Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, April 4, 2010


   HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!! Ok, don’t deny it..we can tell you’ve been in the grandkids Easter baskets..Wipe the Peep sugar off your teeth…especially those of you who ate the purple ones!

We had a skype this morning from our youngest daughter in Indianapolis and got to see our youngest grandson, Aiden, age 18 months.  Great way to start the day!! Saw our other 3 grandkids on skype last night…They were about to color eggs and could hardly wait…and I thank Logotech every day we are away from those kids for making webcams!!

  I cooked breakfast this morning. I must remember to hide my camera from Dennis.

100_6310   I couldn’t bare to ask the bunny to cook breakfast outside… not by the looks of our yellow entry mat.  I made B’s & G’s (that’s biscuits and gravy to those who don’t know), and an egg scramble, with bacon and onions..We may have to double up on the Simvistatin after today’s meals.  100_6311


Yesterday I was surprised to find a Hummingbird drinking from my feeder on the back window.  I hadn’t seen one since we got here. The food was nasty and needed changing to further entice them.  I had Den go get the feeder so I could wash it and refill it with fresh sugar water.  Once a red feeder, it was now a yellow feeder. Den hung it back up and the minute he sat down he began doing the “eye rub”…Oh Oh. Pollen alert!!!..IT IS STILL INSIDIOUSLY ATTACKING HUMANS!

100_6313 100_6314 100_6315


I couldn’t stand it any longer, peering through yellow windows…Any of you 60’s boomers remember the song“ We All Live In A Yellow Submarine”, by the Beatles?? Well, I felt like we WERE living in one. I took my Windex and a role of paper towels and cleaned off the ones I could reach with my little ladder…Much Better!! I knew Dennis was pretty much “house bound” for the better part of the afternoon, so I took my camera and rode my bike down one of the two trails here.  And I’m here to tell ya, it was a brutal ride, even for me.  I felt like my eyes were getting pummeled with yellow sticky flakes..and they were. I was careful to keep the lens cover on the camera until I absolutely needed it, but I did get some great shots.

100_6316 100_6317 100_6320

100_6319 100_6321 100_6318

I decided that as long as I was already the color of Kermit ,(and it ISN’T easy being green!), I may as well continue my bike ride around the park.  Here is the road coming into the park…still under water since December, and unusable for traffic. See the bridge under water yet??

100_6328 100_6337

The shot on the right is the campsite we had last spring when we were here. Not happening this year.

I dusted myself off, literally, wiped my eyes out and kept going.  There were some flowers coming up I wanted to shoot, and some interesting remnants from last fall still present.

100_6327 100_6332 100_6329


This poor little Azalea bud is trying to open, despite the pollen covering it.

I’m sure you are tired of hearing about and seeing pollen.  Kind of like my kids told me when we were in Arizona.."Mom, how many more pictures of Cactuses are you gonna take?” Well,kids, I shoots what I sees..and I sees pollen…lots of it.

  Den and I are both inside now.  I thought I had better return and put my yellow bike down before the chain became pollen covered and it seized up on me.  The camper back door is open this afternoon..I keep all windows closed now, after I found we became engulfed in green smog when our heads hit our pillows last night. Our stove is just inside the door…It WAS black, but it now looks like one of those Goldtone appliances from the 1950’s..remember them?? (If you do, you are an old Hippy, just like myself.)

I have 2 big fat turkey thighs marinating in the refrig for grilling tonight. The Grillmaster may have to resort to his stylish glasses for any outside stuff activities.  Quite a few people are leaving…cowards, all of them.  Dennis and I are gonna tough it out till the end, which happens to be next Sunday . Oh, and by the way..our blog may keep changing colors , fonts, text colors, layout…whatever.  We are playing with a few improvements …or maybe they AREN”T improvements..but please, bear with us!  In the meantime, I am going to see if I can come up with any recipes using pollen dust…maybe a thickener for gravy, huh??  Hasta Manana, amigos!!(FYI..GLASSES ARE ON!)

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  1. Way back in 2005 when we lived in a home in the mountains in the woods, (pines, firs and maples) I sort of remember pollen... It came every April and signaled the end a long winter... and then came all the green... it was worth the three weeks of inconvenience... but sure made a lot of extra work!
    happy Easter...