Cave Dwellings: Remembering a few favorite spots on the road….(boo hoo)
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remembering a few favorite spots on the road….(boo hoo)

  The next few days around here are going to get hectic, but will be great “fodder” for blogging…if I live through it.  Our youngest daughter and her husband and almost 2 year old are coming in late Thursday night.  They will be staying  with us until Sunday and we will all be attending our son, Kelly’s, 40th birthday party Saturday afternoon and evening. …and into the night, I have a feeling.  I have Aiden’s room ready and can’t wait get my hands on him….My blog may not happen until the Sunday when they leave for home…I could be incapacitated, recovering or hung over…maybe all three …temporarily.

  I was going through some RV trip pictures ( with hankie in hand), and ran across our visit to the LBJ Ranch in the Hill Country of Texas.  By now you know how I love history, and this trip was very special…

…The LBJ Ranch was an amazing place, and it was free!  You could drive yourself through the ranch..If you wanted to get a guided tour of the “Texas White House”, A.K.A.  LBJ’s office, it cost $1.00 per person…and it was a very interesting and informative tour…As you can see,  it was Christmas time, and I could sense how warm and homey it used to be when Lady Bird and LBJ spent a Christmas here….I do love Christmas in Texas…jalapeno pepper lights and all. (How is it that WE  don’t have any of those??..note to self..get the red pepper lights).

On our way back from the LBJ Ranch, we had to stop at Luckenbach, Texas….”with Waylon and Willie and the boys”…On the weekends they have local musicians, pickers, and pluckers, harmonica players, fiddlers and sometimes a washtub player (don’t ask)..  They  show up and sing requests from us baseball cap wearing (see Dennis is photo below) tourists… for tips…They sit inside the General Store, which in itself is a real trip!,


….There is something about Texas that warms my soul…Is it the people, the history, the 7 different regions???  Texas is one of the few states that you can be at the Rio Grande amongst the cactus at 9AM, and dipping your toes in the Gulf of Mexico  at Corpus Christi by 1PM…It is home to the fabulous Hill Country, The Piney Woods, The Gulf Coast, the High plains, and the beautiful, mountainous Big Bend….ZOWEE!!!…AND YEE HAW!!! WE DO LOVE TEXAS, YESSIREE!!!

Update on the train car restaurant…


  They are working on the front of the train car, rebuilding the nose…they took off the ugly metal stuff that was suppose to make it look like a California Zephyr….They are getting it to look like it did in 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt used it in his Bull Moose Presidential Campaign….I am STOKED to see it complete..(“stoked” is the one the workers chose to use…and I kinda like it, it makes me feel younger).

So today I am boiling 5 dozen eggs for 120 deviled eggs for Kelly’s party..I am making spaghetti salad for 75 people, getting Italian beef ready for the crockpot tomorrow morning, making Greek Pasta Salad, Hot Salsa, yada yada yada…Busy few days at the Cave Dwellings…Pictures to follow..and I’m sure a few stories to tell….


  1. Let me know what time we eat I'm hungry.

    Have a good time with the Fam.

  2. Sounds like a great party weekend with as grandbaby thrown in for good measure, Hey I got bored and looked for Sandwich on my Railroads of Illinois map,you guys are right on the old Burlington mainline from Aurora to Galesburg, no wonder you have so many trains, not quite as many as the old Santa Fe but plenty for sure. Mayne a trip that way would be worthwhile,one saving grace is all the Chicago commuter trains turn back at Aurora or you would have 20 or 30 more. Thought you'd appreciate that. Oh did I tell you I have a Leslie Super Tyfon train horn from a Santa Fe diesel hanging in my garage, used to call the boys in for supper with it. Maybe I should mount it in the truck before I come. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Sounds like you are not going to run out of food with all the great sounding things you are preparing - love deviled eggs!

    It'll be fun having a 2 yr. old grandson around especially at a big family party.

    Have fun and take lots of pics!

  4. Now you're making us want to get back home to Texas and we would if it wasn't so darn hot there. Plan to be to Ft. Worth by November.

  5. Sounds like alot of food fixin's. I know your going to be busy, but having fun. I bet you can't wait for your 2 year old grandchild to be there.
    Take alot of pics and enjoy.
    Mike & Gerri

  6. Oooh! Party with the Cavedwellers!! Funny part is that the parents are going to be there, and not as chaperones :) You and McGuyver are great! My parents were so straight-laced, they would split their pants when they bent over...hehe! That's why I'm glad you're my blog mom. You're FUN!

  7. Happy Birthday to Kelly, sorry I didn't get to meet him but I am sure we will be through there again.

    Stay Safe

  8. We were just in Hill Country last Christmas (2009)! Near Canyon Lake to be exact. How funny that we were that close to one another. Texas was a neat experience for sure. A lot of history. =)

    Sounds like you will be busy for the next several days. Enjoying family, friends and good food! Have fun. We'll be waiting to hear all about it! =)

  9. what time is the party!!??...enjoy your weekend..can't wait to read the recap!!

  10. Once a Texas lover, Always a Texas lover! Y'all are so fun! :) K

  11. We heartily agree...Texas is fantastic. I think it is the people that make it so special. They are very proud of their state and I like that. I don't think I'd want us to live there full time (too hot and too many snakes) but we love to visit.

    Have a great party and enjoy that grandson!!!

  12. We loved the 'Big Bend' area of Texas.