Cave Dwellings: RV, THE MOVIE…REVISITED!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


   Well, well, well…we are back to the reality of being gone almost 5 months and owning a home with LOTS of yard…Dennis has been busy mowing, cutting up fallen limbs and fixing various things that decided to quit working while we are gone.

  First of all , I have to tell you a story that is reminiscent of the movie RV , with Robin Williams..When we left Clear Springs, Texarkana last Sunday, we got up bright and early and were “front row Joe” at the dump station.  You know the tank first, etc, etc…Well, this dump station was full to the top.  We didn’t realize it until we let the lever go…What a nightmare. There was no sign, no cones, no warnings.  Gradually we got the job done, but we had to back off on the lever many times…and we were just the FIRST of a full RV park to pull up here.  Luckily this was a pretty nice dump station, all concrete, curbed and sloping toward the hole.  Dennis said many words, and “oh shoot” was not amongst them.  After much hosing and cleaning up, we finally left the park…It took us 1/2 hour to dump our tanks..I can’t imagine what happened when everyone tried to leave at once later that morning…just the thought makes me ill.  We felt like we were living the movie RV!!

  We drove up through Little Rock and took Rt. 67 NE…The Northern part of Arkansas is really beautiful.

  100_6472   After we crossed into Missouri and were about 30 miles from Wappepello, we notice a huge cloud of smoke in the distance.  It actually had the shape of a mushroom cloud..It apparently was much farther away than we thought, because we arrived at our campground , Redman Creek, and never did catch up with it..

100_6465  100_6466

The next morning we left Wappepello with the intention of staying one final night on the road at Ramsey Lake, IL. Once we got on the road early, we decided to go all the way home.  We headed North, driving across the Mississippi River and began the loooong drive from Southern Illinois to Northern Ill. Illinois is one long state to drive through.


100_6468 100_6471

We arrived here at 3:30PM…longer than I like to ride, but it was time for us to get back. As it turns out, there was lots to fix…We have satellite TV and both our receivers decided they were not going to work anymore. We had been having trouble with the one we took on our trip the last few days…but now neither one was giving an inch…So we are without TV’s for a few days until we decide if we are going to pull the trigger on HD and get the system and new TV’s…AND…. this morning our internet went down and Dennis had to call Hughesnet and they talked him through getting our service back…after 3 different phone calls, all 5 blue lights are now lit again…at 6PM…What a day…Oh, and our outside water faucet leaked like a sieve, so Den had to get a new washer and fix that…We had limbs down all over our yard, too, so this morning was spent raking and hauling limbs out to our burning pile in the back yard.

  100_6473 100_6474

    After I helped Den in the yard with the limbs, he mowed our yard and I started the clean up inside..

100_6475 100_6476

Did I mention that our backyard is 500 ft. deep?? So, there is the Hiker, in it’s spot on the pad next to our garage… Our lawn is mowed the fire pit is ready…and so are we!! It is way past cocktail hour and I see carry out chicken in our future… we are both whipped!! I will blog more probably Thursday….Time for a shower. One that I can just let the water run forever!!!!! Thanks for checking in with us again!!!


  1. Glad you made it home safe..

    Wecome back to our world of stick and brick... yuck....

    When do we leave again???

  2. Aw yes, the joys of being home:)))))

  3. Sam did the yard routine yesterday, he was away all last week and the spring greenup hit with a vengeance here. First he became intimate with his buddy John Deere, removing the plow that pushed many tons of snow this winter and putting the 6 foot belly deck on, then it was a test run over 2 acres of grass to make sure it was all set up right. He said he will hit it again either today or tommorrow as some spots were so long it left clumps so a finishing pass is in order.
    Fried chicken sounds good. Hope you guys get a chance to relax again. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. That long hot shower where the water could run forever must have felt like heaven. Glad you are home safely. Enjoy the family this weekend.