Cave Dwellings: This park is a regular stop for us “Winter Texans”…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This park is a regular stop for us “Winter Texans”…

We just read Al’s blog..My dear friend, I have had 5 kidney stones starting at age 18…One had to be surgically removed, 2 had to be “blasted” like yours, one had to be “grabbed” with a nasty device..I won’t go into the details..other I passed..Hang in there!! I sooooo feel your pain…it is debilitating!!

  Yesterday was rainy, but warm…NO COMPLAINTS!..I dug out a few more scenic photos of this campground…ones where the sun was shining from a few  years ago. The sun is hiding out somewhere, no one has seen it in days.




This picture was taken in Dec. of ‘05..That is our friend, Ronae, sitting outside their Hiker watching the deer. We were parked next to them in our Cougar…That Hiker of theirs is the reason we ended up with ours..Hard to believe that was 6 years ago.



Christmas Eve, 2005.  We had luminaries all around our campsite. I made the luminaries, and they consisted of white paper bags with sand in them, then a votive candle was put in the sand , light the candles and…walla!..If we tried that now we would be inside the Fire Marshal’s  jail cell looking out..but it was allowed back then.  Back in Sandwich, all of the homes on  Center St.  (ours included) use to put out these luminaries on Xmas Eve and lit up the whole street…




This photo on the right was taken Christmas Eve, 2006…still allowing the nutsy Illinois Winter Texans to have their traditional luminaries…and this was the last time we got away with it, or even TRIED …There wasn’t a drought like they have had here lately…AND, another new rule… You cannot feed the deer anymore at this park. Everyone has to sign a paper promising they wouldn’t drag out the deer corn… I do understand the dilemma of feeding wildlife though…The deer still come around, but WE DON’T FEED THEM..I PROMISE!!


Above photo was taken Jan., 2008…our first year bringing the Hiker down here. The bucks were vieing for the affections of the “ladies”…  It just happened to be rutting season…for the deer only!  I didn’t notice any “ dating action” to prove it, but the Does all  had on lipstick and their nails were painted……Flirt female …well..maybe not.



…Dec., was nicer, as you can see..Oh my!..I still have this outfit…in fact I wore it to have cocktails with our friends Monday nite…I really need to update my wardrobe..maybe with some bright yellow or puce colors???


Yesterday afternoon, Wayne and Ronae stopped by for a cocktail. We sat outside on our picnic table, which was still soaked from the constant rain we had all day..Luckily it finally stopped…temporarily.  They are leaving Saturday AM for Arizona, so we wanted to see them a couple more times before they left…  Our dinner that night was our cross cut ribs that MacGyver grilled. I cut each one in half, marinated them in my special recipe…and they were sooooo yummy!



So, this AM when we got up it was pouring outside…This photo below was taken at 7:45AM this morning..


Notice how gray it was outside…This was quite unfortunate, because we had to go 15 miles into Sattler to do laundry, then another 25 miles to New Braunfels for groceries.  We do this to save 2 trips to town and also save us some diesel fuel.  I have to say that the cheapest diesel here was $3.65 a gallon.  (Isn’t it amazing what we call CHEAP now, compared to a few years agoSteaming mad .) 

  Laundry…ahhhh, yes..What can I say about Laundromats that is a  positive comment?? Today, nothing.  Half the dryers had “out of order” signs and one of the others we used SHOULD HAVE!  Forty-five minutes of drying, and here is what I have hanging in my bedroom with our little heater running.




Well, the first chance of seeing any sunshine here is Monday.  We are still planning to go into Bandera Saturday for “Cowboys On Main”.  I guess they have a gunfight, horses and real Cowboys riding through Main St.   I really don’t want this trip to turn into wet “Cowpies”on Main.  I will let ya know if we had to dodge piles and rent a canoe to float into the saloons…




  1. Sure glad us guys don't have to butt heads to get our women. I would still be single..

  2. It amazes me how well you dress to sit around the campfire or clean your rig!!!!!! We have the same taste in comfort wear!

    Travel Safe

  3. It amazes me how well you dress to sit around the campfire or clean your rig!!!!!! We have the same taste in comfort wear!

    Travel Safe

  4. My bedroom looks the same when I use my Splendide washer/dryer. If I don't do that it's wrinkle city! Best part is I don't have to drive anywhere to do it. :)

  5. I hear ya on the laundromats. Even though you can toss all your clothes in at once, I just hate going to laundromats. Great deer pictures. I can see why they no longer allow feeding. I bet the deer can get to be a hazard...but still fun to watch.

  6. excellent deer pictures...i could watch them for hours...have a super your outfit I have comfy clothes too..gotta love em..and we have matching socks I see so you and I have good taste :)...

  7. it must have been wash/ironing day in blogville!..seems to be a blog topic tonight with a few blogs!!
    Chinese it!!..I was going to say that but you beat me to it!!!..hope the sun comes out eventually or maybe after Christmas you will have to go and find it!!

  8. ah yes, laundramats.... I don't miss em!

  9. I can tolerate Laundramats if there's nobody in em!! I suppose we could all cut down on our laundy loads if we joined a Nudist RVing Club. Scary thought!!

  10. Great cocktail outfit!

    Those BBQ'd cross-cut ribs looked pretty darned good. You're absolutely positive it wasn't Venison?