Cave Dwellings: I Scored Another Brass Chandelier from The Wolff Homestead….
Cave Dwellings

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Scored Another Brass Chandelier from The Wolff Homestead….

  When we were at Chris and John’s earlier this year, I spotted a 1970’s vintage Chandelier hanging in the dining room the home they had just purchased…I seem to have this uncontrollable longing for chandeliers….I know I will eventually have to restrain myself, but this particular one appealed to me ….It is very ornate brass…And even though the prisms are glass, I saw a potential for some very nice Swarovski Crystals to be used instead…The problem with that is that I will need 56 sets of them, and that will not be a cheap venture..At any rate, Chris didn’t want it and told me I could have it if I wanted…and of course I took it..


There is a definite difference between glass prisms and Swarovski crystals…but the chandelier reminded me of small twisting tree branches…I cleaned it all up, which is no easy task…I took all of the glass off and  hand washed, rinsed and dried each prism… then I cleaned the chandelier base very carefully…It is shown above hanging from a nail in our basement, where I can work on it ..I put some throw rugs on the floor underneath it..Knowing what a klutz I am, it would be just like me to drop a prism on the cement floor and bust it to smithereens… So now I have another project.

  McGuyver has been working on our garage, getting ready to side it.  We bought new windows and he had a couple friends help put them in..I am no earthly help when it comes to lifting those things into the hole.  There was a day when I could haul lumber, help strip a roof, hold up drywall…but those days have passed ( and I don’t like that fact, either).


  So, as I alluded to in my last blog, my foot is now of main concern, as it is not healing at all.  In fact I have developed a Plantar Fibromatosis in the arch of my foot..Yeah, I know, my words were exactly the same,”What the Hell is that?”..Turns out it is  like a fibrous little tumor that can develop at the sight of an injury,…such as a torn Plantars Fascia…Apparently it will not go away, but my foot Doc said he won’t bother it unless it begins to bother me…as in growing larger..YIKES!…

The foot Doc signed me up for out-patient foot surgery at our Valley West Community Hospital for May 26th…What I will be having done is called an Endoscopic Planter Faciotomy …(More big words I didn’t understand)…Explanation of this was …the Doc will make 2 very small incisions on each side of my foot down by my heal ( I liked to hear the term “small” preceding the word “incision”)… He goes in with a little camera and scalpel and cuts the fascia. (I DIDN’T  like the word “cuts”)…This is suppose to release the tension, and as it heals it will allow the fascia to lengthen…All I know is, I may be on crutches for a few weeks, and this will no doubt put me in the mood of a caged lion, but I have made up my mind that I MUST do as the Podiatrist says if I hope to walk my 2 miles daily with McGuyver again…Annoyed

So, this little bit of news pretty much curbs my gardening skills for a few weeks, but Dennis will take over…I will sit like Princess Summerfallwinterspring and supervise. (If you remember her, then you also remember Phineas T. Bluster…but, I digress)….Today the sun came out and I did plant my little herb garden for my deck.  I intend to get as much done as possible before I become couch bound.  I must keep this one thought in mind…… 


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  1. Thank goodness there is a solution and hopefully the surgery takes care of the foot issue. Good luck!

  2. There is a gal at work that just had that done and she bounced back pretty quick.

  3. We have that same Chandelier. It has bought and installed in our hose in 1965. We're saving ours for our next place

    We're ready to have to have Happy Hour with you when ever your ready!!!!!!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  4. If you can't win as Maxine, maybe you can win as Clarabelle! :)

  5. sorry to hear that the foot 'woes' have to be solved with surgery!..I guess you will just have to sit with your foot up, dressed in your happy pants..and wait for 'the man in your life' to bring you your drink!..Cheers!!

  6. Sure a lot of big words in this post. Thought for a second you were trying to boggle our minds with some new techie stuff!!

    Hopefully, the surgery will cure what ails you and you'll be on both feet before you know it.