are….But even if the weather sucked, it’s still a great day when spent with the ones you love, or remembering them with fond memories…..I’ll see ya in a couple….There will be NO “fapping” at the Cave Dwellings this week!!!


  1. another great post of life at the
    'CAVE'...too bad you are being spanked at the moment!..shame on you!!..

  2. Yay for the Green Team! And Team Heiser as well.

  3. I seem to remember soccer fields always being very cold!! Glad to see you had a great Mother's Day weekend although I think someone should have bought you a pair of those wonderful looking boots!!

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend with the family. We did also - will be the last in the house with the family - will be moving into the fifth wheel two weeks from today. A few tears flowed but they will survive!! Good choice on the beer -'Bush Lite" - good beer - good price!!

  5. Glad to hear you uys had a great weekend with the kid's and the game.I loved your comment about adoptive Mother's, Our youngest son is adopted, I remember the cops I worked with when they found out Donna & I had adopted Andy would always say," Damn Sam I knw tou were lazy, but i didn't think you were THAT lazy". Or the people that would actually ask if you loved your adoptive child as much as your real children, "I would always answer oh yeah, the one we had before was made of cardboard and didn't hold up in the rain".Hey be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  6. Team Heiser looks like a bunch of good kids. I do remember the soccer days.Have a great week..

  7. Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend. I really need some of those silver boots!!