Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, August 20, 2010


First of all a big hello to Judy and a woof to Emma for being brave enough to follow this crazy blog….Hang on with both hands (and all 4 paws)…it can get pretty bumpy!!!

  This morning Den had to get up at 5AM to take Eddie, one of his buddies, to a job site in Wilmington IL.  Eddie owns a cement conveyor business and left his big truck at the job…Dennis loves to help out..Did this mean that I had to roll my lazy butt out of the nice snuggly bed too??…Well, I didn’t get up at 5AM, but I could see that it promised to be a pretty nice sunrise, sooooo…up I jumped..(well, maybe I FELL out of the sack).  It was still pretty dark when I passed the “bottle tree” just down our street, but I noticed it was growing , and almost in full bloom…It only lacked one “leaf” from being  considered a true bottle tree…(I need to get one of these started in OUR yard….which means I need to switch from the box wine to the bottled stuff…)


My reward for peeling my sad self out of bed at 5:45AM was some pretty nice sunrise photos….



  I took a few other photos of some interesting stuff in our little town….like this old Hearse that sits outside the Beverage Funeral Home….It’s an old Packard..I have no idea what year it is, but definitely a classic…



…I  never gave much thought to the name of that place…BEVERAGE Funeral Home…Is this, perhaps, the place where all the poorly mixed, horribly bad drinks end up??  HMMMMMM…I thought not….

  Later in the day I did a drive- by past the restaurant/train car to check the progress.. I recognized my bald, devilish friend on the roof of the train, hammer in hand…There were quite a few other carpenters there, and someone was taking photos with a camera that had a huge ol’ lens on it…makes my little Kodak look like a Brownie (if you remember those cameras, you are a “boomer” ….)




…Check this out, Rick!!!! I am quite the little seamstress, eh???   Thanks for the info about the Auto-Stitch program…This is as close as I want to get to a needle and thread.. The workers at the train car are busy as bees, sawing, hammering, cementing,..I will keep posting progress as it  continues to change….

This afternoon I went out and picked some tomatoes….Dennis and I had both had been reluctant to dive into the  buzzing jungle of vines…Every time we try to get close, a swarm of nasty mosquitoes comes out in a V formation, and they take turns doing kamikaze runs at us.  I really should get a bee keepers outfit to protect myself…or a burka…or just put a sheet on…At any rate, I managed to pick a LOAD of very nice tomatoes to make  some chili sauce and spaghetti sauce….


….Yes….You are correctomundo!!!..It is yet another panoramic shot!!  I just LOVE these little sewing projects…I may have to join Auto-Stitchers Anonymous….I sure wish this program had existed when we went to Alaska in 2002…Heck, we didn’t own a digital camera OR a camper back then…Den and I have been accused of being a little slow out of the gate (mostly by our children)… After my act of bravery amid the stinger armed air raid, Dennis was the next to brave the Garden Squadron of blood suckers…..He went out and dug a couple potatoes….

100_7766 100_7765

A COUPLE of these is all you would need for a family of 4!!!  Or….you could stuff it and have enough to invite the neighbors….I guess I can take potatoes off my grocery list for a while!!!

Well, this has been a blog of few words…and QUITE  a few photos!!  Our weather here is going to get into the low 90’s again…big woop….I guess the good thing is the fact that the heat should be short lived…Hey, come’on already!!..It’s nearly September…and….almost time for the Dekalb County Fair, which happens about 1 block from our house , beginning the first Wednesday after Labor Day…..I should be able to get some great “fodder” for my blog that week!!!!



  1. I really love those early morning pics of town and the sunrise - great stuff!

    Good job on the AutoStitch panorama's too. Look's like you've mastered that one. I kind of wish I'd known about that little program before we visited the Grand Canyon!

  2. That photo collage is a nice touch. Sunrises or sunsets on railway lines always makes for some nice creative stuff. A lot of people don't get to see their surroundings at sunrise.....and they should!!

  3. sometimes it pays to get up early!!..great photos all the tomatoes lined up!!!..good job!..what time was happy hour??..would have loved to have a chair on the deck with you!!!..never mind those nasty mosquitoes!!!..we could poison them with our blood alcohol level!!

  4. I have thought about getting up early to get a few good photos of the world waking up...but I just roll over and go back to sleep. I'm so glad you didn't!!! Those pics are great!!

    Those tomatoes and potatoes look great!! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. A beautiful sunrise and fresh picked goodness from the garden! Mmmm! Life is good! :)

  6. Dang, those tomatoes look delicious!

    By the way, yes, I've been to the Cabreza Prieta (sp) NWR in Ajo. I used to own a house in Ajo, believe it or not. I also grew up in Chicago, so we were once almost neighbors. :) Small world.