Cave Dwellings: We’ll be here until next year!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We’ll be here until next year!

  We have made the decision to stay here at Potter’s Creek until Jan 2, 2012.  The main reason being.. our mail.  Our trip this year has our mail somehow NOT falling in the correct timeframe for us to be staying in one place to get it! We have a good friend back in Sandwich pick up our mail,( which is on hold at the post office), every 3 weeks or so.  Then she sends it to us General Delivery to the PO where we are at.. in prepaid envelopes.  What with the snail speed of mail over the holiday, we were thinking we may as well PLAN to stay here to receive it.  Got that?…very complicated this mail thing.  Mostly, MacGyver handles it and I just nod yes…works for me.

  Well, our lake view has returned.  As we suspected, our tenters next door were just here for the weekend, and left Sunday.  We woke up Monday (the “to da dump” day for MacGyver), and this was our weather out our back window.

101_1036  101_1037

OK, so dumping the tanks was going to take place between the raindrops..



I know darn well the Dennis doesn’t realize just how many pictures I get of  him when he isn’t looking…Yesterday, I snuck this one out our window…For those poor souls who have been the “dumpers” in the rain , I feel your pain…but not enough to get involved.Sarcastic smile

Monday morning was better…still cloudy, but the rain had quit..and we were able to get a walk in.




Actually Monday evening was darn nice out…We  had our cocktail hour by a campfire…



…complete with Christmas Carols on I-Tunes, and the surround sound playing out the OPEN door of the Hiker…And….101_1041101_1050



This morning we awoke to sunshine…Tra Da!..It was windy, and the temp was about 47 degrees at 8AM, but it warmed up nicely to 56 degrees before we took our walk…


Just look at that blue sky, would ya??…Oh, and just who are these guys?? The Three Stooges??



NO, THIS ISN’T “THE END”….and I’m very sure Judy told me last year exactly what kind of ducks these are…but, in the true form of Dementia Donna, I have forgotten…Ohhhhhh Juuuuuudy….????

I tried to get a better photo of this dude, but he apparently was offended by the “stooges” comment and gave me the “butt end” of the joke…They are pretty weird, strange looking ducks…until they fly..Then their wings have beautiful white feathers on them as they open up..I am trying to get a picture of them in flight, but now that I’ve insulted them, I probably won’t be allowed that luxuryBaring teeth smile.  Maybe I could waddle up and apologize..Hey, I could do that..I have my waddle down to a Fine Art!!


Today I have been having a real time getting this “Live Writer” to liven up!!…It is just about as slow and I can tolerate without throwing the whole thing through our window…GRRRR….Sometimes, I have to wait for “Dead Writer” to catch up to my typing…and my brain isn’t that fast, so Mr. Writer man is really slow today!

Since we will be here over Christmas, and now New Year’s , I need to get some stuff to make a couple “horse dervers” for Mac and I to “munch in” the New Year…Pretty soon, the Christmas tree will come down and the camper will seem quite gloomy until I adjust…I love glitz and twinkle lights…guess you’d never know it by my “ensembles”,eh?? I need to look for some stripe socks and happy pants with some BLING!!

“I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn't itch.” ~Gilda Radner

(I have the feeling Gilda and I would have been great friends.)


  1. Gilda was a true treasure! I was saddened when she died. Glad to see a quote from her that makes us all smile.
    Happy Holidays.

  2. Love your sunset picture, it is beautiful! To get out of dumping would be great!!! You are a wise woman!!!

  3. Looks like a ducky place to spend the holidays. Hope all is well and you guys are doing good. Don't miss those happy hours. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  4. Can't remember what I told you last year, but those are some funny looking domestic type ducks you've got there. Somebody probably dumped them in the park.

    I bet you could get them to fly if you threatened to have them for Christmas dinner! ;)

  5. Donna--read your blog, love your style (writing and dress)! Quick question about Potters Creek (we stayed there last January)--are they using a new system whereby you can take a vacant space for one night and then have to go on-line to make a reservation to continue your stay? Read that this system in in place at some Corps parks. Safe travels,
    Dione and Dave (we also have a HitchHiker)

  6. We have "blue jobs" and "pink jobs", dumping is definitely a blue job. Love the sunset.

  7. Is that happy hour or hour(s) I get confused how that works?

    You guys have a Happy and Merry.

  8. great post and excellent that sunset one...

  9. Dione and Dave...You can stay up until 2 weeks...If you want to extend, you need to fill out a form at least 5 days prior to your original "leave" date...We extended for 1 week..It has to be approved by the "powers that be"...go figure..

  10. anyone who wears happy pants would be glad to be your friend!!..hope the mail arrives soon and I see the sun has finally come out!!..whoo hoooo!!!

  11. Beautiful sunset picture and seeing the sun again must have been wonderful! Hope it stays that way until you're ready to leave!

  12. What a beautiful sunset pic!! Glad the sun has returned and hope it sticks around for several days. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!!