Cave Dwellings: Finally!! Some sunshine this week.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, December 26, 2011

Finally!! Some sunshine this week.

  OK, got my Xmas decorations down..which took all of 5 minutes, much different than when we are home!  Christmas night, I concocted up some kabobs for MacGyver to grill for our dinner…and they were so yummy!  Usually I put some potato chunks in them, but this time we just had some rice..


I’m going to pull a few photos from  my “vault” for most of this blog..Turns out we haven’t exactly been burning up the social scene here lately.  It seems this long period of rainy, gloomy days has managed to take it’s toll on my Xmas spirit.  We have been away from home for about 5 of the last 7 Christmas seasons, but this one really depressed me.  The sun finally showed up yesterday afternoon.  I am now a firm believer in how gloomy days can affect your state of “well being.”   I was beginning to trip over my bottom lip.  (and watching all those tear-jerking Christmas movies didn’t help..boy was THAT a dumb idea.) But…it’s on to the New Year  now…and I’m lovin’ this sunny, warmer week forecast!!

  Den and I took our walk this AM in our winter coats,… yet one more time.  We ended up by the entrance and checked to make sure our extension was approved…I was hoping no one had complained about the crazy lady residing in site #13,  the one with the nasty and offensive campfire attire. Nyah-Nyah Apparently no one did, and we had been approved to pay our $84 and stay one more week.

This place has lots of neat places to see….The deer are all over in our side of the campground this year because they are being hunted on the other side of the park.  MacGyver and I are not sure exactly WHAT they are being  hunted WITH?? We haven’t heard ONE gunshot since we arrived…Either they are bow hunting…or using poison dart guns…



Above pics were taken here at Potter’s Creek in the Spring.  You better have a reservation if you hope to be camping here in the month of March…This place is full of families on Spring vacation, towing their own BBQ pits behind them…I’m trying to get MacGyver to build us one like in the middle photo…I just know he could do it!


The local ranchers decorate their entry gates for Xmas each year…and the Guadalupe River runs all the way from Canyon Lake to New Braunfels.  Sometimes we drive down what is called the River Road on our way to get groceries…What a fabulous drive that is…a great tubing spot in the summer….New Braunfels is home of the famous water park, The Schlitterbahn .  Kinda sounds like a German swear word to me…OH SCHLITTERBAHN!..WHAT THE SCHLITTERBAHN?..THAT ROTTEN LITTLE SCHLITTERBAHN!

That photo on the right is a house on the opposite side of the Guadalupe River…all 3 stories of it..and yes, that IS a copper roof you see on top.   That top story of this place is worth as much as our whole house back in Illinois..No, wait..make that 3 times as much,  these days.  One thing we have noticed here in Texas, is that the recession hasn’t seemed to have hit here..not like elsewhere in the US..Here in Texas, they are building commercial buildings, new homes… and repairing roads and Interstates like lemmings being led to the sea…

OK…You can get wake up and get your drueling heads off the keyboard now.  I am done transferring my need for mental therapy on my poor followers and fellow bloggers…I must thank you for  your patience…I hope I didn’t pull you into the abyss I was stuck in…I, myself, am feeling much better…OOPS!..I think I neglected to thank Page, a new follower who somehow got caught under the crowd in the back seat of our GMC….After this blog, she might just want to jump out the windowSleepy smileBaring teeth smile!!!

“Weather forecast for tonight: Dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.”

~ George Carlin (The Hippy Dippy Weatherman)


  1. I hope you're sending some of your sun my way. It's still wet, gray, and dreary here. :P

    Thanks to Tickfaw, I'm in a state of dilemma here tonight. :(

  2. It's amazing how much the sun can change our outlook on life. I am so much a sun person and really hate cloudy, gloomy days. And we are going to have sun into the New Year. Keep on celebrating.

  3. We have one of those SCHLITTERBAHN!! here in KC never been and never will.

    Weather here has been nice and sunny.

  4. we can all relate to the doom and gloom mood with regards to the weather!!..I actually hate the month of November! you aren't the only one!!..glad to hear the sun came out finally!..still dark and rainy here!..geesh!!
    Cheers to you and Dennis!!

  5. Thanks for digging me out from under the seat. It was getting kinda stuffy under there. I love the Texas hill country...too bad it's in Texas.

    And I love your fireside attire. I think our fashion sense is the same.

    I hope the sun continues to shine so that you may dry out. The ground looks kind of soggy in your picts.

    Be safe and be well.

  6. Lots of sun out here in Arizona but I wished someone could figure out how to crank up the thermostat....

  7. Hope you get some sunshine there soon. Sure can't complain about a lack of sun here in Palm Springs as it's pretty much a constant thing every day.

    I enjoyed looking at all your photos today too!