Cave Dwellings: 'It Ain’t Over Till I’ts OVER!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, April 8, 2010

'It Ain’t Over Till I’ts OVER!!!

  At the end of yesterday’s blog, I mentioned a line of severe weather that was looming large toward us…Well, Dennis kept moving me off my blog so he could keep an eye on the radar…


..As you can see, It was quite interesting.  That blue spot on the screen is Lake Wright Patman, where we are camped.  Thankfully, for us at least, the really heavy storms went North of us…again. After the storms left, the weather was noticeably cooler.  Last night the temp got down to 47 degrees.  Time to fire up the “fireplace” again!  The pollen has tamed down considerably also.  When we walked Tuesday morning , we went down and crossed the bridge that was closed due to the flooding.  The pollen was a yellow tide and it mixed with the wetness on the bridge and was also very slippery!..Falling down in this goo would be tantamount to being slimed by the Ghosts in the movie Ghostbusters.

100_6361 100_6362

  On our walk this morning I wore my jacket again.  The sun was out, but the air was pretty cool. I have discovered there are some interesting things about tree bark..Not so much for everone, but at least to me, (but I am easily entertained).These tall pines have a bark that almost looks like wooden tiles placed around them..And there is a large Walnut tree on our walk that is growing weird wobbly little ferny things on it…a tree-like beard…

100_6358 100_6420 100_6421 Here it is up close and personal.

We needed a few groceries to get us home, so we decided to make the trip into Wally World..That is, AFTER Dennis scraped the junk off our truck windshield…

100_6426 100_6427

Today is pretty much a non-eventful day, unless you count preparing and cooking baby back ribs on the grill. We are using up some of the more elaborate groceries in our freezer before we hit the road for the two day trip home.  On the road will be cheese crackers for lunch and easy dinners like turkey bratwurst and spaghetti.  Baby backs call for pre-cooking and also grilling. The pre-cooking is the “traveling” problem.  Tomorrow is Pizza Hut and Saturday night its grilled steak, so it looks like this MUST rib night.

We plan on leaving Clear Springs Sunday morning and driving into Northern Arkansas for our first night.  From there we swoop…well, let me rephrase that..we navigate AROUND St. Louis and into Illinois.  The night before we get home, we almost always stay at a place in central Illinois called Ramsey Lake .  That gets us home about noon with lots of time to unload the HitchHiker. Right here I have to say that we milk this travel thing for every minute we can get.  It isn’t officially over until we pull into our driveway at 518 W. Center St. and Dennis and I enjoy every last second.  Not that we dislike our home, but soon enough it will be time for grass mowing, weeding, and tasks that all too soon become routine again. Don’t get me wrong, we cannot WAIT to see our family and friends, and we would love nothing better than to be able to bring them all along. That’s the reason the webcam and the blogging ever became part of our camping life…to keep in touch and share our good times.

  We will miss this life and all the places we have been. 

100_6425 100_5426 100_4276 100_6019

I have tried sooooo hard to get a picture of the little Hummingbird who comes to my feeder every morning, but he senses my presence and jets off ..So I am going to post a picture I took last spring when we were here.  We were frequently visited by this little guy..For some reason he wasn’t so  afraid of me.. Took it through our computer window…in this very park.


OK, don’t jump this blog ship just yet!! We have Friday and Saturday to yap about….and I plan on keeping up our blog from home, so you can meet some of our family and friends who support our “traveling habit”…Remember, “It ain’t over till it’s over….and I sing!!”..

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