Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, August 6, 2010


  Why is it that the older I get, I feel like I am caught up in a tsunami ….? I thought I was busy when I was getting up in the night, feeding babies…or car pooling 3 kids to school…or attending every little league game and track meet in the Central US..Well, as it turns out…that was just a dress rehearsal for now.  When we are at home, I feel like I rarely relax…..I guess that’s why I love getting away in the Hiker. Our life is so much more simplified when we’re “hooked on” ..You get up, take a walk, have coffee ( coffee is outside if weather permits), give dinner a thought or two…more sitting outside. Then, an attempt at a crossword puzzle, read a book,  sit in the sun, watch Dr. Phil, shower up and it’s COCKTAIL HOUR!!..And then…light a campfire, have a cocktail, watch the weather on TV, take another cocktail outside, sit by the campfire and solve the world’s problems (have another cocktail of course),….Fast forward….McGuyver lights the grill,  I set the table,  then it’s back to the campfire to let the charcoal get started (maybe with another cocktail)…..Finally eat our dinner about 8PM.  This is normal for us, even at home…Yes, I know..We are not doing it the right way…But we are not of the “early bird” dinner people..never have been , never will be.  Dennis says you can never spend too much time in the planning stages..and I am totally there!


This morning, our friend Jim Fritsch stopped over with some fresh picked sweet corn.  Dennis and his friends call Jim “Pal”…reason being..he is everyone’s Pal.  Pal is the nicest person you could ever meet. I have never seen him mad..or even moderately upset…


He is the farmer that  Dennis helps every fall.  Den helps Pal combine corn and soybeans, and has for the last 4 years or so.  Sometimes that keeps us from leaving  in the late fall when I would like to , but I try to contain my angst….I know Dennis is a frustrated farmer….


Today I was on my usual garage sale run.  Yes, I know..this kind of “busy” is self induced, but I AM the garage sale queen…and  I deem it part of my royal duties to search the area for great bargains…..I drove by the Sandwich Fire Department and they had the ladder truck out, with the bucket waaaay up in the air…



Firefighters have my total respect for even THINKING of climbing that thing..let alone possibly having to bring a person down from a burning building…Our fire department here is pretty “state of the art” for a small town.  It looked like they were working on the engine of the later truck, too.  The cab was pulled forward and some guys had their heads under it….That’s on BIG engine to work on!!


My garage sale travels took me to the little town of Somonauk, which is about 2 miles West of Sandwich.  All of these little towns that run along Rt 34 also run parallel with the railroad…So it seems everything around here has a “railroad” theme…(Sam would be in heaven and want to move here). Here is a little roadside food stand in Somonauk..


OK, I am now in danger of writing another novel.  My writing skills are very similar to my talking skills…I never know when to SHUT UP!!!  Thanks for visiting….and Y’ALL COME BACK!!


  1. Sounds to me like you're now busy doing things you want to do instead of things you have to do! Big difference! At least, that's what I've found since I retired 11 years ago. At least now, I'm not on a schedule!

  2. you first paragraph is SO how I feel these is much simpler when you are away from a campsite..campfire..
    Home involves work!!..and lots of it...
    put your feet up and have a cocktail or two!!!..
    Cheers my blogging friend..and I will do the same!!

  3. Wow!! I remember those days...feeling like a tsunami was carrying me away. Things do slow down greatly in this lifestyle. You can be as busy as you choose to be..or NOT. You will be a natural.
    Until then have a cocktail and practice, practice, practice!! LOL

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. I have the cocktail part down.

    I need to work on and slow down the rest of my life..

  5. It's just the opposite for me up here in Canada. I don't have enough to do which in itself is a problem. Oh, there's things to do alright but the interest isn't there to do them. My life's calling is to be on the road.....not sitting around a house for months on end. Oh well............

  6. Dinner at 8 pm? Not "normal"? Who cares if nobody this you are doing it's your life! By 8 pm, we've already eaten a snack and are thinking about bedtime. :) Your life sounds pretty nifty there garage sale queen. (notice I did not say awesome garage sale queen)

    Tomorrow is Saturday which is another prime garage sale day. Have fun.

  7. Sorry. I meant "thinks" you are doing it right. :(

  8. "No shoes, no shirt, no problem" about
    "No rules, no schedule, no problem"
    Sounds good to me! Kathy