Cave Dwellings: September 2016
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, September 12, 2016

A few family photos, a reprieve from Chicago docs, and another Sandwich Fair…

Well, I went to see my Endocrinologist last week at Northwestern Hospital.  I haven’t seen her since April and my surgery. She is trying to get my thyroid levels normal with Synthroid.  She also took away my Calcium pills and put me on Vitamin D..I have a few more blood tests to do, but she arranged for me to have them done closer to home..I don’t have to see her again until next June…YAY!!! Enough with the medical stuff already!!!!



Of course, Dennis and I had to grab a bag of Garrett’s Popcorn to eat on our Metra ride back to Elburn…YUMMO!!

We have been busy this September keeping up with our grandkid’s activities..This is Taylor’s last year of high school poms, she graduates from Kaneland High School next Spring and is now looking at colleges..


Peyton is a Junior and busy in Cross Country track meets…


Peyton and his proud Mom,  Peyton and his proud Dad and little bro, Peyton and his proud sister, Tay.

And, it looks like Campbell is following in his big sister’s footsteps..He auditioned for the Harter Middle School Fall Play, and also a singing group, MidKnight Special..and he nailed them both!!!

We had a mini Cave-A-Palooza here last weekend…The Wolffs, Heisers and Caves were all here to go out to the 129th Sandwich Fair..(you can walk out from our house).


Our step great granddaughter, Sophia….our grandson, Maddox..Face painting was a must for these two!!


This food stand was offering steak and potato!!! On the right, is Aiden, our oldest Wolff face painting for him..adventure rules!!


We played games..I should say, we adults supplied the kids with the $$ and they played games…Middle pic is left to right, John Wolff (yawning…late night), Den, Cindy, Kelly  and Chris…That last pic is smoked turkey legs.  For $8 apiece I should look into making some and hawking them out there for $7, right??

Some of the crazy adults (of course not me) went back out to the fair and watched the tractor pull at 6:30PM..Cindy and I stayed back here with the little kids…and a nice peaceful campfire…


I LOVE this photo of my kids!!!!!!

We also have been going up to see our Uncle and Aunt….He is 93 and now in a nursing home..She just turned 101 and is still living at home…alone…(not OUR idea, hers!!)


Amazing kids,these two…I need to pay more attention to their diet and follow it, right???

So that’s been what is going on at the Cave Casa….Dennis will be in the combine helping the farmers pretty soon…Next weekend we are going to Zionsville to watch our Wolff Cub grandsons play flag football…And I am soooo happy Fall has finally arrived …It was a rainy, humid, hot summer with no A/C in our house…Me thinks Dennis is going to relent and put in Central Air…If nothing else, it makes this palace more sellable in the future!