Cave Dwellings: There’s just something about a walk in the woods….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There’s just something about a walk in the woods….

…..that calms me, makes me speak in a whisper, and gives me a better attitude instantly.  Yesterday, MacGuyver and I donned our jackets ,after the rain FINALLY quit, and followed one of the trails into the woods.   It is paved for a while, but then it becomes just a path through the forest….You need to have a trusty scout available to follow, one you trust,  on a journey like this…


……………… I did…….or…..                            ….you can follow the trail marks (above) .  These trail markings were strips of tin, nailed to trees along the path.  What a unique way of marking a trail..I’ll bet Tonto would have liked this idea if only he had a hammer and nail…



Is it my imagination, or is MacGuyver getting farther ahead, perhaps trying to LOSE ME????

Actually, I was stopping to take pictures frequently, and he did occasionally stop and wait…What should have taken us about 45 minutes, took us an hour and a half, thanks to my lollygagging with the camera…Hey! That’s what it’s all about, at least for moi!


These little orange balls eventually opened up….. and became pretty little red flowers….(Dennis tried to tell me those little balls were cherry tomatoes..yea, right.)


The trail took us down by the banks of Lake Conroe…Hey, Den!..I TOLD you those weren’t tomatoes, didn’t I??  Now let’s get goin’..I want to see the lake!


There are lots of downed trees here in this woods.  Some have been cut down, and some have burned or fallen…This presents a real BOON for Dennis.  He can now drag Redwood size logs into our camp and play with his chain saw and his new splitting maul.  Now that we can have a campfire, he has the grin Alfred E. Neumann  most of the time..(who remembers who that is/was..and… is he still running for President???)


Some of the wood laying around has been cut up in small logs and you can just go pick it up…but that is just tooooo easy for MacGuyver..Aaaaah…a man and his toys.  And, speaking of MacGuyver, which seems like all I do lately, he attacked our ground fault interrupter outlet. (I’m not even sure if that’s what you call the darn thing!). We picked up a new one at the local hardware store yesterday, and he proceeded to take out the bad one and install the new one….working amongst the pretzels, paper towels, tomatoes and cookies, and taking over my kitchen for a while.


That was fine with me because this is where I leave the room…Electricity scares me to death.  All of those wires,  green, white, black, some naked, some hanging by a screw…How does ANYONE know what to attach to what, without sparks flying??  And, it so happens..our daughter, Terrie, has inherited his propensity for danger..She hangs her own chandeliers and ceiling lights in her house…Then, she says to me, “Mom, all you have to do is remember to turn off the electricity at the box.”..WHAT BOX??WHERE??  She got the MacGuyver genes.

So, yesterday was a great day.  I actually had one bar on my cell phone and used it to call Aunt Jeanette.  We rarely get any bars at all.  …A walk in the woods, new fault ground thing installed, a successful cell phone call….Yup, a good day for the Cave Dwellers, and tonight…STEAK ON THE GRILL, TWICE BAKED TATERS, SALAD W/BLUE CHEESE AND GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE…preceded, of course, by Happy Hour at the campfire... Our lives are blessed.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius


  1. If you touch the wrong wire it won't take you long to look at it and put it down..

  2. Sounds like warm fuzzies to me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awww...what a wonderful day!! I'm with you girl...there is nothing better than a walk in the woods. After a rain the smell is just so awesome!!

  4. I always tell Doug when he is walking ahead of me..'checking for land mines, honey?'..thanks!!..he then stops and waits and we walk together, sort of!!
    I am always lagging behind..gotta take pictures as you know!!

  5. If Mad Magazine's Alfred E Newman is not running for President, I really think he needs to be:))
    Yep, give me a relaxing walk in the woods anyday.

  6. I think All Newman is on the road with a portable Portzebe trailer where he sells them at fairs.Along with rare parts for Veeblefetzers. Dinner sounds great and I know your steaks will be just fine. Especially with the cook you have. Tell Denny to be carefull near the fire. It's getting near Christmas and I just heard something on the radio about having your chestnuts roasted over an open fire.Never mind it was a false alarm. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. Didn't Alfred E. quit the race for President last Saturday??

    Looked like a great walk in the woods and wonderful pics too!

    Dinner sounded perfect!

  8. Oh yeah, we remember good old Alfred E. Used to be my hero. Steak dinner sounds great -- we're going to have that for Christmas this year instead of our usual rib roast.

  9. Welcome to East Tx Miss Donna. Enjoy your blog very much and have been a long time reader. Our home is about 2 hrs northeast of Lake Conroe. You may find at a lot of campgrounds down here that the power fluctuates depending on how many campers come in to the park. We have had some serious drops in power but the progressive system catches them now instead of causing damage to our electrical appliances.


  10. Can we go back to the cherry tomatoes? I think they are Turk's Caps, and the little hard fruit forms after the red flowers bloom. :) Just saying...

  11. excellent pictures...nothing wrong with lollygagging n the of my favorite things to unfamiliar areas we carry a roll of florescent plastic type tape (non sticky and left over from our engineering days)..tie it to some trees so we can find our way back...we do gather the tape up on the way back :) enjoy!!!