Cave Dwellings: I think I need a “lift”…
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I think I need a “lift”…


How the Heck did I go from this…..                to this????  My neck has more skin than my 96 year old Aunt’s…Sad smile

Now, don’t get me wrong..I understand that there is a fair amount of gravity involved in the aging process. I fully accept so the much earned wrinkles and lines on my almost 64 year old face and body.  But my side of the family was cursed with the dreaded “turkey gobbler” waddle.  This consists of extra skin gathering under the chin and falling into ripples that would be the envy of Niagara Falls…My Mother suffered this malady, as did my sister, my Aunt and her daughters, too.  This is not just a bit of loose skin..This is Foghorn Leghorn stuff…It’s loose, wobbly and makes it very hard for  me to find my clavicle…Surprised smile!!

For those who have a weak stomach…I advise you to “step away from the computer screen”….





OK, that just about enough of ME looking at ME…I’m getting depressed….



My Mother had some issues, for sure…but she was a bit heavier woman than myself..I am beginning to feel like a relative to the  Shar Pei dog..

Funny Shar Pei Dog_5


Funny Shar Pei Dog_8

OK, this guy needs a bit more work than I do…but…. “I FEEL YOUR PAIN, DUDE!! WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL THAT SKIN?”

Don’t get me wrong..I am grateful for my life, and I feel very selfish for wanting to change a bit of my appearance.. But, hey!..I own mirrors…and I really hate that waddle under my chin…I don’t want a total face lift..I can live with the wrinkles elsewhere on my face, but that extra skin under my chin has me re-thinking the idea of a bit of a chin tuck…..NO, this is NOT because McGyver has commented….He supports my decision..and it IS my decision…HMMMM ….and it’s a costly one…Lots to think about…

On another note….one of our followers who remains just  “GC” figured out how to give me McGyver as another Emeril…sort of a Denmeril…

cave emeril copy


Now…..This is pretty amazing to me…But what is more amazing ..look closely in the left corner of the photo…And who do you see smiling and admiring Denmeril??? Yep…that inventive photo editor, GC, managed to put me into the photo, too…Isn’t that just soooooo much fun???? Now I gotta post it on Facebook for my kids to see..God knows, they won’t read this blog if they see what the major content is…just tooooooo embarrassing, right????






Thanks to all  the women who read my rant about sagging skin and other lovely topics…I know darn well most of the men clicked the big “X” at the upper right hand corner of the screen about one paragraph into this blog…

“Maybe age is kinder to us than we think. With my bad eyes, I can't see how bad I look, and with my rotten memory, I have a good excuse for getting out of a lot of stuff.” 
~ Erma Bombeck


  1. hang in there have earned every wrinkle and the waddle too! look good!!! is just skin!!..a nip and a tuck in your future?

  2. Seriously, I had never noticed anything except your smile!! I think it bothers you more than anybody else. You are a pretty lady both in looks and spirit.

    I agree with Sue!! Celebrate YOU!!

  3. Don't feel bad, I have a waddle as well plus a crabby chin so all you have to do is grow a beard like I did & 'walla' problem solved. And it don't cost nuttin either:))

  4. I fell your pain, I look so much like my mother. I look at pics of her and look in the mirror...same eyes, same expression...difference pic of her is when she was 15 years older than i am now and she had less wrinkles ! And when did my butt fall to the point is sitting on top of my thighs??? But what really counts is inside. You have the spirit and fun inside of a 20 year old....keep it up. Its the old saying you are only as old as you think you solution I dont look in the mirror.
    Donna W

  5. As I told you in my comment, I had some work done when I was younger. At the time, I was considering a face (neck) lift as well, but because I had some healing issues I did not go for it. My sister did.

    Now at 65, I don't think it would make much difference in how I feel. I would still be 65.

    Go for it if you really want to.

    I'd love to have my neck done, but I'm afraid it would not make me younger or healthier.

    We are all 22 inside!

  6. I lucked out in the neck area but hate the craters in the chin that are forming. They go away somewhat when I smile so guess I need to do that more often. ;-)

    Good thing we can laugh at ourselves.

  7. I can't help it anymore. A waddle is when the "thunderthighs" are so big the legs don't swing right, they go kind of side to side.
    A wattle is the thing that hangs under a neck. Turkeys are well known for the wattle.

  8. I'm sure Al thought he was funny with that growing a beard stuff. ;P NOT!

  9. You gotta do what makes you feel good but until you pointed out the neck thing in your photos, I'd never really noticed - you look great!

    Just remember - you don[t want to end up looking like Joan Rivers - a patient of Dr. Frankenstein!!

  10. I wrote about my own wattle a few months back -- and I already have a beard but, unlike Al, I trim mine close. It hides my "family history" chin, but the wattle is still there for all to see. Gotta tell you, my Suzy has lost over 70 pounds since January, and her neck and throat have not gotten saggy at all! The Incredible Shrinking Woman!

  11. OK...So I have a wattle....AND a waddle...If it walks and talks like a duck....etc., etc....Thanks to anonymous for pointing that out.

  12. butterbean carpenterApril 25, 2012 at 2:47 PM

    Howdy D&D,
    Hey, Dennis makes a great looking chef, especially with his LOVELY wife adoring him from the corner of the pic.. Paint it blue and call yourself a 'bird', like they do in Jolly Ol'!!! I think you're fascinating for a history teacher!!
    Den's lucky he's got you!!!

  13. For me it's the teeth. They seem to stick out more every year. I'm making plans to get my wisdom teeth removed and then I am looking into braces at the age of 43! My aunt if 4 years older than me and has them now to fix this genetic "bucktooth" issue quite a few of us are saddled with! I noticed just the other day that my husband has "heavy" upper eyelids that are starting to sag. Like a good wife I pointed them out...and that he probably had eyelid surgery in his future when they started to interfere with his vision!

  14. My young cousin got a candid shot of me last week, and I had to lay down.