Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, November 6, 2010


  I love the South…We get this question from local campers as soon as we park and they see our Illinois license plates…And if we told them that we are from Sandwich, IL, they would be clueless..So, we say we are from a small rural town about 60 miles Southwest of Chicago, called Sandwich…THEN they get the picture.

  We drove 325 miles yesterday to arrive in Grenada, MS.  There was some interesting road construction (like that is news) going through Memphis.  As McGuyver was navigating the Hiker through VERY narrow and curving lanes, with huge semi  trailer trucks beside us…I was keeping my mouth closed and quietly praying to the Elvis Presley God to get us through safely…”Thank you,…Thank you vermuch”…..

  Once we got to the town of Grenada, we had another 18 miles to get to our campground at Grenada Lake.  We have been here before, and it is a pretty drive deep into the woods.  FYI, the diesel price was cheaper than Illinois, $2.89…”fill ‘er up, please”….and we did.


Notice my ensemble is not QUITE as colorful as I usually wear…

I really must get out my pink socks and plaid “happy pants”…..

We were here 2 years ago..It is and Army Corps park, so us older folks get 1/2 price camping..The last time we were  here it was $5.00 a night..this time it is $7.00…inflation hits the Corps parks, I guess.

There is an old cemetery here on the grounds, protected only by a fence which has been walked over numerous times…This morning for our walk we found it again, back behind some of the campers…

  Left, is the path to the cemetery…right, you can see the gate to get into it….

  This apparently is an old family cemetery.  The name Ingram was prevalent on the tombstones..



One larger stone has this insignia on it…It says “Woodmen Of The World”, which was a fraternal organization organized to provide insurance for it’s founder….That link is pretty informative, but if you want to be further inquisitive,  like I was, just Google it…They had some pretty interesting “ceremonies” back in the day..

So, we are trying to decide when we will leave here..We paid for 5 nights, planning on heading to Vicksburg.  We were  thinking the Louisiana State Park system honored the “Golden Age” card..Well… used to…until they changed the rules.  They will only honor it if OUR home state park system does…Does the Illinois State Park system honor the Golden Age Card?, you ask…HELL, NO!! ILLINOIS IS SO BROKE WE SUCK…AND…. WE HAVE NO HONOR ANYWAY…..(There, I feel much better now..)

  So, we are still pondering our next move.   Right now,  McGuyver is changing the fuel filter on the GMC….We seemed to be having some problems climbing the big hills while pulling our Hiker on the last 50 miles of our trip yesterday…McGuyver thinks we may need a new fuel filter.  It has been a while since it was changed…HMMMMM…Was that on his list of “to do” stuff???

  At any rate, we are here in the Mississippi woods,  and the weather is warming up nicely…You kids can put away your winter jackets soon, and get out the sweatshirts!!! As for McGuyver and I…we are living life…and LOVING IT!!!


  1. If your still going to head south my niece Tammy lives in Saucier just north of Gulfport Ms, she said there are several RV parks in the area and either a large State Park or BLM Forest, if it's BLM. the gold card will work. Just Google it and see what you find. Tell Denny to make sure he got the latest filter for that Duramax, the last one I bought they had changed it and the part number is different and it looks a little different. Looks like it will be cool for a few more days down there.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. enjoy your time in Grenada!..have a drink for us.. I will save the lampshade for you!

  3. Enjoy your stay there and I hope it really warms up for you. I guess you're happy being right next to a cemetery!!

  4. We will be arriving at the Ameristar Casino RV Park in Vicksburg on the 12th. Hope y'allwill still be in the area.

    Stay Safe

  5. I always find those old cemeteries interesting as well. Looks like we'll be heading for your 'hometown' neck of the woods today when we arrive in Moscow sometime this afternoon. We will sure be glad to get this cold weather behind us by the end of the week.

  6. Mommy - Daddy - Are we there yet? I need a new coloring book, I only have 2 pages left to color.
    J & B Otto