Cave Dwellings: Attack Of the Evil Leaf Blowers
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, April 5, 2010

Attack Of the Evil Leaf Blowers

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Last evening we had a nice campfire and enjoyed a peaceful Easter wind down.  The only sounds were the ones of families enjoying the end of the day.  The tall pines were full of people visiting, kids laughing, and an occasional dog letting his voice be heard. It is times like this I wish our family were here with us.  However, I know for a fact that they had a great day of Easter Egg hunting, eating chocolate bunnies and spreading the dreaded Easter grass in someone else’s house.  Sometimes I get upset that they don’t seem to miss us more than they do.  But we get to see and talk to them on Skype once or twice a week.  I also know that our house will be filled with the entire family the weekend after we get home, and hugs and kisses (and gifts) will abound. Call me silly,  but I believe there comes a time in everyone’s life that they become what is called “short timers”, (if you're lucky enough to live that long.)  And Den and I are there. Life moves so fast you can get whiplash looking back.  When you are officially “short timers”, we think it’s now time to get back to the essence of what started it and your spouse.  The importance of spending quality time together becomes oh, sooo much more important now.  OK, now I AM getting sentimental..ENOUGH ALREADY!!


  The Grillmaster cooked another award winner last night, too. Our grilled turkey was yummy.

100_6345  The pollen seemed to settle down along with the wind last night, which made it much nicer to sit outside.  I figure we  had better enjoy it while we can.  They are calling for some rain on Wednesday. They say that is what we need here, and hopefully that will dampen the Pollen God’s wrath some.

Our temp last night stayed about 64 degrees, and for the first morning in forever we didn’t need the heater on in the bedroom to get dressed. We had our coffee and took our walk….walking in jeans and T-shirts for a change, too. The humidity was pretty high, though, and not conducive to a good hairdo.  There were a lot of RV’s pulling out this morning and many spots were vacating.

When we got back I decided to wipe down the inside of the camper.  I really needed to hose it inside and out, but settled for a wet rag and the vacuum.  Just as I was finishing this, I heard the sound of a leaf blower coming up our loop..OH NO!!!! The grounds crew were cleaning off the vacated sites by blowing them off…Are you kidding me??  All morning, the pollen was just hangin’ out..lying about quietly on the ground and picnic tables, not hurting anything or anyone… and NOT MOVING!!…UNTIL the leaf blowers got after it….and yellow/green dust went EVERYWHERE!! We just happened to have lots of vacant sites all around us, of course.  Plus, I had turned on our “fantastic fan” in the living area and finally felt it was safe to open a few windows…WRONG! So now I’m running around like a crazed woman, trying to shut everything up, as the crew got closer… and closer….  In fact, the guy camped just across from us was hollering at the crew to turn the power of the blowers down on low…Boy, I’m with him! I watched in horror as they came right next to us and on each side created a greenish yellow cloud the size of a small atomic blast. Why, oh why, did they have to screw with the Pollen Gods???…Oh well…the damage is done and now…RATS!!!


  I have found that lots of the people here create some interesting light fixtures at their campsite.  The one I find most “interesting” is putting a bucket over a light bulb , pulling it up into a tree on a rope.. and calling it a chandelier.

100_6342 Ya gotta love the innovative people who thought this one up!

I haven’t hardly moved out of the camper today. It isn’t quite in the cards that I sit in the sunshine..Mainly because there isn’t much of it, plus what there is of it, I can’t see through the haze.  I have been photographing some strange stuff, though.  The other day, I went to sit down in my chair and it was already occupied by this guy…

000_0349   I have to say that he is much larger looking when his 8 legs are stretched out and he is boldly standing in the future spot where you will place you derriere. I chased him off my seat and onto the ground, at which time he drew up his legs and pretended he was dead, but I wasn’t fooled, I was onto his tricks..I chased him further into the brush until I was sure I wasn’t being stalked and then reclaimed my chair. “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!”

There are some nicer things here to click my shutter for, though…

000_0333 000_0334



I managed to go outside and take a few pictures of the greenish yellow haze in the air when the wind blows the stuff from the pines…

100_6352 100_6353 100_6354

(clik on the pic to get the true feeling in your sinuses)

Tomorrow we are going to go into the town of Jefferson,Texas, about 1 hour South of here.  It is a very historical town, and once was the Port of Entry into Texas from New Orleans. It was frequented by riverboats and the town was named after Thomas Jefferson.  I will take pics and blog about it..Aren’t you relieved to know you will get to see and read about something other than tree, pollen and my bad attitude???Check back tomorrow to see if it has improved.

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