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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This “end of the school year” stuff has been pretty much filling our May days…Last evening we drove up to Kaneland High School for  yet another Spring Concert with ALL of the 5th Grade classes in the Kaneland School District.  There are a total of 4 Elementary schools, and Peyton is a 5th Grader at McDole Elementary.   Sooooooo ..we hauled butt up to Kaneland to see more wonderful singing by great kids….I truly LOVE when kids sing…



These teachers are really smart… With so many 5th Graders from different schools, they had each school wear a different color T-shirt. And so we had blue, yellow, red and green….Peyton’s school was dressed in green..



Peyton is 4th row up, 2nd from the left….According to his Dad, Terrie had him all dressed up in white shirt and dress pants, they got in the car and headed to the concert. About half way there, Peyton realized he was SUPPOSE to wear the green shirt…So now Detective Heiser does a “U-ee” in the road, races back to their house so Peyton can get into his green shirt…And this is why moms and dads get gray hair, right?..(I can imagine the air in the car was blue, but I couldn’t help but laugh when Tim told me the story…paybacks are, well…you know!)




I need to mention here that Taylor belongs to a selected singing group in Harter Middle School , the school she attends..It is a singing /performing group of 45 kids.  You have to audition to get into this group.  It is made up of 6th, 7th and 8th Graders, and they are called “The MidKnight Special”, (the school mascot is a Knight)…Well, The MidKnight Special also perfomed 3 songs last night….


Taylor is in the front row, 5th from the left..(you may recognize the sparkly boots)..and she is obviously the smallest of the group…Only 5- 6th Graders were chosen for this group. It is mostly made up of 7th and 8th Graders…These kids can really sing!

So, that was our last night of school functions..However, next Thursday afternoon  (one week from tomorrow), Campbell’s 1st Grade class is presenting a play…Jack and the Beanstalk….and Campbell plays the Giant.  Unfortunately, I am having my foot surgery at 7AM that morning….BUT, we are  hoping I will be home by noon, and McGuyver can ride over to watch Campbell’s play and get some photos…( I will be otherwise occupied with my foot propped on a pillow, playing with the TV remote, and hopefully in a drug induced delirium…..)

So, as you can see, our life for the past few weeks has been full of children doing wonderful things….There is absolutely..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I love better than to watch kids singing, acting, dancing, entertaining and having a great time!!! It warms the heart to hear them “make a joyful noise”….


  1. Nothing beats anything kid's do, it is great your grands are so talented,when I am asked what I like the best about I kid's I always say they go good with ketchup & mustard.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Nothing like it is right. It's great to see your grandchildren taking part in these types of school activities. Congrats to you and Dennis for making sure you go and watch as many of these events as you can. The kids appreciate and remember that for years.

  3. It is wonderful to see your grandchildern having a good time doing the school activiies. I love your header picture.

  4. I agree...I love to watch kids perform. Hope your foot surgery goes well.

  5. Wow your week wore me got some good grandkids.

  6. It is great to see the kids, and our daughter who teaches 3rd grade will still be glad when school ends tomorrow :)

  7. building memories is what you are doing!!!..good for you..the grandkids will remember this forever!!

  8. I just love kids' choral concerts! They usually bring a few tears to my eyes...

  9. What a great idea to put each school in a different color and it looked so festive as well. We used to do the colored shirts on field trips and it sure helped keeping up with those little ones.
    There is nothing better than kids singing and performing!! I miss that from my teaching days.
    Pay actually happens??? I'm so glad I have that to look forward to. LOL