Cave Dwellings: “Checking On the Elderly” in this heat…so my daughter called US!!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, August 14, 2010

“Checking On the Elderly” in this heat…so my daughter called US!!!!

  This heat wave here as been a challenge in our world of no AC…Normally we don’t have a gazillion consecutive days of 90 degrees, but this year has like living on the abyss…Do we take the plunge, and get central air??..OR do we tough it out, laughing in the face of adversity , letting the breeze flow through, knocking down everything in sight…

Below is our living room curtains, blowing in the breeze…


I went upstairs to check on our bedroom…We have some big windows facing East and South, and the wind was mostly out of the South… If you have ever been in the attraction “The Haunted Mansion” in Walt Disney World, that’s what our blowing curtains remind me of when they are all billowed out…memories…


I have a silk flower vase sitting on a table within target range..and I had just noticed an errant leaf lying on the floor, when suddenly….



…..Well, that didn’t take long, now did it?? As I picked it up and set it back, (pulling the windows  halfway down), I heard a huge slam behind me…When it gets really windy, the suction from downstairs to upstairs makes our bathroom door slams shut VERY loudly…If you are unfortunate enough to be in close proximity of it, (such as sitting on the throne),it almost as upsetting as the train horns, and twice as deadly…(please notice I said almost!)


Yep, that was the slamming bathroom door……Better prop it open with my plastic Bonsai plant…Have  you noticed there are very few REAL plants in our home?? My thumb is not green.. I try to keep only plastic or silk things that look like they are real…Here is a real hoot..I worked for a florist from age 16 until 21…You would think some of the pollen would have rubbed off, eh???

Den and I both vote no on the AC…at least for now…I don’t think I could stand being cooped up with no windows open…Luckily, we both agree on this…as I said…FOR NOW!  My daughter Terrie has a bit of a “sick humor” streak running through her veins….(I can’t imagine where that came from…)…She called us to check and see if our butts were stuck to the vinyl computer chair,  and to make sure we were doing nothing strenuous…I told her we were lying in our underwear on the living room floor under the ceiling fan, drinking ice water and watching the Cubs play….(no…we were not, but I loved the shock value) AND….THAT SHUT HER UP!

..I did manage to get in a garage sale this morning…and guess who followed me home?? ELMO!! He happens to be our youngest grandson’s favorite Sesame Street character. I warned Elmo about the heat, and that we didn’t have AC, but he insisted  on coming with me.  He was exhausted after the ride, so I let him take a nap on our front  porch…

He stretched out,  did a big ‘ol yawn, and was asleep in no time….One good thing about Elmo, he can’t snore..he doesn’t have nostrils….


Dennis went out to the garden to see if he could fend off the mosquitoes long enough to harvest a few ripe tomatoes.    We have been spending most of our evenings on our screened in front porch and Dennis is going through campfire withdrawal…If you want to sit outside, you are taking your life and skin in your own hands…All the Deet in the world will not help…You would need a beekeeper’s outfit!


On the right is the evil Japanese/Asian Beetle who is eating everything from flowers to fruit to veggies in everyone’s garden…It didn’t take him long to find one of our nice juicy tomatoes, settle right down with his knife and fork ,and dig in!!! Right after this photo was taken, a Japanese Beetle WAS injured in the making of this blog!

  On a more serious note, the news on my sister is pretty scary...  She was going for her first Chemotherapy at the hospital, when suddenly she quit breathing…They worked on her in the ER, put her on a ventilator and she is now in the Critical Care Unit…I spoke with her husband last night and she is now off the vent and breathing on her own…She was also talking and wanted to watch some TV.   The doctor said she was allergic to the chemo..They may try some other kinds of chemo…(sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease)..It seems her problems are insurmountable, but we are praying and hoping she will improve daily….her health issues are many, and not good.  Thanks to all of you for caring….She is still with us and we are grateful for that!

Well, it is hotter than the Devil’s backside here.   We had a storm come through that left us with a pretty nice sunset…

100_7647 100_7650100_7651..It left our neighbor’s driveway and the street alive with color!  Note how the street looked purple, and our neighbor’s drive looked dark pink….amazing….Once again, THANKS for reading my drivel ..More snivel and drivel later!


  1. Hey Donna you ought to fire up the A/C in the Hiker and take Dennis driveway camping, put a few cold ones and a bottle of wine in the fridge, andput a couple of happy hour outfits in the closet, who will know the difference, and you'll be cool, Saw a steam engine today, thought of you guys, My trailer stays a confortable 78 degrees all day. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. love the curtains blowing in the breeze and all the 'plants'..especially the ones holding the door open!..our doors have to be wedged because the kitty likes to slam them shut!..and lock himself on the other side!..dumb cat!!
    sorry about your sister..scary stuff!
    try and stay cool...

  3. It sure looks nice and cool with those curtains blowing in the wind. Nice sunset photos with all those colors.

    Sounds like your sister is having a hard go of it. Hopefully, the new treatment will prove to be better!

  4. Those were great pics of all the billowing curtains. Creative stuff for such "elderly" folks.

    That was, indeed, scary stuff with your sister. Hope they can come up with another type of chemo or an alternate treatment option.

  5. Donna, So sorry about the scare with your sister. I hope the new treatment will fair better for her.
    I too liked the pics of the curtains blowing and billowing, it gave an "aire" of breeze.
    Take care anf good decision about the AC,, seasons almost over.
    Mike & Gerri

  6. Great photos...thanks for sharing!

    So sorry to hear the update on your sister...hoping things can turn around for her soon.