Cave Dwellings: Holidays in the Texas Hill Country…YEEEEE HAW!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holidays in the Texas Hill Country…YEEEEE HAW!

  I first would like to say “Howdy, Y’all” to our new followers Michael and Dee .  Climb into the back seat of our GMC..Yes, I know it’s dirty..I intend to clean it up next week, IF it warms up…OK, everyone…SHIFT, and make room for them..and no fighting!!!

   OK, I think the rain is almost over..Well, the key word here is ALMOST.  It rained all Wednesday night, but Thursday dawned with a beautiful sunrise over the Hill Country of Texas..


…and the promise of a lovely, sunny day.  Thank you , Jesus…and Happy Birthday, by the way.

  We did the laundry in Sattler, and got some groceries in New Braunfels, which is becoming a Thursday ritual.  MacGyver is a huge help with the laundry, and does NOT subscribe to the “real men don’t do laundry” adage.  He helps by changing paper into coin, sort of like Rumplestiltskin.  He also operates the dryers, which have been known to gobble up coins and NOT work, resulting in having to move the whole wet load into another dryer…MacGyver does this for me..  Keep in mind that at any moment, a Laundromat dryer can cop an “attitude” and refuse to dry your clothes, or..just eat them entirely.

  Last night it was so nice, we had the Hiker door open and played our Christmas Carols by the campfire again. The sun was setting magically and cast long shadows on the open field in front of us..



The setting sun shone on the homes up on the hill overlooking Canyon Lake…Pretty nice real estate.  Cave Dwellers would have to rob a bank to live here in sticks and bricks, but we can talk our way into Potter’s Creek for lots less $$ with the same view, albeit temporarily!!

As the sun dived…dove…set into the Live Oaks, and darkness wrapped around the RV’s,  you could hear our Christmas music softly playing, being enhanced by the lake as only water can do to sound.  I was wearing one of my favorite ensembles, complete with polka dot purple socks, sweats, Moon and Stars nightshirt, Lighthouse fleece, black fuzzy jacket and crocks…Oscar de la Renta  eat your heart out! (You know damn well I had to look up THAT spellingNyah-Nyah)…I’ll bet he doesn’t have a 2006 Disney Xmas mug, either!


The picture on the right?? My Goodwill Store candle décor.  This charming little “brandy snifter” is the perfect match for my ambiance of the evening.  “What are the colored little circles?,” you ask?…Why, they are different colored marbles, embedded all around it with some kind of decoupage…So, for those of you wondering what happened to my “lost marbles”…now you have your answer…and, NO, I did NOT make this.





Here is what it looks like with the flash on…My contribution to the centerpiece was the pinecone branches confiscated from Sam Houston National Forest…HEY!! I ONLY TOOK 2 SMALL BRANCHES, OK??



After such a lovely evening, we woke up to 38 degrees and a cold wind….A different outfit for walking this AM…


There’s more…Tomorrow we have an 80% chance of rain…OK, Donna, shake it off!! It’s Xmas Eve, doggone it, so suck it up and get festive.  After all, you have Skype to see the grandkids, you have a very nice “fireplace” in the Hiker, and a sweet little Xmas tree..Your Xmas Carols are on you I-Tunes for your enjoyment, your stockings are hung, you have a pine scented candle and you DVR’d the movie Christmas Vacation…(Not to mention the huge shrimp waiting to be Xmas Eve dinner)…PLUS ,( and this IS a plus), you will be closer to the cocktails for cocktail hour if you have to be inside Martini glassFlirt male

At this time I would like to thank you all for this great year in Blogland, and for being brave enough to jump in the GMC with us..The Cave Dwellers wish you and yours ALL a blessed Christmas at this very special time…

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

~From the song, WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD….



  1. thank you for your enjoyable and funny words. even the soggy weather doesn't get you down! Happiest Holiday and Blessed New Year.

  2. It is a Wonderful World because of people like you and Den that make it fun, We are part of the crazy people, that live where the busses don't run, remember that.Hope all your Christmas Dreams come true, We will be thinking of you guys here at the ranch. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Can't wait to see what snappy outfit you'll wear for Christmas Eve! Leave the light on for Santa...

  4. If you keep picking up people they are going to have to start sitting in the pickup bed.

    Have a Merry and a Happy Happy!!

  5. Have a fantastic Christmas. Sounds like you have all the ingredients to make it happen.

  6. Merry Christmas Donna and Dennis!..may your holiday season be filled with many special memories..and a few happy hours!!!

  7. Thanks for the welcome.

    Your weather over there in Texas looks pretty much like ours over here in Escondido. It was very cold last night and tonight "they" are saying there is going to be frost. At least it is not snow!

    Great Goodwill find, I am always trolling through them to see what treasures I can find.

  8. You two have a wonderful Christmas! There is no way a bit of 'damp weather' will rain on your "stylish" parade...hee hee! Enjoy those shrimp tonight! Skype away with those grandbabies back home...

  9. We must shop at the same clothing stores - gots to have my flannel and fleece!

    Hope you have a very Merry!

    Be safe and be well.

  10. Merry Christmas Dennis and Donna-from our family to yours!! Can't wait to see if santa brought you more funky socks Donna :) have a wonderful holiday season!!

  11. Merry Christmas to you, Denny and your entire family. I hope you get some sunshine over the holidays!

  12. Love the picture of you sitting there in your fancy outfit - you look so relaxed. Hope you have a wonderful "Birthday" party today...Merry Christmas.