Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, May 13, 2011


I don’t know what happened to Blogger this week, but I have been trying to publish this blog for 2 days now…By the time it publishes, the temps will drop to 32 and snow will be flyiing…and Hell will be freezing over!Sarcastic smile 

It’s been pretty quiet at the Cave Dwellings this week..and the weather has been absolutely fabulous!  I am trying to get as  much work done outside before I “go under the knife” on the 26th…We got our vegetable garden planted and all of the bedding flowers are planted…also all of the hanging pots.


The eight wires on the photo right are waiting for some tomato plants to surround…We usually plant WAY too many, and I end up making spaghetti sauce, chili sauce and salsa out of it and freezing it.  We planted some Yukon Gold potatoes at the end of the garden…Sure hope there’s some room for some green pepper and jalapeno pepper plants!!

We also got the fountain up and running….and that definitely means summer is coming to the Cave Dwellings!!


Yesterday, while Den was helping a friend who has a sewer camera business (don’t ask), I managed to get all of our downstairs windows washed…AND I washed the Hiker…It was really lookin’ sad…big black tear streaks running down her face. We have been pretty much ignoring her since December 28th, when she clobbered McGuyver in the head…(I still need to get one of those swim noodles to put on the bedroom slide…and McGuyver a helmet!)


  We finally got new fans for the front porch too…and I love them.  When the mosquitos get to be too aggressive, and it’s also too warm for a campfire, we end up on the front screened in porch… That is also a good place to sit when it’s raining …unless it’s also blowing 60mph wind gusts.


Soooooo….not too much exciting here….I just heard the weather and it is suppose to cool down this weekend to a HIGH in the 50’s…NO, REALLY??? COME ON…..NOT YET!!! I JUST GOT OUT ALL OF MY SUMMER CLOTHES!!!



After giving the Hiker a great spa treatment, complete with tire scrub, streak cleaning, and rub down..I feel sad that we can’t take her out on a little “run”….All this sitting around is making her soft…


“ALL DRESSED UP AND NO PLACE TO GO”…..Oh well, just wait…I’ll get this #@%!*#@ foot fixed and we can make some plans (I hope)…GOD, I have enough wrinkles to make an elephant jealous!!


But hey, there was lots of outside work to be attended to today…and …..I “GOT ‘R DONE!!!!!”


  1. My latest blog completely disappeared...oh well!

    Looks like you are getting lots done and getting ready for summer.

    Love your posts...they always make me smile!!

  2. Good job, Donna. Looks like you're getting your yard in great shape. As for blogger, your missing post should reappear in a day or so.

  3. That blogger glitch sure knocked all us Blogheads for a loop eh....

  4. We like you have not had a lot going on here in KC the temps are in the 50's.Have a good wekend..

  5. Well....I guess my original comment has been lost. We have been without internet for almost a week and when I finally found WiFi I was soooo excited and then NO blogs. Booo

    Anyway, Love you yard! It looks great. I even missed the part about surgery on your foot. Here's hoping it will go smoothly and you will be back kicking again real soon.