Cave Dwellings: A Gathering Of Cave Dwellers
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Gathering Of Cave Dwellers

    What a great gathering we had of our children, grandkids and family.  It was a four generational party.  Den and I have both lost both our parents, but Den’s Uncle Jr. and his wife, Jeanette, came on Saturday from Montgomery,IL to be with us all. This may seem like no big deal, but Uncle Jr. is 86 and his wife is 94 and they drove the 20 miles to join us.

100_6532 100_6553

  The reunion started Thursday evening with the arrival of Chris, John and Aiden from Indianapolis. On Saturday, Terrie, and their 3 kids came over.  Then Kelly, Cindy and their son, Dylan , arrived…also Uncle Jr., Aunt Jeanette, Den’s niece and nephew, Leanne and Tom, and Den’s brother-in-law, Ronnie (Big Fluffy).  We started early and played hard and late into the evening.

100_6525 100_6508 100_6528

Left is daughter Chris and Aiden..then Grandpa giving tractor rides.The photo on the right is one of many campfires……Dennis cooked 3 whole chickens on our big Weber charcoal grill and I made some Italian sausage in the good ‘ol slow cooker.  The weather was a little cooler than it had been, and last night we sat outside by the campfire until we had ice crystals forming in our drinks…(just kidding, but it did get down to 33 degrees!)



Above is Chris on left then Terrie and her youngest son, Campbell.

100_6531 100_6554

Uncle Jr. is a WW II Navy Veteran, and we are sooo fortunate to have him around. He is a real corker!!

  Our son, Kelly and his wife, Cindy, brought some really old vintage newspapers that her 92 year old Grandma had given to them….They were stored in an old tin and are in really good shape. Get a load of the headlines, dates and prices of these papers..

100_6534 100_6545

100_6546100_6535 100_6537 100_6540

Check out this next one….the Honolulu Star Bulletin…100_6542

I couldn’t include all of the papers, and some of these pictures are a little blurry, due mostly to the shakiness of the  This last paper headline is the clincher…

100_6538 ….Date of this one..Nov. 11th, 1918…WW I ends….unbelievable!!!!

  After the more “youthful” party goers went to bed, and the more elderly drove home before darkness fell, the rest of us “hangers on” sat outside by the campfire..

100_6562 100_6561

  We had a few stragglers in for breakfast this morning…Terrie, and her family, plus Chris , John and Aiden who were staying with us.  They hung around for a breakfast casserole..

100_6575 100_6573


This would be Tim, Terrie’s husband who is a detective with Glenview Police Dept. With all the emergency personnel in our family, it is hard to get everyone together at one time…

The morning ended with a couple songs from Taylor. She is Terrie and Tim’s oldest ( age 11) , and has been blessed with the voice of an angel. She belongs to a youth theater group and is performing in Annie this May…

 100_6579 100_6581

OK, so this is a really long blog, with lots of photos…but it was a really long party, lasting almost 4 days.  One thing about us “Cave Dwellers”..we milk every last drop we can from a party! Thanks for allowing our family into your homes…..More blogging Tuesday…


  1. What a wonderful get-together !

    Your family is to be commended on "togetherness"

    Your uncle at 86 and wife 94... hard to believe! Wonder what their secret is???
    Those newspapers.... wow.. what a treasure... thanks for sharing..

    Mabe you should have taped Taylor on You Tube.

    It's nice to see a family having such a good time... and especially good to see Den got a fire going !


  2. What a great family weekend, I wish we had a big family, but our four boys are scattered across the country except for the baby (28) who is till home. Glad to see you guys all had a good time, Those newspapers ahe Priceless, someday they will ne museum pieces. Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna.