Cave Dwellings: January 2009
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Few Quick Photos

Just a few quick photos to share....Here is one of the fashion necessity for dogs down here...doggy booties...The sand burs are everywhere and the poor dogs really suffer for their walks...
And here is my friendly Roadrunner, who posed for a couple photos on his way through our camp area..
...his is just too cute for words...
On our walk this morning I found the RV of my dreams...check out this set up on the rear of it!!....that is a custom hydralic lift for his bike...In my dreams...
Our weather has been a little cool....60's..I know, I'll shut up..Yesterday we went up to the Rec Hall for a little presentation. They had a safety rep. from ElPaso Gas Co. giving a talk and slide show of the wells they dig on this property around us..and there are alot of them..all Natural Gas..He flies all over the world and had some great photos of the hurricane Katrina damage to an offshore oil well rig floating just off Galveston Island..unreal!! The Rec Hall was packed with campers who really enjoyed his talk, us included.
Tomorrow Den and I are heading to "the Valley"...down past Wescalo, for those who have an Atlas..We are going to walk across the border to Nuevo Progreso in the morning and on the way back from the valley we plan to stop in Mission, TX. They are having their Citrus Fiesta, which includes a Vaquero Cook Off...can't wait..I will have pictures and a story to tell I am sure. I will try to get that next blog up and running by Sunday afternoon..I think it will be interesting...Later

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Los Ebanos Ferry

Thursday, our regular grocery day, we decided that since we had to go all the way to Rio Grande City, we would go about 20 miles farther into the "valley" and to the town of Los Ebanos. Los Ebanos is a little village on the banks of the Rio Grande...very quaint. But, the main attraction there is the hand pulled ferry that crosses the Rio Grande. This ferry was started in 1950 and is still operating to this day. It holds 3 cars and a few people and takes them from the US side of the Rio to the Mexican side. Here are a few photos of it....yup, those weeds on the other side are Mexico. Here are a few more views......and one more.. You can ride across and back for about 50 cents, and we fully intended to take a ride....but the man who owns the ferry decided not to operate it that day..go figure..We had our passports with us because the minute you are in the middle of the Rio Grande, you are IN Mexico. I guess this dude who owns it can just up and decide not to run it any time he wants. However, when it does run, the border patrol and inspectors are on the scene, rest assured.
Here is a car lift that they put the cars up on to check for drugs smuggled underneath...
And here is Dennis standing by the historical marker on property..
Here it is close up..easier to read if you double click on it..
If you ride over on it they would appreciate some help with the pulling...Here is the 250 year old Ebony tree that the cable is wrapped around..
I just had to take a few photos of the little village of Los,we are driving down the streets..
Here is the little cemetery..I love the Mexican's cemeteries..I've never seen such floral tributes, not to mention the statues!!.. ...and I love the little churches in these villages... All of the stained glass window in this church were a beautiful blue..
All in all we had a neat trip, even though Den was disappointed he didn't get to help "pull" the ferry across..We might stop there again next weekend when we go into Progresso to walk across into Mexico..can't wait for that trip...
I suggest you go to this link....
All you have to do is click on this link and it will take you me, Dennis had to help me with this so I KNOW it works...I still want to "take the ride and pull the cable"..maybe another trip...hmmm..Later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Donna's "Great Adventure" with her 1968 Schwinn Typhoon

