Cave Dwellings: Cleaning Up, Stowing Stuff & Sweeping Slides
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cleaning Up, Stowing Stuff & Sweeping Slides

  Den and I have been on Pizza Hut pizza withdrawal since we left home in December.   They did have one in Ajo, AZ, but the prices were slightly inflated and we are slightly cheap. Obviously, they didn’t have the $10 specials there.  Finally, we got our “fix” and we got it for the $10 price…I present to you..a Large Pan Supreme..



    We took our walk this morning and ran into Jimmy Jones and his wife packing up to head home to Arkansas.  Jimmy’s wife, Elaine, has a son who leaves tomorrow for his 4th tour of Iraq..yes, I did say FOURTH!!  There is something very wrong with that, in my humble opinion. 

  Jimmy loaded us up with 5 bottles of Gatorade (we must have looked dehydrated), and we politely refused any more.  We had to make a stop back at our camper to drop the stuff off before we finished our walk..Mind you, I am not and would NEVER complain about “Catfish” Jones total generosity to everyone he come into contact with.  We hugged them and said goodbye until we will likely see them again next Spring, if the heavens allow.

  The campground is almost full here.  There is only one vacant spot in our loop, and there is only one other camper here from out of state besides the Cave Dwellers, and they are from Illinois, too. That makes us Yankees the minority. I need to practice my accent…”Ha y’all doon?”…Jes fon, thenx fer askin”.  It’s like a total different language…and I’m sure they think we talk pretty darn funny.

100_6446 100_6447_00


  We stashed our Gatorade and finished our walk.  The clouds this morning were especially pretty against the pines..


Our walk took us on one last trip into the woods on a path we like..The pines tower toward the sun, reaching up with their limbs as if to guide the streams of sunlight into the forest.


100_6458 100_6456 100_6457

The last photo is mushrooms growing on the lower trunk of a pine.

  We arrived back at the camper and were just about to start putting a few things away, when “Catfish” Jones pulled up in his truck with 2 more cases of Gatorade for us..He cracks us up!! There is absolutely no way to refuse him when he is on a roll, so Den loaded the drinks into the belly of the beast (under the HitchHiker) and thanked him again for his thoughtfulness. 

We took a real loooong look at our truck and the “Hiker” and decided they needed a slight bath before travel.  It is, after all, necessary to be able to actually SEE out of the truck windows when zipping down the interstate. While Dennis was wiping off our lights, hose, etc. , I grabbed the other hose and found that our truck actually was black under the pollen, and the camper wasn’t REALLY growing yellow hairy fur.

100_6459 100_6460

  I really LOOK busy, don’t I?? It’s all smoke and mirrors…and no soap was involved, just a nozzle and water…The REALLY BIG wash will happen at 518 W. Center St., in Sandwich, IL.  Our youngest grandson, Aiden, really thinks we reside in his mom’s laptop computer.  She skyped us this morning because Aiden had gone over to her laptop computer, pointed at it, and said “Papa” He is 18 months old… He doesn’t ask for me, ( his Mimi),  oh no.  And that makes Papa grin like a Cheshire cat.  We cannot wait to see all of our grandkids!!

  Well, I did get some sun time in this afternoon, and now I need to marinate some steaks for the Grillmaster to fix tonight.  I think we are going to go ahead and hook onto the 5th wheel tonight so we can get on the road early.  We will be off line, computerless, after about 6PM tonight until at least Tuesday evening, maybe even Wednesday, depending on how much hauling in and out we have lined up.  I will be documenting our trip home, of course.  The blog is going to be up and live from home, or wherever we decide to be.  Mind you, our life isn’t one of dangers and adventures, unless you count handling weed whackers, mowers and swiffers  …Thanks again to all of you lovely souls who have endured my insanities.  If you are so inclined (and slightly masochistic) you can continue to tune in…I feel like I know you all…Next blog….scenic Illinois!!!


  1. Have a good trip home, I've enjoyed being along..

    What a nice fella that "catfish" guy is. Hope we run into him sometime.

    Best regards to the "grillmaster" ( must be nice )

  2. It's been a fun trip this winter..

    I hope to be in the truck next fall...

    Have a safe trip..

  3. Have a safe trip home to sandwich.I love that name, now if the ever have boroughs like out east and name them bacon or ham& eggs, I will really crack up.I will be traversing Illinois from east to west tonight later.Not nearly as wide as Missouri.Catfish sure sounds like a character, a fun one at that.Hope to see you down the road and let the Donna's get together. Sam & Donna.

  4. What a wonderful adventure it has been traveling along with you this winter. Have a safe trip home to Sandwich. Hope to see you sometime this summer.

    Your Cousin