Cave Dwellings: Invasion of the Cave People
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Invasion of the Cave People

  Yesterday I visited my 3 grandchildren who live in Sugar Grove…It just happened to be “picture day” at school, so they were all dolled up..


Right to left are Taylor, age 11…Peyton, age 9…Campbell, age 5..This was the picture I asked them to pose for…The next one is the picture THEY wanted to pose for!!


  They most normally act and look like the second photo…wonder where they get that goofy attitude…..?????

These wild Indians belong to our oldest daughter, Terrie (substitute teacher), and her husband, Tim, (Detective for the Glenview Police Dept.).  Sugar Grove, IL is about 20 miles from us.  Terrie is quite the handy one, and is constantly painting, redecorating, sawing and changing furniture.  She is an Interior Decorator “wannabe”.  This winter she got bored, so she built this dollhouse for Taylor…

100_6485   100_6486 100_6487

(clik the pik to enlarge)

I think she inherited McGuyver’s carpentry skills…he certainly doesn’t have any “interior design” skills, though.  She and her sister, Chris, both have a knack for that…and THAT talent didn’t come from me, that’s for sure.  You will meet the rest of our family this weekend …They are all converging on us starting tomorrow evening with Chris, her husband ,John ,and our youngest grandson, Aiden…You will also meet our son, Kelly and his wife Cindy… and a cast of other family “characters”….We intend to “party our socks off this weekend”…and we are just the Cave people to do it!!

This morning Den and I took our walk around the older residential streets, which is where we live..The Redbud tree of our neighbors has just popped with little pink blossoms…


100_6491 100_6492

You can say what you want about new subdivision living, and we have quite a few in our town, but I prefer the older streets, with neighborhoods that have been there for years…For instance, we live just across the street from the house Den’s Grandma and Grampa owned, the his Mom and Dad owned it. Den’s Aunt ,Juanita , whom we all call Aunt Neenie, lives two houses to our West (she is 90 yrs young), and Den’s brother-in-law , Ron, whom we all call “Big Fluffy”, lives just one block North of us (his sister passed away 10 years ago). Den’s Grampa used to call this part of Center St. “Christian Ridge”….I certainly have no idea why, but I’m sure there is a story in there somewhere.



Today was another day spent in the yard, weeding, trimming, getting out the birdbath and lots more yard decor.  Dennis unloaded the wood from our truck and used the shopvac on it..Personally, I try to avoid any kind of vacuum for any reason, especially the back end of a truck. Our living room carpet doesn’t get that much attention!!

Our daughter and family are arriving tonight about 9PM. They have to wait to come until John, her hubby, gets off work at 5PM. It’s a four hour drive, but luckily there is a 1 hour time difference between here and Indy, so they gain an hour coming this way and lose it going back. I may have mentioned that Chris works for vascular surgeons at Clarion Hospital in Indianapolis, and her husband is a father-in-laws dream son-in-law…he works as an I.T. manager for Monarch Beverage, the largest beer and wine distributor in Indiana..McGuyver loves John.

I will close with a picture of my favorite “picture” in my house.


This is a signed print by Kirby Sattler, who is known for his Native American paintings. It is 24”X24” print and the name of the Indian is “Standing I Fly”. I bought it online and had it framed and sent to me ….This was while I was still gainfully employed and could stash a little money aside for such frivolous things. I had a hard time getting a good photo because I have a light pointing at the print from the bottom ,so there is a crazy reflection.  I also didn’t get him very straight…nothing to do with Mr. Standing I Fly…that was totally my “Standing I’m Skewed” position.

I will try to find time to blog either Saturday night or Sunday, with pics of the insanity we will be embroiled in here.  If my crazy family will leave me to myself for about 1/2 hour I may get a chance Saturday….if not….see ya Sunday!!!

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  1. Sam is still on the floor laughing at the kids, "silly picture" take my word for it he would fit right in with HIS silly look right above Campbell's head. Glad you are getting to see the kids, Have a good time with the party. Be safe. Sam & Donna.