This morning I decided I needed to mail some postcards, but had no stamps. Since it was a georgeous day, sunny and warm, I figured I could ride my good 'ol Schwinn up to the post office in Falcon Heights...maybe a ride of a couple miles or so. Dennis was "busy" working on crossword puzzles, so I struck out on my own. I did take my cell phone in case my poor old bike broke down. It does have 2 bald tires and you can see the threads bulging through. I really need a new bike, but hate to give up my "old lady" bike with the big butt seat.
I left the camper about 10AM. I fully intended to ride all the way to the Falcon Bridge/Dam to see it..which is another 1 or 2 miles. I headed up to the park headquarters and realized that it was mostly uphill. Needless to say, I had to walk my Schwinn a good share of the way until I got to the park gears on these old bikes.
There is a neat old church right at the corner to go toward Falcon Heights that I need a photo of, but there is a sign that says "Private Property"..HMMMM. I never have been one to follow the rules, but I do think twice before insulting the traditions and private churches down here..I have always said,"May God strike me down....", but I surely don't MEAN it!! I decided to forgo the photo and maybe sneak one on my way back.
I proceeded on my adventure into Falcon Heights...Now, just before you "ride into town", there is a 4 way stop. If you go straight, you are in Falcon Heights, if you go right, you are about 2 miles from the bridge to Mexico..It is starting to look a little more scary to me now...So, I decided to make that decision AFTER I went to the post office.
I took a few more photos in Falcon Heights...Here is the "Trading Post"...or WAS ...If you look closly you will see 2 old gas pumps on the right amongst the weeds..
Keep in mind that the main road, State RT 83 is paved..the roads in "town" off of this are gravel...The road to the bridge is also paved. Here is a photo of an old bar and taqueria (sandwiches)..obviously neither drinks OR sandwiches have been served from this building in a loooooong time.
I went to the post office and mailed my cards...Since the postmaster lady was really nice (highly unusual for postal workers), I decided to ask her,"Is it safe for me to ride my bike up to the bridge by myself??"..Hey, I was very close to the border! She replied that ,yes, it was fairly safe, but not on a bike..The people drive like maniacs to and from the bridge, so she told me..And did she just say "fairly" safe?? I made my decision then and there to leave the bridge adventure to a time when I am accompanied by my favorite tour guide AND we are in a vehicle..I got back on my trusty Schwinn and before "riding out of town" took this photo of a pretty nice house across the street from the post office..
On my was back a I took a few photos...This first is a tree that I have been wanting to take a picture of every time we go in and out of the park...pretty cool, eh??
And here is a road going into the brush toward the Rio Grande that I am sure you DO NOT want to go down..I'll just bet the Border Patrol knows of this road!!

And, as I ride by the little church that is private property, I sneak into the brush (only a step or two...I don't relish coming face to face with either a snake, or an Hispanic with a shotgun). I took this photo quickly and peddaled my ass back down the park road..
So, now that my little trip was drawing to a close, I rode my trusty Schwinn past park headquarters and Den's favorite "fun time" place, the dump station down the park road..And, as a footnote, here is the sign that "greets" all those entering Falcon State Park....Really make you want to unroll your sleeping bag and sleep right out there under the stars, huh?????..and the part about no alchohol...yea, right....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Close Encounters of the "Bird" Kind

Hi again from the land of the Rio of "a thousand birds". Today is cloudy and 63 degrees. We took our walk this morning in sweatshirts again. This has been a very strange day, birdwise...It seems that some of the birds have discovered that our back window is like a mirror..they can see themselves and think they are seeing another bird. I know, it IS weird! Den says they may be able to see themselves better on a cloudy day like today, when the sun isn't shining on our window. At any rate, they are hanging on our back window and bike rack...they are fluttering around and bouncing off the windows, like they want to fight... or get in (NOT!). It is truly becoming creepy, and I am reminded of Tippy Heddron and the movie "The Birds"....We took some photos of them and you need to click on them and make them bigger to get the true feeling of how close they are...
This guy is an Audubon's Oriole..I got a closer one nextHe was seriously sitting right on our window ledge.

And now we have the Cactus Wren who fell in love with Dennis.....and then gave him "the moon"..I gotta tell ya, they don't just peck at our back window,now they are at most all of our windows looking in..strange...but makes some great "fodder" for my blog, and some pretty neat photos. There is a "bird lady" here in the park( not a lady bird) that gives "bird walks" about 3 mornings a week...all you have to do is sign up at the Rec Hall...Hey, Dennis can do a great "bird walk", he has a great set of bird legs!! Ha ha..Couldn't resist that one. They really do give bird walks and I told Den we should sign up so at least we know who our attackers are.
There are also some cute little Northern Bob White Quail here at the park. I love the Quail, they don't attack our camper. They just strut around in a group and scratch at the dirt..I told Dennis I think one would look great dressed.. and in our crockpot..he told me I was a sick puppy..and I am..and proud of it..Cudos to David Ikonen. He has a recipe for every creatures we see down here...just kidding, of course (in case any ASPCA people or "tree huggers" are reading this).Here is one of our cute little quail..I think I will name him "Dinner"...JUST KIDDING!!

