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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, May 27, 2011


  Well, the Plantar’s Peanuts foot debacle is in it’s final surgical.  I have to say I was a little nervous about ANYONE cutting at all on one of my feet, but so far, so good.

Thursday AM, bright and early (6AM), I was checked into the Outpatient Surgical Ward of Valley West Community Hospital in Sandwich, and shown into my very expensive “suite”…


Hey..I think I have the wrong room…I was told I would have a 47” HD TV….Just wait until I get hold of my booking agent!!!

About  7AM, after doing the mandatory “completely disrobe”, a very nice nurse came in and started my IV fluids, full of antibiotics, saline, and..very soon to be “sleep medicine”.  My anesthesiologist also came in to check on me…Let me just say that I have slippers older than her!!…(just keep the faith, Donna…)




Before I knew it , I was waving bye to McGuyver…My nurse suggested  I kiss him goodbye…Hey,….does somebody know something we don’t??…I ‘m just having foot surgery, NOT open heart surgery…right???Disappointed smile



Once all alone with the Doc and his posse, I began to crack jokes..They must have been pretty bad, because the next thing I knew…surgery was over and I was in the Recovery Room, sporting one of Herman Munster’s shoes…(I really needed his sport coat to complete this look.)….


I must say, the service was fabulous and the coffee ..great! At $100 a cup, it should have been …JUST KIDDING, VALLEY WEST STAFF!!!!

After I was speaking in complete sentences and making sense (when did that ever happen?), I was taken down to Physical Therapy in a wheelchair and fitted with a walker….a YOUTH walker…Anytime the word “youth” is used in association with my name, I’m a happy girl…






I promptly made this walker my OWN when I got home by a little decorating touch…That Gods Eye should protect me from all of the “evil “infection spirits…



So, I have now been home one full day and night….I was having some problems with my hands getting sore from lifting my body weight to move the walker without putting any weight my “Munster” foot.  I used some wash clothes on each hand hold to add padding, but McGuyver had a better idea….

He went to the Hardware store and purchased some pipe insulation, which comes in 6 foot lengths, and is split to fit around a pipe…Cut to fit my handles and…..WALLA!!!! Man, that sure helped!!



The Doc gave me some antibiotics to take at home, and some pain meds…Tylenol with Codeine…I am not one who handles heavy pain medication without ending up hugging the porcelain God, so I am using Extra Strength Tylenol, over the counter, every 3 hours and it seems to be working fine…Plus I have a pretty high pain tolerance, being that I AM the kidney stone Queen….


This walker will supposedly be with me 2 weeks…I am aiming for one week…


Dennis has me all set up with the laptop, some soup, my drugs, a pillow…Man, I wonder what he charges for all this stuff??  Boy, I look grumpy…You know why?…Still unable to comment on some people’s blogs….Steaming mad



As you can see, I managed to find a way to use the desktop in the kitchen and keep my foot up.. (which I prefer to the laptop) I am closer to the food.


Right now, McGuyver is outside mowing grass and I am suppose to be resting….While the cat’s away…….



Thanks to all of you for the good wishes for my recovery. Also to my great friends and family who have brought in food, magazines and good cheer!…Rest assured that I will be back on my walks as soon as humanly possible…and I will definitely keep my Herman Munster footwear.   I see a prospective future Halloween costume!!!!



  1. So good to see you are home and in recovery mode, hope to see ya in a couple of weeks if your mended enough. Take it easy and make Dennis be the good nurse I know he is. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Thanks for the update and glad to see you're back home and being waited on hand and foot(ha, ha!).

    Nice looking blue boot, I think you should take it easy and milk this thing for at least 2 weeks, not 1. You've got the rest of your life to walk, so take advantage of this time and rest up.

  3. Glad it went well. You don't look bad considering they knocked you out. Me..I look like sh?? well you know what I mean, after I get knocked out.

  4. Glad to hear you're doing so well. Friends of mine who have had foot surgery say it's not exactly a piece of cake, so you're doing exceptionally well this soon! Keep that great sense of humor!

  5. That is some nice looking foot ware you have there. You will be up and running soon so sit back and relax.

  6. I agree with Rick. Mild it for all it's worth! Welcome back to consciousness. :)

  7. Good to see you are feeling as sassy as ever. But, I agree with teh others...take it easy! Not often do you get a good excuse to stay off your feet and let someone else do the heavy lifting! Get well soon.

  8. glad to hear that you are back among the 'bloggin'!..take it easy and I am sure Mcguyver is hoping you won't get to use to the special treatment!!