Cave Dwellings: Spiffing Up The HitchHiker….Makes Me Smile!..I Needed That!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spiffing Up The HitchHiker….Makes Me Smile!..I Needed That!

  I haven’t touched the inside of the Hiker since we got back, other than to unload her.  Dennis has been busy running TV coax, and also putting another outlet into our bedroom.  There is sawdust and tools lying everywhere.  He finished his projects Saturday.  Then he cleaned out the floor vents with the shop vac…NOW…I’t ‘s MY turn to clean her up, put on her lipstick. fluff up her rugs and shine up her shoes…All ready for travel..whenever…. It just makes me happy to go in our rig and do some work.  If I didn’t glance out the windows and see our garage peering into her windows, I could pretend I was , well…away.  Isn’t is strange how an inanimate object can give you so much peace of mind??  I come away feeling that my disposition has gone from grim, nasty, snippy ,crabby to smiling, calm, peaceful ….and feeling very fortunate to even HAVE that beautiful RV…It certainly puts my life in perspective and sends my “evil twin” back to her place in the darkness of the Cave Dwelling.



It’s been a challenging few days….Yesterday I went up to see my sister..They moved her from the hospital to a nursing home..They discovered she has breast Cancer and bone Cancer( in her hip, and who knows where else)…Of course, they can’t keep her at the hospital any longer…(healthcare..DON’T GET SICK!).  They put a port in her chest and intend to take her to the hospital for chemotherapy by ambulance.  After seeing her today, I just pray the treatments will help….. She has slipped some in just the week since I saw her last…All of this is compounded by COPD and an enlarged heart…Alas, Darlene never put her own health as number one….My baby brother and his wife came up  from Marseilles IL (about 30 miles South of here),and went with me to see her.  I’m glad we all went.


100_7613 My baby brother, Michael,(who is the spitting image of our Dad), and his wife, Helen..Thanks for going with me guys….

I have no idea how this is all going to shake out..BUT..the  nursing home she is in is very nice, clean, good care and she seems to like it fine…All I care now it that she is in no pain.. she sleeps a lot of the time.  They actually got her up in the wheelchair this morning….  I look at this as just one more wake up call for me to QUIT MY COMPLAINING!!… I am humbled.


Here is the most important stuff in our lives…..the “continuance”…..our kids and grandkids…

Kelly gave the kids a tour of Station 1 , Oswego, IL Fire Department… That link was for you FD5. I have a feeling you may enjoy it… Hey, anyone would!!  Oswego Fire Department has an awesome fleet..Our son Kelly is a Lieutenant…and Terrie’s kids got the tour…and loved it.  Of course Grandma and Mom went too..Hey, he didn’t ask me to try on his fireman’s helmet!!!!

…..AND… I didn’t get to sit in the driver’s seat of the fire engine!!! (Probably because Kelly knows my driving skills, or lack there of..)

…Another part of the reason for “keeping the faith”….A slightly unexpected miracle…. Our 4th grandchild, Aiden Wolff. 

Aiden and Mommy 

….We are sooooo blessed…


Thanks for following…This was a challenging couple days for me…What would we do without family, friends…..and special people like our “Bloggerville Families”?????
What a great find all of this blogging stuff was for me!!!!  Keep on bloggin’!!!!! 


  1. Our prayers are with your sister and family its sad to watch someone you love go thru this.

    We all should be more thankful of what we have.

  2. It's not easy to see someone so close to you become seriously ill. I hope your sister's treatments go well and she improves enough to leave the nursing home soon.

    In the meantime, it's important to go on living and continue to enjoy the companionship of your family especially your children and grandchildren. Take care.

  3. Just remember that The Great Physician has her in the palm of His hand. What better place to be? We pray that the treatment will work and that He'll surround y'all with the peace that is indescribable. Cherish every moment!
    I agree with you about the Blogger Families support. I haven't been doing this very long and have received wonderful encouragement. Blessings, Kathy

  4. It's hard to see family members go thru so much sickness. We pray that the treatments go well and she has good results.
    You are so right about being in your rv, it's so peaceful and all seems so good when you are there.
    Take care and be safe.

  5. Prayers for your sister and for all of you. I went through this very same thing with my Mom in 2000and it is difficult to say the least. Please keep us posted on how she is doing.

  6. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you find something to enjoy. Best wishes for your sister. Life is not always a bowl full of cherries. Peace to you! :)

  7. what a difficult time for you and your family!..our thoughts are with you...
    hugs to your family.!!!!