Cave Dwellings: Family…Here they come!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family…Here they come!!!

  We have been getting ready for our family to arrive this Saturday.  Actually, the Wolff Den arrives from Indy Friday about 5PM…I expect all kids and grands to be here for spaghetti dinner that night…I am anxious to see those youngest boys…Especially Maddox, who was just 7 months old when we last got to see him in person..His first birthday is Saturday, so you know there will be cake, presents and singing involved…


I know he is now just about to walk….This was last fall.

Dennis has been on a quest to catch the ground hog that is living under our wood pile out in the back yard.  Mr. Ground Hog has tunneled under our wood and is making himself at home.  I know darn well  he is just biding his time until I plant my garden…Then he will dig up every darn thing he can..Last year we had to put a fence around the garden…This won’t stop him..He will just tunnel under…He must be watching reruns of Hogan’s HerosAnnoyed.  BUT..guess what??   That ‘ol ground hog can’t out think McGyver…Den not only caught one, he set the trap back out there and caught a second one!!..MRS. Ground Hog, perhaps?…I see no pink nail polish…Maybe she has just “let herself go”..




This is #2…How’s about a close up,  Dude?…No worries, Dennis uses a live trap baited with some fresh lettuce…He then takes them for a nice truck ride (I use the term “nice” very loosely…it’s the Den’s Blue Beast.)..These “hogs” get curb service to a nice wooded area out in the country, possibly with a lakefront view…where there are no houses, just lots of grass and cornfields…NOT A BAD DEAL, EH???

I sure hope they aren’t like dogs and cats, and will find their way back here to return to the comfort of our wood pile!!



We have been hanging bird houses and feeders around the yard…McGyver was “up a tree” yesterday, getting my wren house all set up…


Middle is our wren house…They need no perch and require a very small hole so only THEY can get in…On the right, I have attempted to placate the big fat sparrows with their own rendition of a  place to set up housekeeping..trying to keep them from bothering the Wrens..I just love the sound of the Wren’s song.  I also put up a couple feeders for the Hummers, but so far, no one has shown up…I cannot blame them, tonight we have a FREEZE WARNING in our area..If we were as smart as the birds, we would still be South, too! 

Our oldest daughter, Terrie, came over yesterday AM to get her hair highlighted…I can’t believe that costs upwards of $100 in a salon!!…Are the people who pay that price the same peeps that complain about the price of fuel…??


While I was in the “highlighting” mood, I decided to do my own…There is an obvious reason my photo is smaller than Terrie’s…some of you may have just eaten…

Getting it ready for the Easter Bunny around here, too…I use to put up and Easter tree, but this year there we just ran out of time…Whew!!…And right now, I had better get back to cleaning, making spaghetti sauce, making breakfast casseroles, helping the bunny get his act together…So, this is another “cop out” blog..short and sweet..But after this Crazy Cave weekend I will have lots more fodder to expound upon, trust me!!


Hope you all have a very wonderful Easter with friends and family…Just keep in mind that boiled eggs can cause excessive flatulence…Maybe the bunny should also hide some rolls of Rolaids and Gas X too!!Winking smile


“Good Idea: Finding Easter eggs on Easter. Bad Idea: Finding Easter eggs on Xmas. “

                                                                                                                    ~Jack Handy


  1. arent you afraid the rifle on the mantel will scare Mr.E.B. away. He might confuse Den w/ Yosemite Sam.

  2. I did not know that about boiled eggs! There's enough flatulence around here already! No more eggs for Eldy! Have a wonderful time with family. Eldy's kids are here for the week, and we're having a ball!

  3. Hey you Cave people have a happy rabbit day.

  4. have a great weekend with the gang! for the price of hair highlights..try $140 at my salon!..can you say no!!.. I just let the sun do it's magic in the summer!

  5. Happy Easter to you and your brood :)...enjoy every minute...

  6. Just noticed in your header pic
    the granddaughter to your left looks just like Grandma. !

  7. Saying to the Cave people to have a good time this weekend is completely unnecessary - you're all way beyond that!!!!!!

    Looks like a party weekend and lots of good eats (and drinks)!

  8. You have such a fun family!! I know you will have a wonderful Easter weekend but I'll say it anyway...Happy Easter!!