Cave Dwellings: Wandering Aimlessly Through the Weekend…Back to” Humidcity”!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wandering Aimlessly Through the Weekend…Back to” Humidcity”!!

  Saturday began with our walk..and we noticed immediately..IT WAS BACK!!!!…the humidity, I mean.  So much for the 2 nice, warm and DRY days we had…Hasta la vista, baby.  Oh well, at least we do an early morning walk, usually by 7:30AM.  Walking in the hot afternoon is NOT my idea of a good time. Walking is suppose to make you healthier, NOT kill you.

  After lunch I had a few errands to do…I wanted to take some  of Pal’s sweet corn over to Terrie and her family.  I also had to stop at the WalMart and get some diesel fuel for the truck.   It was slightly difficult to get to the pump…Talk about a traffic jam!100_7580  There was a big tanker truck with 3 different hoses strung out like octopus tentacles.  People were lined up!   I finally got the GMC pulled up to the pump..Hey , when the truck is thirsty there is no stopping it!  After she got “full”,  I had to maneuver  my way out…by backing out from the pump.  Let me just say that I consider myself a pretty darn good “backer-upper”…We have a very long driveway, so I had no choice but to learn how.   However,..I have seen some people who would have easily taken out a pump or two in the process..(Not a bad looking “fuel transporter” , eh??) ..HEY, I WAS TALKIN’ ABOUT THE TANKER TRUCK!!



I got to Terrie and Tim’s house and Terrie was checking the pool temperature .  We have had a couple cooler nights lately and the temp had gone down some…


…Seems that I also happen to get to their house just as Detective Heiser was “working a case”….


…and he tries to convince me how hard he works!!!!  I think his case today consisted of checking his eyelids for holes….Actually, the man works long hours and drives 1hour and 15 minutes each way to do it…He’s very good at being a cop , but if I tell him that ,he’ll just get a big head and be unbearable to live with…(just kidding).

  On my way back home I had to make a stop at one of my favorite stores…


…yes, the Goodwill Store. Since the economy has taken a nosedive, this place is packed with people.  Personally,  I have no problem buying “gently used” clothing, furniture and stuff.  Why would you want to pay big bucks for something if you didn’t have to.??? Confused smile


  I just had to practice my collage making again, so bear with me…These are all results of my pursuit of a bargain.  Everything you see here is in our home, …AND I got it at a garage sale or the Goodwill Store..I kid you NOT!!….Not bad, if I do say so myself..Just think of all the money I saved!!!


  Speaking of the economy being in the latrine…This next picture is what was SUPPOSE to be an indoor water park being built on the edge of Sandwich…

….Waves-Of-Fun….NOT!! It has been sitting idle since last summer.  They stopped work on it due to a NO MONEY situation..We all know what happened to those who didn’t see the recession coming…and got blindsided…I sure hope they can start up again soon…The plastic on the big windows is  getting all ripped and just” blowin in the wind”…like the “answer.”.(to those of you baby boomers, and to Peter, Paul and Mary, my humble apologies).

..We had a sort of circus that came to town this last week.  They set up out by our little shopping center/ strip mall… The circus was here for a few days, then they packed it up and moved on..I think they forgot someone…


Oops…I see there is at least ONE jackass hanging out in the background..(Sorry, I couldn’t resist). Rest assured that this guy won’t be forgotten…How could you possible forget a 1 ton elephant??

One of my Ya Ya’s and her husband stopped by with their grandson…Xavier Curran….Check out the blue eyes and curly blonde hair…. He is a real keeper, and wasn’t terribly enthralled with the silly looking camera woman…


In the second picture, I think he had me correctly figured out…a big person who acts like a 2 year old…DON’T CRY!!!……Go figure…I can be pretty scary!!

On my way home I ran into, (not literally), this spiffy little jeep.  I think that the Bayfield Bunch needs this cover for their tire on the back…Or do they already have it??… I cannot for the life of me remember….Dementia Donna strikes again!


I see that another spine tingling, ultra exciting weekend is drawing to a close.  We are having  “shrimps on the barby” tonight…and a campfire if no severe storms come along….




  1. We had two really nice days here too, but today it is humid and heading past 90 again. Got the John Deere out at 0900am and it was 78 at noon when I put it away it was 91 so much for comfort, but the entire 2 acres got done, now I can dream about a Fort Madison Iowa getaway for a couple days maybe this week later, just have to watch the weather but 200 miles north should be good for about 10 degrees less , don't you think. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I will have to keep you and Angela a part when it comes to thrift stores and garage sales.

    When were out driving I'll hear hey there's a thrift store or hey there's a garage sale and I go deaf and blind and keep driving or I'll say yep there is.

    Thought about getting her a set of blinders.

  3. Boy! If you think you're feeling hot and humid, how do you think that elephant must feel? That swimming pool sure looked nice!

  4. Hey Donna, get a bucket quick!! All the water's running out the left side of your header picture:)) Nope, we don't have a tire cover yet but we do have one on order but it's plain because I'm hoping we can put our own logo on it. And talk about memory....I can't even remember what color tire cover we ordered just a week ago:(( I'm thinking maybe Fuscia!!

  5. Your whole post today is priceless and no master card was needed to read it! You are so witty and I always enjoy coming to your blog when I need a laugh or two. Thanks for all you put into making it so entertaining.

  6. hey we need that tire cover too!!!..if you see two..send one to Al and one to us!!!

  7. Thanks for the tour today. Cute kid, sad elephant tethered the way he is. Our tire is already covered, so we dson't need a new cover. Have fun today!

  8. I was studying your header pic and noticed what appeared to be a contrail from a jet plane but alas it was a reflection from that guys fishing line! Neat capture! I should comment more on your blog but I'm just kind of a quiet guy until a few of those rum&cokes kick in,(just ask my wife). Keep on being yourself and telling it like it is, lots of us out here in cyber world are just trying to beat the heat until we here that Loud Click of the hitch of the 5'er announcing its time to go! Thanks for the guided tour of your hometown! I invite you to visit "Shutterbugs Capturing The World Around Us".

  9. Enjoyed your post today especially the pic of the elephant... How could you forget a big guy like that!!! LOL
    The heat an humidity has been relentless this summer; the pool looked like you should have just jumped in and cooled off!
    You guys take care and be safe. Thanks for the post!
    Mike & Gerri