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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Long Time…No Post..:-)


  OK, I know it’s been a few days between blog posts…I am trying to keep myself from dreading to sit in front of the computer screen.  I always said that if this blog thing became like a homework assignment, I would “cease and desist”.  Also, we  have been pretty busy here.  At least it seems like we have been.  

Monday, the GMC went into the shop for some diagnosis of his smoking problem…$329.00 later, he refuses to give up the smokes, and the mechanics at the dealership don’t know why he continues to smoke.  McGyver thought it was the injectors (whatever the Heck those are")…The mechanics called and said they were fine…He asked McGyver if he wanted them to check the glow plugs..THE WHAT??( Actually, that sounds like something that I would LIKE have….anything that glows can’t be bad, right?? At my age, I need all the glowing things I can get)…Well, they took the glow plugs apart and they also were fine…

Soooo, the GMC had been in the garage from 8AM until 4:30PM at that point…Dennis was thinking we may have to sell the farm to pay for this diagnosis…As it turned out, the price wasn’t as much as Den thought it would be…We were charged for 3 hours of labor (they didn’t charge us for the GMC just hangin’ around and smoking.)..”What IS the diagnosis??”, you ask.  I guess the diagnosis is that the GMC has a nasty habit of smoking and refuses to quit..And we paid $329 to find that out…Baring teeth smile We gotta get him on some Nicorette.

Last weekend John Wolff, our son-in-law who lives in Zionsville, ran another Marathon in Indy…He and Chris ran one last November when we were there, but John had a terrible cold and didn’t finish as well as he wanted to…So, he decided to run another one this Spring…Chris,their 2 boys, and John’s mom followed him in their car by driving to check points and watching him run by…He did a great job this time..He ran the 26.2 miles in 3hours and 7 minutes…Now, HE QUALIFIES TO RUN THE BOSTON MARATHON!!!! WAY TO RUN JOHN!!

John runner

  We have also been busy  helping our Uncle Jr.and Aunt Jeanette.  McGyver has been doing a few things at their home  that require a ladder…and NO ONE up there should be standing on any ladder!!! They are ages 88 and 96 (him and her) and still live in their own home.  That, in itself,  is darned amazing to me!!


Our daughter, Terrie, has been busy working on some projects…She has the business “Terrie Heiser Designs”, and loves to decorate, redo, and re-purpose.    This usually involves, some sawing, drilling, sanding, painting, and a hot glue gun…Ter is working on a table for her sister, Chris.  Tuesday she came over to borrow McGyver’s drill…



Well, it’s now cocktail hour, and I could use a nice cold Rum and Diet Dr. Thunder….(what makes me think the “diet” part is doing me any good??  stupidity)… I promise to put more thought into the next blog….It’s  hard to post some  really “deep and intriguing” blogs when your life is pretty much “ plain and mundane”…Smile with tongue out

“Humorists can never start to take themselves seriously. It's literary suicide.”                       

                                                                         ~ Erma Bombeck


  1. Well, heck, I love reading your posts no matter what you write about. Since you were my inspiration to start my own blog you can do no wrong. So There!!!!

  2. I'm like you it's hard to write about nothing and I already have a job and it pays.

    That gives me an idea for Sunday's blog think I will write about my colonoscopy I had today and I also have pictures.

    I used the patch to stop smoking maybe it will help the GMC..

  3. Tell Denny not to give up, The Duramax should not smoke at all. I would have thought an injector problem too. There was a service bulletin on certain year Duramax's where they were replacing them and extending the warranty. Have him look for oil dilution in the crankcase as that was another symptom.Having a ball in Florida, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. I support the no homework philosophy!

  5. I love reading your blog no matter what you write about...glad to see your both busy and well...I'd be yelling for a better diagnosis on the Duramax...after spending that kind of $$ they owe you something..

  6. BIG congratulations to John for such a good run and qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Quite an accomplishment!!
    Don't worry about those blog moments when you got nothing...we ALL have those. Mike and I just can't afford to be exciting all the time..cost too much these days!! Keep writing and we'll keep your blog!!
    Good luck with the truck!!

  7. way to go John!..that is quite the feat to qualify for the
    Boston Marathon!!!

  8. I'm sad to say I have absolutely no idea why your truck would be smoking. If I did have an idea, it would be a good idea to throw it away before the smoking turned into a raging fire.

  9. Your Aunt & Uncle are having way too much fun to think they are "old" Everytime you post pictures of them I feel encouraged...yes there is life after **80**. I'm guessing they both must have great possitive attitudes.


  10. butterbean carpenterApril 27, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    Howdy D&D, I know what Terri wants for Christmas/Her birthday; A DRILL SET; 18V, with drill, saw, flashlight
    and an extra battery!!! At least that's what Den wants for her birthday!!! Congratulations to the
    defective detective on his speed in the May-re-thon.. and the invite to
    BeanTown.. You know that little town out on Hiway 90, by Alpine?? They
    say Mar-thon not May-re-thon!!! Next
    trip out there STOP at THE BURNT BISCUIT in Mar-thon and get Dennis
    one of those wonderful tasting,
    delicious smelling FRESH FRUIT
    BAKED FRIED PIES!!! I don't know why, it's the way they do it!!

  11. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)