Cave Dwellings: 2007
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

It is Dec. 31st, 2007..another year that went waaaay too fast! We are celebrating this New Year's Eve by the campfire (until I get too cold and bail)..we have some fresh shrimp cocktail, a bottle of champagne,thanks to Tom and Leanne, and Den is cooking a sirloin tip roast on the charcoal grill. Our weather today was a beautiful 63 degrees, but the bottom is suppose to fall out tonight. Tomorrow we will head out to Waco for one night then pull into Canyon Lake on Wednesday, hopefully by noon. We hope to meet up with our friends from Minnesota, Wayne and Ronae Seale, who are full timers now. We plan on staying there 2 weeks and after that is up for grabs. I would soon like to trade my sweatshirts for some shorts and T shirts. All in all, we can't's always better than Illinois. Dennis is doing his Paul Bunyan( did I just spell that like a sore toe???) imitation by chopping up some firewood. I did my duty by washing the windows on this behemoth..That's one big fat job of "up and down", "up and down" for my little short legs. The sun is about to set on the last day of this year, which, as usual, was an interesting one, to say the least. Happy New Year to all of our family and friends..We wish you good health above all....and thank your for supporting us in our many adventures. The Caves

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Texarkana and set up

Well, here we are all set up. It is Friday, Dec. 29th at 10AM...we had a nice frost last night..."nice" isn't the exact word I have for it...I thought we left JACK FROST in Illinois. Anyway, it is suppose to be upper 50's today, so I should count my blessing and not upset the "weather Gods".
We have a great spot on Wright Patman Lake, an army corps park on the Texas side of Texarkana. There are about 12 other campers here..all hoping to stay warmer than where we all came from, and most are from Minnesota or up North like us. The sun is out and we are planning a campfire for tonight. This town has a nice Moose Lodge about 7 miles from here, which we have visited a few times before..Nice people..
We took our walk this morning and I fixed a small breakfast. Den is cooking burgers on the grill for dinner...he cooks, I works for us. This lake is a busy Catfishing place in the spring, as we have found out when we made a new friend in Jimmy "Catfish" Jones a few springs ago. You cannot hardly find a site when Easter break hits the schools around here. All of the "ArkLaTex" ( that's what they call the locals" are camping, fishing and enjoying the spring weather. It is much quieter in December...everyone stays home hunkered down inside.
We plan on leaving here New Year's Day..they call for a cold spell that day and personally, I would like to get further South, toward San Antonio for the next "spell" of frost.
It is now 3PM, 48 degrees and sunny. We took our little walk-about(no we are not in Australia) and Dennis made a tie down for our Hughesnet in case it gets windy..Tonight it's burgers for supper followed by a shot of Nyquil..thanks to my grandchildren for our dripping noses....More tomorrow...Signing off from the ArkLaTex.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Finally on the road

Well, we finally got on the road yesterday, Dec. 26th at 6:30AM...we headed South on I-39, thru Bloomington, down State rt. 51 , on I-57 to I-55 and landed in Old Davidson State Park in Pocahontas Arkansas about 4:30 PM almost dark. No one was in the park but us...should we be concerned...and as it turned out Dennis forgot our adapter to convert 50 amp to 30, sooooo we had no electric and it was pouring rain, so we decided to forget the H2O..and use our water on board.
We sat inside, heated with propane and had a few cocktails....ate our homemade chicken soup about 7PM and hit the sack at was a long drive.
We got up about 6AM and left Pocahontas Arkansas at shower....just alot of fog after a rainy nite. We drove thru fog until noon and stopped at an RV store to pick up a converter....yea!...tonite we have a microwave!! Decided to stop in Texarkana after calling Canyon Lake, TX and finding out they are full...all of the Texans love to camp out for Xmas and stay thru New we decided to stop at Wright Patman Lake in Texarkana thru New Years...we like it here and are all set up..Dennis is, as usual, my hero ..after setting up our two for TV and one for is good....Our fireplace is worth it's weight in gold....we are all warm and fuzzy and will keep in touch....the Caves