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Monday, August 16, 2010

Things Are Looking UP…..One Day At A Time

  First of all, thanks to all you out there in the Blogosphere for your kind words and prayers for my sister, Darlene…She has been through lots, but has improved by leaps and bounds from her brush with death, so don’t ever think prayers don’t help! The vent is out, she is on Oxygen by canula, eating a regular diet, lost 40 lbs. of fluids and getting mouthy with the nurses… SHE’S BACK ALRIGHT!!…My brother and I went up to see her today, and she looked 100 % better…She has other issues, for sure, but her spirit is back with a vengeance..(Dar is alot like me…tells it like it is and takes no prisoners…that’s what I love about her).

I had lunch with my daughter, Terrie and granddaughter, Taylor, Saturday…They had gone shopping for school supplies and wanted me to meet them for lunch..There is a very good Mexican restaurant in our town, so we decided on that..and Grandma has the magic Visa card …the one that jumps out of my wallet whenever I’m around the “grands”….


…The train painting on the right is a mural on the back wall of the dining room…It’s really impressive when you walk in the front door of the restaurant..But, tell me, why is it that EVERYTHING around here seems to be train related??? OR….could it be that I am just a TAD more sensitive to the word trains??? YOU BETCHA!



Our daughter, Terrie , was still in minor cardiac arrest from the price tags on the school clothing, not to mention the list of a gazillion“supplies” they had to have..…At the risk of sounding like my mother….when I was in school, our supplies consisted of rock tablets and a stone to carve out the words… Taylor is 11 going on 16 and considers “shaving her legs” a right of passage..Similarly, I am 62 going on 12, and considering depilatory on my upper lip…that’s MY right of passage…. passage into the cesspool of old age..

Yesterday Den and I went up to Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette’s house.   Uncle Jr. was riding in a festival parade for the town of Montgomery, IL.   He is one of the WW II vets who have been on the Honor Flight Chicago trip to Washington D.C.  I wanted to get a picture of him when he came back from the parade, so Den and I went up and waited for him to be dropped off at their house…We heard he was riding in a vintage car for the parade…

Above is the card given to us by Herschel Luckinbill..He was Jr'.’s “guardian” when Jr. went on the Honor Flight, August of last year.  They have remained good friends ever since.  Herschel drove Jr. and John in a vintage 1929 Model T Ford….Here is another of my feeble attempts at a collage…




Herschel is in the upper left corner..The old car belongs to him, and he takes John ,(another WWII vet) and Jr. to all the parades in it….Honor Flight Chicago is a wonderful thing , and is paid for by donations from the public! I couldn’t think of a better thing to support…

  After we pried Uncle Jr. away from the car, Herschel left in his Model T to deliver John to his house.  Den and I stayed with Jr.and Jeanette for some drinks and snacks….and war stories.



…Jeanette put on “her hair” for the occasion (she has worn wigs as long as I’ve known her)….She looks damn good for 95, yeah??? And Jr. is 87 years young… I gotta tell you that the first words out of Jr.’s mouth when he got out of the car and saw Jeanette were,  “ You look spectacular!”…He never fails to compliment her. (Just a little hint to all of you men out there,….you’re never too old to schmooze!) …Notice the vintage table and chairs, the roosters on the wall, and the rotary telephone on the wall behind Jeanette…Their house is like a 1950’s museum…. It’s like stepping back in time.

  So….. this has been a pretty fine couple of days….I’m feeling stoked just from being around positive people….Darlene is doing much better, Taylor is a “shaver”, and I am having to make a choice between Nair and Moustache wax…NEVER A DULL MOMENT…LIFE IS FABULOUS!!!!


  1. OMG....loved the vintage house! My aunt in Soda Springs has a lot of the same stuff. It is like walking into a museum of sorts.

    Glad your sister continues to improve.

    Your daughter and grand are gorgeous! Nice you could spend some time (and money) with them. LOL

  2. Glad your sister is doing better.

    I hope I look and get around as good as Uncle Jr and Aunt Jeanette as I age they are great and I bet they are fun to be around.

  3. Great blog, Donna! Glad to hear your sister is doing much better. I have that same magic Visa card that jumps out of my wallet whenever our kids or grandkids are around! It's funny how that works!

  4. We are so glad to hear that Darlene is doing better, Yes and prayers do count. We would also like to join the Uncle club, he is a Navy WW2 vet. Boy could we share some stories over a couple of beers. Denny is included too. Dont know much about shaving leg's since we had all boys and luckily none of mine did that. Grandaughter has our congradultions for this obvious big step. Had to laugh about Jeanette putting on her hair, when my Grandmother got into her 80's she had a closet full of them, since she only had about a half dozen blue hairs left. My Grandfather had the typical German sidewalls as long as i could remember and used to tease her unmercifuly about the wigs..Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. I'm still stuck back up in your blog somwehere trying to figure out what a dilapidated lip is all about.....

  6. Oh means I need to shave my lip....or get some wax to make it a handlebar....GOD, I LOVE YOU!!!

  7. Glad to hear Darlene is doing better!!! Sounds like you had a really grand time the past couple of days.
    Your Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Jr. don't look their age and I bet don't act it.
    Take care and hopes for Darlene's continued improvement.
    Mike & Gerri

  8. great post today,Donna!..nice work on the collages!! glad your sister is feeling better..
    watch out for the wax!!!..holy motherofcrackhead!!!..
    by the way..SHE'S BACK!!!!

  9. Love Jeanette,
    She's the type of person who is an inspiration to all of us...
    Earrings, necklace, 50's style all the way. Life was simpler and still fun.. She looks healthy and happy.
    Hope Darlene continues to recover.


  10. The vintage house pictures are beautiful! Those two look like very happy souls. :) Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'd loan you my beard trimmer if that would help! Just set it on "1" and let her go! Neat family -- you and they can all be proud of each other!

  12. How did I miss following your blog? I don't know. :( Sorry about that. :)

  13. Hi Judy!...I'm glad to have you in my blogosphere....Don't be too sure you want to follow yet..I can become waaay "over the top"!..Love your blog...and give Emma a big wet dog lips kiss from the Cave Dwellers.

  14. Better to hair hanging off your lip than out your nose! You have a beautiful daughter and granddaughter! Loved your post today....your uncle and aunt are adorable!

  15. Glad to hear your sister is doing better.

    Enjoy reading your blog.

    Bridget (Mrs. FD5)