Cave Dwellings: Age 70 is the “new” 50…at our house.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, April 2, 2012

Age 70 is the “new” 50…at our house.

  Yesterday was a landmark day for McGyver…he turned 70!! EGADS!…When I was little, 70 was old…Now there are 70 year olds running marathons, skydiving and playing tennis!  Certainly, Dennis ages like fine wine..very well.  When we have been out for dinner,  people think we are the same age….64…Well, they got me right on the money, but McGyver  just smiles and stays silent…This is a very wise idea, the silence ….I KNOW  I look every bit and more of my almost 64 years,  and I also see how great Dennis ages…It’s all in the genes, I guess. His are Calvin Klein's and mine are Farm and Fleet.Annoyed


  Saturday morning my Ya Ya, Lynda , made all of us Ya Ya couples breakfast at her house…I walked in her kitchen at 8:30AM and she was just taking caramel pecan rolls (homemade) out of the oven..








I thought this was breakfast…Little did I know that we were also having breakfast casserole, ham slices done on the grill, crispy bacon, orange juce, …and fresh fruit compote…This was a breakfast from the Ritz!! I was soooo busy mowing it all down, that I neglected to get a picture of my didn’t last long enough…101_2297

Sunday morning, Den’s actual April Fool’s Day birthday, I made him another breakfast…But, let me just say that it paled in comparison to Lynda’s “eggstravaganza”!!…While I was cleaning up the dishes, McGyver disappeared.  I finally found him …outside weeding the gardens and raking …HELLO!! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!! YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE HAVING COFFEE AND RELAXING..


OK, now that he began the process, I could do nothing but jump into action myself.. I began to clean off our front porch, which was a real nasty, dirty place …We spend lots of time out there in the Spring and Summer…We have a table that we eat breakfast on..and sometimes dinner…We almost ALWAYS have our morning coffee out there, if weather permits….



By 2PM, we were both beat and tired…We showered and went to “town” to find some family to have a little cocktail with…(This isn’t as hard as it sounds…We KNOW where they hang out..either the “Old Tyme Inn”, or the Idle Hour Lanes Bowling Alley..small town, you just cannot hide.) After a beer or two with our niece and nephew, our daughter-in-law, and Den’s brother-in-law, we came back home by 4PM…Right after we arrived, the ex police chief pulled into our drive  to wish Dennis a Happy Birthday…(I KNOW!! HE HAS A DAMN FAN CLUB!!) Actually, we got to know the Chief very well when our son-in-law was on the Sandwich Police Department…Chief came in and visited with us for about an hour …After he left, McGyver dropped over at the next door neighbor’s for another cocktail..Hey, turning 70 is a big deal!!

I fixed St. Louis pork ribs (I prepared, ….he cooked on the grill)..with twice baked taters, Caesar Salad and Mexican corn ( WalMart made that)…All in all I would say he had a pretty good birthday….


Sorry this blog was so late in getting on board..Seems like we have been working our butts off ever since we came home, and today we went to visit our Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette…ALL DAY!

Just a reminder that today is National Autism Awareness Day…Show your support by “lighting it up blue”…Stick a blue light bulb in your outside light….We did…This affliction affects our family, and many others we know…


“Autism occurs in 1 in 150 births. It is also the fastest-growing developmental disability!!”


“What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool?
You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.”
Temple Grandin, The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism & Asperger's


  1. Happy Birthday to a super nice, patient guy! Seventy is definitely the new 50, if not 49! If you run out of work, you can meander over here in IN and help me in the "yard."

  2. Temple Grandin makes jokes! Or, perhaps she was serious. She's a genius, you know. My two young cousins have autism, and are also way over on the smarty-pants end of the spectrum.

    Hope all M's old bones had a great birthday! :D


  3. A great birthday for Dennis..may he have many more!!!

  4. It certainly looks like Dennis had a grand time celebrating his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dennis!!

  5. Lots of good food there to celebrate Den's BD - yum!! Thanks for the Temple Grandin quote and for mentioning autism. Asperger's affects our family and those affected are plenty smart and creative. Looking at things in a different way is often a good thing.

  6. Happy Birthday... sorry I'm late. I had to laugh when you wrote that you were good friends with the local police... you KNOW what was going through my mind ;-) Glad you got home safe and sound.

  7. Happy Birthday Den, looks like a good feast for you.
    Would not have guessed the 70 part...Staying active is so important to all of us.

  8. Nuthin' wrong with being 70. I got past that all right, and am heading for 74 next month. It sure helps, doesn't it Den, when you have a good looking younger lady beside you! We guys are so lucky!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday McG!

    I just watched the DVD about Temple Grandin last week. I found it very enlightening. My youngest grandson has been diagnosed with this malady. We all walk to the beat of our own drummer...

  10. Terrie's youngest has Asperger's...He is very smart, but socially behind...Yep, a different drummer isn't all bad, right?

  11. Happy Birthday, Dennis. If Donna keeps feeding you meals like that, you'll definitely live to be a 100!

    As for being 70, I'm catching up to you pretty quick, just another couple of years for me. I hope I look as good at 70 as you do!

  12. happy birthday to Dennis...and I have to say neither of you look your age!! looks like you had a great day!

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