Cave Dwellings: DEFINITELY a “killing frost”…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, April 14, 2012

DEFINITELY a “killing frost”…


  Our weather here is actually returning to what it should be…Spring.  Seems like once the Cave Dwellers drove across the Illinois State Line, the Gods of Winter felt we needed a dose of reality..That Winter God really kicked our butts this last week..We managed to get McGyver’s birthday party in just as the weather turned frigid …I mean really freezing!! My poor Hydrangeas are in Intensive Care…



Man, oh man…I don’t know if anything will bring this poor thing back …The little bit of green leaves he did have are bowing their heads in defeat…Not much I can do to help, except hope that the Spring God returns the warmth of the sun and gives it some serious CPR!!


I did a “walk about” the yard, and it seems that most of the plants are OK, especially the ones near the house..But 2 of my beautiful Hydrangeas are really ill.



Den’s Aunt “Neenie”, who lives just one house away from us, brought me a bouquet of her daffodils before the frost got them….So..I DO have a touch of Spring inside the house…It is suppose to warm up this weekend and rain, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Hey Al , you were talking about how some folks don’t use the “crop” feature in Picasa to make their photos better…How do ya like the way I managed to leave the used kleenex in the corner of this above lovely photo??Thumbs down(I could have re-cropped it, but I thought it gave the picture some much needed “balance”…whatever.)

Yesterday it was “fair to middlin’ “ weather, so McGyver and I did some long neglected outside work…Oh, and thanks for all your well wishes for Dennis.  I am happy to report that after 2 full days on the couch, he is now healed and taking nourishment…and Busch Lite….


Our GMC hasn’t had a good wash since I got yelled at by the “carwash”police at Canyon Lake, in December.  And NO, that right photo is NOT our yard boy scrubbing it…Can’t you tell by the style and “cut of my jib” that it is MOI…and I am modeling a new ensemble just designed for washing vehicles…right down to the very flattering “chauffer's cap”Hot smile.  Dennis had some repair to do on his chain saw, and was taking it apart in the back of his blue bomb…


We were working side by side, (which can be frightening in itself), and I was sorely tempted to give a little hose squirt Den’s way, but I had a feeling that if I got that chain saw wet,  we might have a scene from “The Chain Saw Massacres” movie on our driveway…(Just wait till it warms up and he doesn’t have the protection of that saw..Angry smile).

Chris , John and their boys (our youngest grandsons) are basking in the Florida sunshine at Longboat Key for a long weekend.  They flew out of Indy Wednesday and will return Sunday.  John’s Dad and stepmom own a condo on the Gulf and they are staying there…and having fun…

574856_3391361356040_1629830651_2739946_1241036997_nAiden554414_3393971141283_1629830651_2741050_1117519296_n the boys



This last was taken off the lanai of their condo…I sure wish we were there with them…Chris and John got married on the beach at the Hilton just down from the condo, in August, 2005….I don’t think Longboat Key has recovered yet..Be right back


They had a lovely wedding…Hard to believe it’s been 7 years!

OK, I just checked the radar and it looks like we are in for some rain pretty soon, and tomorrow we may be in for some severe stuff..Just great..I have shish kabobs planned for Chef McGyver to put on the grill…Never fear, McGyver can handle it.. He has been known to stand under an umbrella over his fire pit, so a little rain won’t scare him!!



“Weather is a great metaphor for life - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.” ~Terri Guillemets


  1. Looks good, Donna. Sometimes I even 'shop IN a used Kleenex to give the composition more interest.

  2. Good to hear Den is feeling better and back on a strict diet.We are having another day of steady rain here at the Ranch, I have a flood in our front yard that runs out the driveway and into the storm sewer next door.Fun to get out of the truck into ankle deep running water to check the mail.We are counting the days til we head south. Can't wait. just a couple things left, like clothes to put in the trailer Be safe out There. Sam & Donna..

  3. I don't suppose those kabobs are shrimp wrapped in bacon, are they? That picture of Den looks like it's right out of "Singing in the Rain"... a little soft-shoe to go along with it? Hope your plants survive!!!

  4. I have never figured out how to crop out a kleenex or a foot in my case when it was in the middle of my picture. I'm sure there's something I could do but not with my talents. So glad Den is feeling better. Wouldn't want him to have to tackle too many jobs with that saw if he wasn't feeling up to par. Stay safe.

  5. First time I've heard of a dirty snot rag having balancing qualities! Perhaps that's why I don't fall over when one is in my pocket??

  6. Glad Den is feeling better and able to mess around in his garage.

    I sure hope you guys aren't in the path of this tornado system. The map seems to put you on the edge of it! Stay safe there!

  7. have a great Saturday night!..hope the tornado storms miss you!!

  8. I just thought that was a nice well placed Daffodil petal you had positioned there for your balancing effect. The thought never occured to me about blowing my nose in a Daffodil:))

  9. hope the storms we had last night missed you....boy winds were horrible and 3 inchesof rain

  10. hope the storms passed you the pics...hope your plants make it..they might..we had a dead tree for 8 years ..rick kept threatening to tear it out but I insisted it stayed now its back to life and producing mega apples...and bigger than ever...