I do have one more photo..this is of another "strange bird"..His name is Larry and he is camped across from us in an "interesting" truck camper. Larry is a very nice guy from New York and is down here by himself, driving around the campground on his little motorbike..Here is a photo of his "home away from home"Note that the camper has a name..check out the "LI BEACH HOUSE" across the in "Long Island Beach House." Larry has a sense of humor, at least. He puts his motorbike on the back platform when he travels...not a chick magnet beach house..
Well, the birds seem to have settled down..they didn't attack Dennis when he went out to get some ice. I guess it's safe to take a bike ride around the park. I hope you know I am exaggerating slightly about the attack birds...but they really think our windows are mirrors...I live to blog another day.....Later,,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweats in the AM, shorts in the PM

Well, for the past few mornings I have been in sweats, but by noon I am lounging in the Texas sunshine (out of the wind, of course)..The air is really "crispy"(code word for darn chilly) when we get up. But as the sun slowly climbs in the sky, it warms up to a tolerable "tanning" temp. I stuck my head out the door yesterday morning before coffee and took a picture of the sunrise...really beautiful!!

I made a discovery yesterday...that I have been lying to you about the Pyromaniac birds..I posted a red bird that looked like a Cardinal and said it was a Pyromaniac(not their real name)....The reason it looked so much like a Cardinal is because it WAS a Cardinal!! After talking to people here who are WAY more knowledgable than myself, I was told there ARE Cardinals here..and the other birds that I so rudely call Pyromaniacs are never red..So now, with my sincere apologies to James Audubon,here is a photo Dennis took of the REAL Pyrrohloxia (real name)..this is a male...
Here is another shot of him...The males have a reddish breast, the females don't, but they both have a bigger "top knot" and more curved parrot-like beak than the Cardinals...Now that I have totally confused you I have yet another cool bird to show you, and this time I am SURE of the name...This, my geeky bird watching friends, is a Altimira Oriole..different than the previously posted Oriole..
Here is another view..
Sooooo many birds,, so little room to post them all.
Today is Wed. Jan 14th. It certainly felt like it last down to 37 degrees. TURN UP THE FIREPLACE, DENNIS!! Actually we stay nice and cozy in our RV, thanks to our electric fireplace..It sure makes a rainy cool day more tolerable..just pop some popcorn, put in a DVD and turn up the fireplace!! Like I said, this is not camping, this is RV living!!
Yesterday we drove 2 miles up to Falcon Heights.We needed to go to the one person post office and check for some mail we know is coming from our granddaughter, Taylor. It wasn't there yet...must be coming by mule train. I have to tell you about the itsy town of Falcon Heights. At one time it actually WAS a town. The main state road, RT 83, use to go right through Falcon Heights...until they decided to build the dam and bridge. Then they had to re-route 83 out about 2 miles from the town...and the town basically died. Here is a picture I took of "The Falcon INN"...My guess is that it use to be a restaurant....Not much happenin' at the Falcon Inn today.
There are other buildings in the same abandoned shape; the Falcon Trading Post, for one, a motel,a couple buildings I cannot discern what they were...and that is mostly what is left of the town. They do have a brand new post office and a little "convenience" store and beauty shop. There are also a few houses on old Rt. 83, but that's about it...very sad.
Well, I have to go and powder up my baby back ribs to smoke for dinner tonight. I put my rub on them, wrap them in foil and Den puts them over an open Oak wood fire for about an hour...then we take them off, unwrap them and grill them over charcoal...alot of work but trust me, it is worth it!! Chili's baby back ribs ain't got nothin on my ribs!!!!! Later...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Touch of Reality

