Cave Dwellings: Shrek IX,,,,starring non other than myself!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shrek IX,,,,starring non other than myself!

   Well, the storms that were predicted went North of us, sparing us from picking our clothing, TV Satellite dishes, grills and various other items from the tall pine trees. It did rain in the night, according to Dennis.  I was paralyzed and slept like Rip Van Winkle.  The rain created waves of pollen along side the road and as the rain washed the pollen from the crowned roads off to the sides of the road…

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…Last night we got another new neighbor and he was having trouble setting up his TV dish…so, of course, McGuyver gave him a hand..

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..I must apologize for the quality of these pics. My excuse is that it was getting dark…and you will notice the pollen dots on the pic at the far right.  Actually, I had similar pollen dots in my eyes, too.


How many beers does it take to level up a Satellite dish?…Only these two guys know, and they won’t tell. Dennis finally suggested that he put his dish exactly behind ours….and now it looks like we may have baby Satellite dishes for sale…..Get a room!!000_0345

  On our walk this morning , the pollen wasn’t in the air, it had been temporarily washed out by last night’s rain.(Key word..temporarily)  I found an opportunity to get some shots of the rain drops on the pine needles…and a cobweb in the heavy grass…

  000_0332 000_0329000_0328 000_0331

  We walked by Jimmy Jones camp and they were gearing up for a day of cooking..Did I mention that Jimmy fishes for a living?? How many of you men would love that job??? He did say that the fish are absolutely NOT biting this year, due to the flooding.  One of the times we were here, he gave us a bunch of crappie filets to take home with us…Imagine that…Jimmy Jones giving something away…We tossed them in our camper freezer and cooked them up at home for dinner one night..They were wonderful.  People down here are very serious about fishing and they haul their freezers with them when camping…I rest my case…..


   We got back from our walk and Den needed to dump the tanks..I am now a little “gun shy” to go anywhere near our tanks…But, apparently, McGuyver’s fix on the black tank pull worked. At least I haven’t heard anyone calling the environmental protection agency. I, of course, am INSIDE the camper. I try not to get involved in the ceremonious “tank dumping”. At one point he did come inside, saying some rare words.  He had left one of the connectors up at the dump station, rode his bike up to get it, and encountered the deadly pollen dust in the air.  Suffice to say his contact lenses are now lying forlornly on our table and his glasses are again on his face.


  The color of Den’s lenses match the color that the air was while he was in here.


This nasty Turkey Vulture was sunning himself this morning amongst the beautiful Wisteria …Even I won’t sun myself in among such a pretty flower..What a duffus! Here is the Wisteria WITHOUT a Vulture sunbathing.


I tried to lie out in the sun for a bit…You could see the pollen in the air.  It was like a fine , fine snow…only greenish yellow.

000_0352 000_0350

The photo on the left is before the cloud of pollen went through..the one on the right was after…clik on piks to can see it better.  I lay in the hazy sun, sweating in the 80 degree weather, and finally got tired of fighting the greenish grit.  By the time I gave up and went inside, I looked much like Shrek….same body build, same color skin…different ears.

  I came inside and took my shower.  It looked like I had bile running down the drain…We went into the Moose Lodge in Texarkana and had a cocktail, then to a restaurant called The Point, which is right across from the campground entrance..No, we didn’t eat there, we did our usual..picked up 2-4 piece catfish filet dinners as carry outs, complete with fries, beans, cole slaw and hushpuppies..all for the low, low sum of $8.99 @…We learned about this place last year from…who else…Jimmy Jones!!

It is now 5:15PM, Dennis is lighting a campfire..We will see if he can sustain his CLs for very long…Just a couple nights ago did I say “Pollen be damned!”. I still like Spring in Texarkana!”?? Well, let me rephrase that…”Damn the Pollen!!! I am rethinking pollen season in Texarkana!!”…And yes, I will blog on Easter…the bunny doesn’t know we are here ,so  Peeps are out of the question!!!

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  1. We undergo that pollen menace every year in early June because we live in a pine forest. Nasty even gets into my underware drawer!! AL:))