Cave Dwellings: Using Your Weather Radio As An Alarm Clock…A Tutorial
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Using Your Weather Radio As An Alarm Clock…A Tutorial

    This morning at 3AM we were awakened by our Noah Weather Radio..The tone in the middle of the night would wake the dead..and I should know about that! Dennis hit the snooze bar and it changed to a computer generated monotone voice..”The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the following counties…” blah blah blah…”DeKalb County”…that would be us.  OK, just a watch…Knowing full well that neither one of us was going to “watch” at 3AM, we pulled the sheet up and tried to sleep.  Just about 4:30AM, our weather radio began it’s harassing tone again…Now we have a warning…and now I am wide awake. We had left all of our windows open last night, so both of us are now jumping up , running around in various stages of undress, shutting windows upstairs and down.  Den ran outside in his sleeping attire (which is non existent) to retrieve our umbrella from our patio table…We once had one take flight in a storm and I think it probably ended up in Lake Michigan…we never found it.  After our frantic slamming of windows, we began to hear thunder..Obviously at 5AM we were wide awake, so we started the coffee, put on some clothes and took our coffee out on the front porch.  It didn’t take long for the show to begin….Recovered Autosave


I’m just sayin…Check out the collage..Hey Al…I figured it out all by myself!!! Will wonders never cease???

…OK, Just what we needed was some more rain.   Throw a little wind in the mix and ya got a severe storm…Isn’t is odd that “NOAH” is the name of the weather radio??? in ARK???  The mosquitoes in our yard are already the size of a small dog.  If we get much more rain I am throwing a blow up raft in my fountain so they can catch some rays after they have dinner on us…LITERALLY!!.  The wind did come up, the rain began…and we took our “severe storm party” into the kitchen.  Our satellite TV was out…and so was our computer…We looked at each other blankly…and turned on our only means of getting the weather…our radio.  We got another 7/10” of rain..and after  yesterday’s almost 3”, the corn fields look like corn resorts, with lakefront property.



  We took these pics on the way to our daughter’s house this morning…We were on our way to Menards for some mosquito repellant..imagine that..And, yes, that is a water park in the pictures below….in the middle of the corn fields…


  We took our walk later this morning, after we got back from Menards, which was about noon…Just let me say it was like hiking inside a sauna.  Now I know exactly why we walk EARLY in the morning.. Our walk took us down by the Dining Train Car to check on the progress.  They closed in the West side of the house and put new windows in it.  To me ,this means that they may somehow incorporate the upstairs of the house into the restaurant.  Also, they poured some concrete footings UNDER the train car portion.


Speaking of train cars, (which I seem to do waaaaay to much), here is the “mysterious train car house” just down the street from us…When Dennis’s Great Aunt Clara lived here, it was just a train car.  No one seems to remember if the car is still underneath the house, or if someone moved it out when the house changed  hands.  One of these days I expect Aunt Neenie will march up to the front door and inquire about that.  When Neenie gets something in her mind, she is UNSTOPPABLE.  Sometimes this can be a slight problem…..


  Well, it’s another strange and rambling blog.  It was so humid here today, when I came out of the local grocery store, my glasses fogged up instantly.  I was in my own little private “fog”…Not surprised???….I thought not.

  I was a little late publishing tonight…I couldn’t find my photos that I downloaded…Some evil little bug moved them so I couldn’t put them in my blog, forcing my brain to almost collapse…UNTIL…I remembered from watching Dennis…Right click on the picture in Kodak Easy Share and click on properties…and WALLA!! It shows up like a little road map taking  you right to where your pictures are located…SUCCESS IS MINE!!!! YES!!!! DID YOU SEE ME DO A VICTORY DANCE?? NO?? PROBABLY BETTER YOU DIDN’T SEE IT..IT WAS PRETTY UGLY.

I am now sufficiently drained and in need of my Rum.and Diet Cherry Coke…Here is one more picture…



Me and my “Ya Ya’s”…The bestest friends a woman can have….I am blessed….

We have coffee once or twice a week…Hey, it’s cheaper than a shrink!


  1. Those are some mean looking clouds and it sounds like they brought some mean weather. Glad you all didn't float away.

    Everybody should have some "Ya-Ya's" and that is the one thing I miss most about being retired and full-timing. I miss my "Ya-Ya's."

    Take care!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Great storm pics and nice job on the collage too!

  3. congrats on the collage!!!..good job!!..nice set of ya ya's you have there!!!

  4. Yikes! And I don't mean about the storm....I'm talking about McGuyver hauling buns outside wearing the emperor's new clothes! ROTFLOL :) Glad yall are safe!

  5. Where are the pictures of Denny saving the umbrella, I know if I did that Donna would have it in the next days blog in all it's glory.Your guys are at least getting rain to cool things down for a short time, we are still under a heat advisory. Who needs to be advised when you can fry eggs on the hood of the truck. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. Hey, friends, we don't read you often enough. You blog is very entertaining. That weather even looked entertaining from the first group of pictures, and we certainly understand going out on the front porch to watch it advance. We also understand going back in the house after it begins to advance too close! And a birthday suit picture would have added a special "something" to your post!

  7. Looks like Dennis has a few birthday suit pictures votes and maybe he could be the pin up for the Ya-Ya's..

  8. To all of you who voted that Den should do a pin up shoot...He just signed a contract with AARP EXPOSED...I can't wait until the royalties show up on his social security check!!!

  9. Did someone say that there's an "AARP Exposed" calendar for sale?