Hello again from South of sunshine and warmth..but not yesterday or today. Yesterday we awoke to a blanket of fog but the temps were upper 60's...That changed rapidly when the wind switched about 10AM and it started misting.I quickly switched from shorts and T-shirt to sweats...My sweats were getting lonely anyway.
We had a delightful surprise on our walk yesterday, though. First of all, if a fog rolls in down here, every spiderweb on every bush and cactus comes to life. For those with arachnaphobia it may be a nightmare come true. I, however, can tolerate a spider so much better than a snake. The Rio Grande valley became a whole new world of webs. Usually I take my camera, but of course this morning I didn't..and by the time we got back to our camper the breeze had started and the webs magically disappeared..(but I knew they were really still there, a little creepy I must admit.)
Also we had one other BIG surprise on our camera-less (is that a word?) walk. We were clipping along the road and Den says to me "What is that in the road up ahead?" I squinted, (I also walked without my glasses), and said" maybe a Coyote, but it has no tail". Hmmmm, medium size, perky ears, no tail and definitely not on a leash..Suddenly the animal in question heard us and sauntered off into the scrub brush...It was at this moment Den and I looked at each other and in unison said "Bobcat!!". Oh, yes, it was!!....I knew that they had some around here, but they are hardly ever seen. As we were walking along discussing our great "siting", I suddenly thought to ask Den.."Are Bobcats dangerous?", because he was still out there somewhere.. I got no answer from the amazing Karnak, so I picked up the pace a bit.
I managed to get a pretty good photo of a Javelina the other nite..Dennis was luring them into our campsite with corn. At one time we had about 5...they were even beginning to lie down and nap by our campfire...Now this is just not to my liking. Here is one I shot (with the camera)..."I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille...."
A face only a mother Javelina could love..

This morning we haven't walked yet. Usually we do not walk on Sundays...Hey, God says it's a day of rest, and I, for one, will not argue with HIM! As we were lounging in our reliners with our coffee,(yes, life is rough for us), I turned to look out our big back window..Lo and behold we had an Oriole at one of the pieces of orange I had hung in the tree behind Audubon Black Faced Oriole, to be exact..I know this cause I am a total geek and have the bird book attached to my ass..Den just happened to have the camera in his hand..(trust me, he is as big a geek as I am about the birds), and he took this photo..

Dennis decided it was time to "dump the tanks" and avoid a very nasty "spill". While he was avoiding a nuclear meltdown under our camper, I did some photo downloading and blogging..We probably will take a bike ride later this afternoon if we can fit it into our schedule..ha ha..If I happen to get some pictures I will share..I promise..

I told you I would share our bike ride photos and here is one. I think this is and Egret. (But if it isn't I'm sure someone will let me know!). He was wading down in the primitive camping area where the water is flooded almost up to the road. We also spotted a "mystery" bird down there. Everytime I tried to zoom in he moved..Dennis suggest he wade out into the water and get a shot. I took him seriously and said "OK", but I guess he was just toying with me. He should know by now not to toy with me about that.. I would have him hanging from a cliff ledge to get a good photo of wildlife!! Anyway, I finally zoomed in just before he flew off..Anyone have a guess??

He is a chubby little bird...I feel a kinship with him...
We rode past the boat launch and there were about 20 boat trailers and trucks all lined up. So many of them were bright vibrant colors, I felt I had just crossed the border! We knew the flooding was really bad down by the picnic area and I felt another photo op coming, so onward we road....I know your butt is sore, Dennis, but just a little bit longer, pulllllease!!
Here is one of the picnic spots, now to be used only by the wading birds as a look out for fish...

While we were down by the picnic spots, or what use to be picnic spots, I saw the opportunity to take a zoomed photo of the bridge to Mexico at the dam. This is a free bridge and you can go across, but there is zero to do on the other side in Mexico unless you just want a dusty bike ride, at some risk I might add. At one time last year I thought Den and I should ride our bikes across. I guess some people do...but the publicity of the big drug wars going on down here this year,(border patrol being fired on, etc,) made me think better of it. I know...I'm usually more adventuresome, but it is easy to forget...that is another country just over the bridge, and over there you are "on your own" "dial 911" over there...So, we will wait until we go "into the valley" about 70 miles from here into South Texas, (where the REAL winter Texans RV),and walk across the bridge at Progresso. There are more Americanos there than Mexicanos..and it is very, well, somewhat, safer..Rest assured I will blog about it when we do, in the meantime, here is the Falcon Lake "DAM" bridge...

Note the guard tower on the right side..I rest my case.
Well, I'll just bet you blog readers wish we would actually GO somewhere and get some different pics. Let me say that we are basically in the middle of "nowhere" here. We plan on doing some day trips, but I am a wildlife freak and sometime the only "wildlife" you see when sightseeing is too X-rated to post....Later....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"I'm An Old Cowhand...On the Rio Grande..."

