Cave Dwellings: Getting a few things cleaned up around here….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting a few things cleaned up around here….

  Yesterday and today Den and I have been getting some Spring cleaning done…The flowers are beginning to blossom (the ones that made it through the frost)…We have the front screened porch cleaned up and our patio furniture is on the deck….



I finally got the house cleaned inside, laundry is done…dinner is ready to cook…



Sirloin steak, potato, mushroom, green pepper and onion kabobs for Chef Dennis to grill…He’s no Emeril, but he does a might fine job…..


I personally think McGyver should wear this outfit…FAT CHANCE!

The wind has been blowing like H-E “double toothpicks” around here for the past week… Our daughter, Terrie, who lives in Sugar Grove had one of her little trees snap right off in the wind!!



This little Maple tree had just really begun to grow and the Wind Gods decided it was too close to their pool and took it down for them…The Wind Gods also took a few pieces of the deck fencing down and they are probably clear to Aurora by now…

We still haven’t gotten our garden roto-tilled yet…I think this year we will forego the lettuce, spinach, and any other green thing that a bunny rabbit might find attractive for his buffet lunch…If we only plant Yukon Gold potatoes, and maybe green onions, and some tomatoes…..hmm… Do rabbits like onions?..Do they even know how bad it makes their breath smell?..and if they do, will they then nibble the parsley on my deck to “freshen” their breath????  I’m really tired of having to fence in the whole darn garden every year…

  I want to take this moment to thank all of you who sent your prayers to the family of our friend, Don Hann.  He was a “one of a kind”…I also wanted to share this photo.  It’s one of my all time favorites..

Tim McGraw

That would be MOI, Tim McGraw, and Donnie Hann…

In 1999, Don and his wife, Linda, asked McGyver and me if we would like to go into Chicago to the George Strait Music Festival at Soldier Field…Being owners of a tavern, they had 4 comp tickets given to them by one of the beer suppliers…AND..those tickets included 2 “meet and greets” with one of the stars…Mr. Tim McGraw…Did we want to go??? ARE YOU KIDDING??…When it came time to go backstage, Linda and Dennis pretended they didn’t care about meeting Tim, and they let Don and I go….Either they were total liars, OR they really weren’t as nuts over Tim McGraw as myself and Don…(You will notice that my left arm is around Tim…very probably on his butt..NO, REALLY??)  We’ll sure miss you, Donnie…

OK, so this is a very strange blog, but what else do you expect from a very strange person???  I have an idea for my next blog…It has to do with this question..”Have any of you had cosmetic surgery?”..and a mole taken off does NOT count….More on that later…


“Studio press agents make up anything they want to, and reporters go along with it. One flack created the legend that I had been blown up in an air crash during the war, and my face had to be put back together by way of plastic surgery. If it is a 'bionic face,' why didn't they do a better job of it?”  ~Jack Palance


  1. Nice flowers! Especially the irises. The kabobs look pretty good too, but I think shrimp and bacon would be better ;-)..... as for the cosmetic surgery... are you kidding! They wouldn't know where to start on me... or even know when they were finished! Will be looking for your follow-up post on this subject... hmmmmmm

  2. Yes. I have never been fussy about my appearance, make up or hair, but I have had some "body work."

    I had the bags below and overhanging eyelids done when I was in my late 30's. I always looked tired even when I was not. My daughter had the same done as soon as she got her PHD.

    In my late 40's I had a tummy tuck. It was very painful! I had sever muscle damage in my abdomen when carrying a ten pound baby!

    The tummy tuck tightened and re attached them. I haven't had a back ache for twenty years!

    Would I do it again. Yes, but not for cosmetic reasons. I'm still old now, and fat.

  3. you and tim make a fine looking couple

  4. Oh where do I start? I use to drink Bud Lite now after surgery I drink Bush Light..Yes I would do it again.

  5. I've had my face rearranged in a few bars over the years.....

  6. Never had any kind of cosmetic surgery!! Not to say I couldn't have used it but nope...never!

    Your flowers are looking very nice and the house looks like it's ready for spring.

    I don't have any suggestions for the garden and the rabbits. I haven't conquered the squirrels at my feeders yet.

  7. I've rarely seen any actor or actress who looks better after cosmetic surgery.

    Your yard is sure beginning to look nice.

  8. Oh yumm...the kebobs look great.

    Cosmetic surgery - no way - look what happened to Kenny Rogers. I yam what I yam. Of course if I had to for medical reasons, like Merikay, that would be different.

  9. Oh love that photo of you and Don and Tim McGraw.

  10. Tim McGraw?..are you kiddin' me!..whoohoo!!!..nice job on the house by the way...looking mighty fine!

  11. love the pic of you and Tim McGraw-house looks great!! no cosmetic surgery here, I could use some tho..with all this stuff going east and west...but not something I'd do...