Cave Dwellings: WHATEVER……!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, April 9, 2010


  All I wanted to do was clean out our camper of dust , now that the pollen has quit blowing, and is lying dormant on every living and non-living thing….And then I heard the noise coming…AGAIN??? REALLY???

100_6436 100_6437

… we have the pollen airborne again and flying everywhere!  Thank you so much Mr. Leaf Blower man.


I know I promised I would let the pollen story disappear from the blog.  Dennis says I have become “possessed” by it…Maybe that is why my head is spinning and I am spewing pollen dust..I really wanted to scream at this poor park guy, but I know the orders come from “higher ups” than he is…Supposedly the more knowledgeable and responsible people who are running the park are making the rules and giving the orders....yea, right….Whatever!!

  We found out what the locals call their make-shift washing machine drum  firepits…They call them “Redneck Chimineas”….You gotta love people who make fun of them000_0290selves.. I told Dennis that we should go through the junked appliances graveyard, pull out all the old washer drums, weld the legs on them and sell them at flea markets…The Yankees haven’t ever seen anything like these, I guarantee, and would want to be the first in their neighborhood to have one.

I made us a nice big breakfast this morning.  It isn’t that I am that ambitious, but I figure I can get out of making lunch if we eat a big breakfast.  Pizza Hut is cooking tonight for the Cave Dwellers, which means I don’t have to prepare any little tidbits for the Grillmaster to fix….and we both get the night off.  I did manage to get the camper shoveled out of pollen dust..temporarily, I’m sure.  We took our walk in shirt sleeves today and it promises to be another beautiful day in the Piney woods.


We walked by Jimmy Jones’ campsite and there was a squirrel checking out their picnic table to see what yummy scraps were left from breakfast..He is making a break for it, seeing us coming.

100_6439  …The monkey in the tree is not real, kids.  It is just part of Jimmy’s decor, reflecting his “cable guy” sense of humor.

  We went into the Texarkana,TX Moose Lodge for a cocktail and met some really nice people.  We found out why Wright Patman Lake is still so high.  Apparently this is purely a “flood control” lake…The Red River and other rivers around Dallas eventually end up in this lake and they let the level of this lake rise for a purpose…If they let the water out of the lake and let it flow onward, it would flood the homes in this area and on into Shreveport, La…Hence the reason this lake had been so high all winter…Dallas got a ton of rain!!! FYI, they just opened the road we walked down. It us the main road into the park and has been closed since December, so the water is definitely going DOWN!!

  Not that you care, but here is the Texarkana Moose Lodge..

100_6444 100_6445

…and the Pizza Hut on the right is ONLY a carry-out or inside seating…We have our pizza and it was only $10.83 for a Large, Pan Supreme!!

Tomorrow is “hose off the truck and camper” day, so we can see out of our windows to drive on Sunday, and our camper doesn’t look like a big yellow bee.  Tomorrow is our last day here, but it is again time to get “on the road” and put some miles behind us and head toward home…More tomorrow!!

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  1. Hey Donna, This yankee from Mo. has a dryer drum firepit not as tall and no legs but it fits the back of the pickup nicely and I get it up off the ground by setting it on a couple of paving bricks ( firebricks maybe?)it has the small hole in the bottom and holes drilled all around it for good draft and gets a roaring fire going in no time,I guess there's a little Jimmy in all of us.Hope you enjoy your trip home, don't blame you for avoiding the St Louis traffic,Unless you were coming from the west on I -70 we are on the outer edge and from us east you will have traffic at both rush hours. Have Fun Sam & Donna