Another great few days of South Texas weather!! It has been 80 degrees for the last few days, gets down to low 50"s at night. Our days are pretty full...taking walks, having coffee outside, riding bikes...having evening cocktails in front of the campfire...There IS one drawback this year that we have never dealt with down here...mosquitos with a vengence! They have had something like 40 inches of rain here this winter so far and lots of the campground roads are flooded..highly unusual. I will tolerate the nasty little beasts if I can have sun and warm during the days..
We did our laundry Tuesday at the Rec Hall..I guess we now belong to the official "Winter Texan" club down here...people are remembering us from last year. Don, the bird photographer is parked next to us. Usually he is down in what is called the "primitive" utilities..but it is flooded this year so he is up here in the high rent district. He drives a white van and puts up a camoflage tent to sneak up on the birds..and he gets some beautiful photos!! He travels by himself, and is a regular here every year. Sometimes we see him in the rec hall using their computer to print his wildlife photos..some of his pictures are on T-shirts that you can buy here at the park.
We always meet interesting people here. I was wearing my "Murphy's Irish Pub" T-shirt Chris and John brought me back from Ireland and this lady asked if I had been there. I had to admit I was no world traveler, but I did get the chance to say,"no, my son got married in Ireland and all I got was this Irish T-shirt"..(I couldn't resist) ..anyway, she and her husband had been to Ireland many times and even own some land there. We got to talking and she said that she and her husband spend about 6 months during the winter in Texas. I had to ask where they call home, and she replied that "home" was Europe...Are you kidding me?? I was pretty shell shocked at that answer..I never thought to ask WHERE in Europe..Like I said, we meet some really neat people when we least expect it. I saw where they were camped...driving a pick up truck, pulling a u-haul carrying 2 motorcycles...and living in a tent..different strokes, I always say!
I have still been trying to sneak up on the green jays and get a few better shots.

Today I saw a beautiful Oriole but he left before I could stumble to my camera. I really need some khaki shorts and a jungle hat! I did get one of the jay and also a bird that looks like a cardinal, but isn't. Their name starts with a "PH" and has a "Y" in it, but I can't pronounce it, so I call them Pyromaniacs...Dennis is the only one who knows what the Hell bird I mean.

We are parked along a road that goes all through the park..Here is our camper from the road when we walked this morning..

...and this next photo I took moments later. These 2 ladies had their binoculars and were doing their bird watching from the TOP of the camper..note that cloudless blue sky..

I have been working on my "base" tan the past few days.. I get my sunglasses, book, ice water, watch(we must bake evenly on each side), chair,and of course, camera, and go to my own private little tanning spa..complete with the possiblility of wild pigs, snakes, and sand it is...

Have I mentioned the "fire ant"hills we found while walking this morning??.....

This community of those dreaded little biters was the size of Naperville..well, maybe not, but I thanked the "Poisonous Insect" gods that it was far from our campsite!!
This morning we got a visit from Harald and Judith from Minnesota..(yes, there are alot of Minnesota people down here)..they have been coming here for 10 years and we became friends a few years ago..They brought us some fresh grapefruit they got in "the valley". They came in for a bit and we had a good visit..they know alot about this area and I tapped their brains for a few ideas..They told us which place in Roma to go to for good "safe" Mexican food..Also, a beautiful church to see, and where to eat in Progresso MX if we decide to cross the border. I swear they know everyone down here, too. They are going into Progresso tomorrow so Harald can go to the dentist. I know, it sounds scary, but TONS of Americans come down here to get cheap prescription drugs, go to the dentist and also get glasses..soooo much cheaper than in our own country!
Well,Tomorrow is grocery day..We go about 25 miles to Rio Grande City to the WalMart and the HEB store. There is a town 10 miles from here called Roma, but not much in the way of grocery stores..It can be an interesting drive through Roma..Actually you can cross the bridge to Mexico in Roma, which we did once...I repeat...ONCE! I swear we were the only "gringos" over there..We felt like everyone was staring at us...could it have been the cameras hanging on my neck??? Maybe the shorts I had on..(they frown on shorts). We made a fast exit back across the bridge, paid our quarter and placed our feet firmly on USA soil. Progresso, which is about 70 miles South of here, is a much better place to cross ..It is deep in the valley ,and the valley is full of Winter Texans living in fancy RV Resorts...There are more Gringos in Progresso Mexico than Mexicans...I plan to cross there while we are here..
Enough of my rantings ..I leave you with a final photo of our "patio" where we enjoy our evening cocktails...I will post more in a few days....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Javalinas, Green Jays and Roadrunners, Oh My!

