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Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Easin’ On Down the Road


Well, I have no photos of our last stop to show you . Above photo of me in my “ensemble” was taken at Tickfaw…We weren’t at our last stop long enough and we camped basically in a parking lot, which was NOT a Kodak Moment… Nothing against the town, itself.  The spot we “camped” in just wasn't our “cup of tea”…neither one of us felt secure and I wished we had a big dog with us, if you get my drift. We had originally planned to stay 2 nights and had already paid for that, but when we woke up Saturday AM, we felt that we should move on to our next destination, Sam Houston National Forest in New Waverly, TX.  Adding to our decision was the fact that Sunday it was suppose to rain all day, and as I sit and write this blog, Sunday, it is pouring on us, but we are all set up and in our spot at Cagle Campground.


  We drove about 240 miles Saturday, and when we arrived here, the CG host asked if we had a reservation….No…I had looked online the day before and it looked like there were plenty of “first come, first serve” spots..Well, as is turns out, this place has gone to ALL reservation only.   We wanted to stay 9 nights…and couldn’t be sure someone might reserve our spot online while we were in it…WHAT?? RUN THAT BY ME AGAIN…  I was really disappointed because this place is very nice, tall trees, full hook up and only $10 a night with the “old geezer” card..The camp host (who is a retired Texas State Trooper), suggested we find a spot from the ones he was sure were open for 9 nights, and call and make a reservation, site specific for that spot.  However, we needed a 2 day window to reserve, so we could only reserve starting Mon. the 5th..Mr. Camp host suggested we set up in one of the spots he knew were available, and pay for the first 2 nights at the office here, then call to make a reservation for the next 7 nights…. Oh, other little problem…  We tried to call, and couldn’t get any cell service…NO CELL PHONE SERVICE ON MY DUMB PHONE, AND VERY LIMITED ON DEN’S SMART ONE…LIKE ZERO TO 0NE BARS, INTERMITTANT..

What to do, what to do..MacGuyver , not to be thwarted, proceeded to set up our Hughesnet as quickly as humanly possible, which is about 45 minutes from start to being online….After setting up the tripod, getting the settings off the computer screen, with me relaying the numbers out the fiver window,….TRA DA!! We were online, and I hurriedly made reservations for site #4, (the one we  had our butts all set up in), for 7 more nights, Monday, Dec. 5th through Mon., Dec 12th…We got an email confirmation back, making us feel lots better, and finally settled into cocktail hour..relaxing at last. Oh, and by the way, not everything was a problem… We found out that they just lifted the burn ban here last Monday, so we have a campfire and can cook outside…WAHOO!!  We must be living right, and need to buy a lottery ticket ASAP.However…….


  ……this morning after turning on the coffee, our circuit breaker outlet shut down about 1/2 of our electric outlets…including our weather radio, coffee pot, my Xmas tree (which really hawked me off), and our little bedroom electric heater…and you could not reset it.  We had this problem last year and after about an hour, it suddenly let itself be reset…The same thing was true this time.  About 10 minutes ago, Den tried to reset it for the 10th time and it worked…Den says we are going to get a new circuit break outlet next chance we get..this one must be faulty. OK, NOW CAN WE RELAX???


Soooo….we are all set up here at Cagle Campgrounds, with full hook up, until Monday the 12th.   After that, we are going to Potter’s Creek, Canyon Lake, North of San Antonio.  We always seem to end up there for Xmas because it is so pretty and convenient to lots of stuff to see in The Hill Country of Texas…Meanwhile, I will try to keep you informed of any mischief we get into (which is usually a given) here at Cagle Campground…


  A welcome to a new follower, Pearl ‘Penny’ Lane C.P.C., to the Cave Dwellings..We tend to flit around a lot, so get in the truck and hang on tight….

“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land.” ~G.K. Chesterton


  1. enjoy yourselves now that you are finally all settled in!!..Cheers!!

  2. So do you get kicked out of your site if someone makes a reservation? The thing I don't like about the reservation sites is that most of them charge a fee to make a reservation. And you have to pick the site from a map.

  3. "Settling in" is always a good feeling. Looks like a beautiful park. We will be staying in the San Antonio surrounding areas, but not for a couple months yet. We really enjoyed that area last year.
    Hope to get the chance to meet up with you somewhere sometime.

  4. Ohio is like that so you know you have to call and reserve. Looks like Denny has his pencil in hand for the crosswords. What a life, maybe that heater is to much for the GFI outlet and that is why it's kicking off. Glad to see your settled in now for awhile. That's the good part of having a BIG BLACK LAB,never have to worry about who's ca,parked near you, also have a big gun just for insurance.Rigg's could use an Illinois cousin you know. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. Grab yourself some solar panels, say good-bye to all those RV Park reservation hassles and come on out to the desert for some R&R with Mother Nature herself:))

  6. You guys NEED to come on down to Rockport so we can get put some miles on our Bullet blender!!!!!

    We are loving this RV park. Coastal Oaks RV. Everyone here is very friendly and the park is very clean

  7. lol like Bob I also noticed the socks and the ensemble...I dress the same way when camping..cept I usually have fleece pants on...happy settling in...nice to finally be somewhere for awhile :) enjoy

  8. Love the Sweats, Fuzzy socks and Crocs, That's stylin'!

  9. When you said something about camping in Opelousas I wasn't sure that was a good idea. I don't know anything about the campgrounds around there but I know about the city of Opelousas if that's where you were. I live about 60 miles South of there and their problems are on our nightly news.

  10. looks like a nice place hope you enjoy it, I'll be looking forward to your pictures.

  11. Cagle CG is our favorite stop between home and the Hill Country. Enjoy your stay. Wondered about your stay in Opelousas. Had pulled in and out of there a few years ago.

  12. Glad to see you're all settled in there. Seems to be a great spot.

  13. Sure am glad you finally got settled in. Looks like a nice spot. Hope you enjoy your 7 days there. We'll be listening for the mischief!! :-)