Cave Dwellings: The Heart of Texas Hill Country
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Heart of Texas Hill Country

  Yesterday we drove 215 miles from Sam Houston National Forest to Canyon Lake, TX and arrived at Potter’s Creek Campground about 12:30PM.  Sunday night before we left, the moon was just past full and came up hazy and bright amid the tall pines..


Our drive yesterday was mostly back roads, and we came through the East side of Bastrop, Texas on the way.  This was where they had the terrible wildfires in September, destroying over 1300 homes.  The charred remains of trees  and burned brush are still evident along the drive for at least 10 miles….very sobering.

  We were breezing along, guided by our trusty GPS with an irritating male voice (whom I have named Carlton) chirping in our ear. ( Just for backup I ALWAYS have the Atlas laying in my lap, open..just in case Carlton goes berserk and loses his way.) We were getting into  familiar territory, following Rt 12  going through San Marcos and connecting with Rt. 32 to Canyon Lake.   Suddenly there was road construction…and a stop sign where there never was before…like being in the twilight zone…Do we turn right toward Wimberly, or turn left to the South?? Just when you needed Carlton the most..he was as silent as a church mouse. So…I made the call..”I HAVE NO IDEA!!”. By now, we  had traffic backing up behind us and were already in the left turn lane, so… turn left we did.  The minute we turned,  Carlton woke up and  blurted out “turn around  when possible”…Thanks Carlton.#@!>^##@!!  Dennis found a place to do a “youee”, which is no easy task in a 30’ fiver, and we were  once again heading the right direction.  We only had to do one more turn around before we got to Rt. 32 and finally found ourselves back on familiar roads, making it safe and sound to Potter’s Creek.. Unscathed, but surrounded by lots of blue air inside the GMC.

At this time I need to welcome Arkie38 to the back seat of the truck.  There should be more room for y’all back there now, as MacGyver has managed to “clear up” a couple cases of Busch Lite along the way.Mug

  We have friends staying here that we haven’t seen in 2 years.  We met Wayne and Ronae Sele here at Potter’s Creek when we had our Cougar, in 2005.  We were parked next to each other, and they had a Hitch Hiker then.   We liked the way it was built…BETTER than our Cougar,.. just sayin’.  They hail from Minnesota (ya hey dere), and Ronae says she noticed my stylish campfire outfits immediatelyNinja.  A few years ago they sold their home and are now full-timers…Also they have a lovely new fiver, a  34’ Grand Junction, 4 slides and a fireplace…

101_0973 101_0974

Of course, we had to have cocktail hour with them in their new rig last night.  I dug out my Tweety Bird happy pants and striped socks for the occasion…didn’t want to disappoint them.  No pictures..I forgot my camera because my hands were full, carrying my bottle of Rum, my Diet Dr. Thunder, and my Mickey Mouse Disneyworld cocktail cup…I just gotta say right here…I LOVE THE LAYOUT OF THEIR NEW RIG!!

This morning we woke up to a heavy fog over Canyon Lake.., but then, I wake up in a fog every morning. BOTTA BING, BOTTA BOOM!!









MacGyver has checked the weather for the next 2 weeks and they only show ONE day of sunshine…This is really going to make it a gloomy stay if they are right.   Could be a real test of the 42 year marriage…I can see the headlines.. “Woman dressed in tweety bird jammies, wearing striped socks, charged in battery of her husband at Potter’s Creek, when  he called her a walking “Loony Toon”..

We took our walk this morning and when I came back I looked like I had been in a sauna for an hour, dripping, but without the sweaty weight loss.  The temp is a balmy 58 degrees, though, so I should just shut up.  I could be back in Illinois, dressed like Nanook of the North, shoveling snow for the winter..BEEN THERE, DONE THAT…LAST YEAR!!


Above is our spot until Dec.26th.. I’m sure the Texans are loving this moisture, God knows they sure have needed it.

Thursday we are venturing into the town of Sattler to do laundry, and then on to Camping World in New Braunfels to see if we can find a new ball seal for our toilet,( plus drool all over the new models of RV’s .) Actually, I like Al and Kelly's idea of the raised throne….very “uplifting” idea.  I also have the wild idea of going to Bandera, TX this weekend, Cowboy Capital of the World.. I wants to see me some REAL cowboys!!! STAY TUNED!!

There's a time in a Mans Life when he needs to Cowboy Up and Ride” ~unknown Cowboy


  1. Your weather is sounding a little like ours here in Tucson at the moment. Weatherman says this front will blow out of here tonight leaving us all with partially cloudy days in the near future. Continous gray days can sure take their toll on RV'ers alright. We are still in the lot of Tucson's large Lazy Days complex. Just happy to be on pavement and not Arizona mud on days like this. We will be at the Ranch Wednesday. Party on Dudes...

  2. Blue air huh? I thought I warned you about serving beans the night before a travel day. :)

  3. Good to see you have met up with friends and had a good night, in suitable attire. Got to make sure your in the Uniform of the Day.The ride is fine in the back, I'm the one with the Navy flight helmet on.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Fog everywhere, we are on the west side of San Antonio and the fog has been here all day. It has lifted so we can see across the street. We hope to go into San Antonio tomorrow, sure hope the fog is better

  5. Bandera is a great place and one day a week they have a bring your own steak to grill at the local bar and they provide the sides for $2.00 and great country music to practice your two step:)

  6. Looks like a nice spot - at least what I could see through the fog!

    I'm sure you'll make the best of it no matter what the weather does.

  7. love the sounds of your 'happy hour outfit'!!..
    and the 'rig' layout is pretty darn nice too!!..impressive!

  8. I'm with you when it comes to the GPS, I find myself talking back or telling her to SHUT UP , my comprehension level is above that of a neandrathal you do not have to say turn here 8000 times only to find out gps is taking you thru a parking lot to the next subdivision street that runs parallel to the highway you want to be on!.....Give me a good old fashion map any day. But Sam loves his GPS even though the air the duramax has been blue many times

  9. At least "Coultrain", or was it "Carlton"? doesn't say, "RECALCULATING".
    I hate that!
    Don't tell me your problems, just tell where I need to be! We have a portable Garmin back home that does that. I left it there. The GPS in the car is built in, and does seem to have a fairly good grasp of the situation. At certain times though, she'll (it's a she, no idea how that happened) pipe up and say, "You're now entering an area where turn by turn directions are no longer available". That's fair I reckon. Nice of her to let us know. Better than polite silence.
    Just so happens we have fog here today too. Not happy.

  10. the most hated word inside our MH during travel is 'recalculating'...thankfully Rick also carries an atlas and always google maps things to ensure we are going the right way....the fog will lift I'm sure..have a super least your wamer than we are :)

  11. You guys are some "Brave Souls" to travel this time of year...I know what you mean about the Motorhome vs the fivers or tag a longs. It is a lot easier to set up and move out....we just downgraded to a travel trailer from a class A and before that a class C, but it sure is a lot cheaper to operate. We got so tried of everything always breaking down and having to have be towed in by a large wrecker. They , good sam won't insure any thing over 10 years old and our rig was a 1990. The old saying goes... You pay to go first class. You guys have fun..wish we were doing the same. The Keys

  12. we've been to Bandera.. cute place! hope you enjoy (ed?) it!!

    love the fog shots!!

    have fun!!

  13. Been through Texas a number of times and still have yet to see a REAL cowboy. Hit Mexico and that we see lots of them each and everyday it seems.

    Enjoy your fog, as you say at least it's not cold and snowy!

    Kevin and Ruth