OK, kids...we are now in a part of Texas that I truly love...Not just because it is pretty warm most of the winter, but it is like living in a wildlife sanctuary, and some of the "wildlife" is really WILD!! Here is what strolled through our campsite last night during our restful cocktail hour about 5PM...

If the picture looks a little blurry it is because those critters were getting pretty close and eyeballing our sneakers as a snack..Right after I took this, Dennis stomped on the ground and they turned back and into the brush. It is for moments like this that I keep my camera by my side when we are sitting outside.
We arrived here at Falcon Lake State Park yesterday at 12:30PM, having left Canyon Lake about7:30AM (that's official Dump Station time). It was just getting light when we left our campsite, which explains why we forgot our double hose connector and water regulator..It is still screwed onto the faucet at site 48, Canyon Lake..Or maybe the next people who pull in will get a little present. Oh well, we usually forget SOMETHING along our time it was our satellite dish. As you can imaging, Dennis was not a pleasant traveler when he went to set up our TV and couldn't find the dish..not one of our better days, to say the least, which makes a hose connecter and pressure regulator a small loss...Enough of our stupid moves....
When we pulled in here it was 80 wonderful degrees and sunny. We checked in and found our campsite. After positioning satellite dishes, candles, picnic tableclothes, rope lights, bird feeders, cooler(priority item), bikes and chairs all outside, we settled into our chairs to relax...this is where our "porky" friends entered the picture...and quickly fled.
Here is a photo of our campsite here on the Rio Grande...That would be Dennis, my "slayer of pigs" relaxing after a good day's drive....

We sat outside listening to our I-Tunes. Let me explain that we downloaded all of our CD's onto I-Tunes in the laptop, then Dennis crafted a way we can play the music on our surround sound speakers in the RV..and WALAH!!!(I need to spellcheck that with a magician.) We have all of our music with us without hauling our CD's..and we can sit outside and hear them...Hmmmm..maybe the campers next to us can hear them too. I hope they like "Here Come The Mummys"..a group Chris introduced me to from Indianapolis.
Here is another photo of our camp area...Dennis is checking out the little opening in the brush...always exploring, that man!!

About 6PM a cool breeze came up and turned out of the North..It cooled down to about60, so we took our party inside. After a dinner of grilled pork chops, we hit the sack..Before it got too dark, I stuck my head out the door and took a photo of the natural gas well here at the park..

Here is another I took with the zoom lens..

I have to mention the "night noises' here in the desert..Just at dusk you start hearing a cricket/tree frog/locust-like symphony coming from the just outside your campsite area in the underbrush..I have no idea what kind of critters they are, but the sound is so a concert from the desert nightlife..Once in a while you may get a pack of coyotes joining in, which I love...there is something so forlorn about the howl of a coyote..(Now I am waxing sentimental..)
This morning we got up and took our walk, going to the Rec Hall to sign up to use their washers and dryers of the perks of this state park. Of course it costs the same as a laundromat, but without the hastle of driving into town. Weather today slightly different than yesterday...cloudy and cooler..about 57 degrees..Heck, I'm not scared..I'm from Illinois!! (please don't make me get out my winter coat,please don't make me get out my winter coat) prayer to the desert gods...
We settled into our recliners after breakfast to watch some TV, and I immediately got excited by the site of a Green Jay in our birdfeeder just outside the big rear window of our camper...Of course, I had my camera nearby...and here he is...

Green Jays are related to our midwestern Blue Jays, but these are tropical birds, indiginous only to far South Texas in the Rio Grande Valley ( where we are), or also the tropics..I love the colors of them. They eat our sunflower seeds and also like corn. Last year we only saw them ONCE while we were here..I sure hope they stay around. I haven't seen a roadrunner yet, but I know I will. I just LOVE the roadrunners...(I read that they eat snakes, so I encourage them to feel free to wander through our campsite at will.) I just don't want that "wiley" coyote to catch him...
Well, I have bored you enough for today..It is almost "wine o'clock" in the desert..I wonder if our friend David has a recipe for Javelina appetizers..hmmmm,I must ask him...I will blog more later, hopefully with more desert photos...