Cave Dwellings: WAS IT ALL A DREAM??
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, November 15, 2010


  I had the most wonderful dream….I dreamed we went to Indy to visit Chris, John and Aiden…Then we got in our RV and went down into Mississippi for 10 days.  The weather was glorious, and we saw some Civil War history, plus we stayed right on the Mississippi River for 4 days….Then…..I woke up and I was in Sandwich, IL…

  OK, OK,….so it wasn’t a dream…We actually are back in Sandwich, IL …as of this afternoon…..

Long story short….Den’s back was still not 100%, so we figured that since we were only 600 miles from home, and not 2000 miles away, we should get back here and see how his back does….At least we are in our own town, with our own doctors and local hospital nearby, should need be..(But, McGuyver is doing OK for now)…He is still taking steroids and pain meds, so we shall see how he does when those are gone… We both figured it is still early in the season, and we can rewind this trip and start fresh once we are satisfied Dennis is feeling great again.  Also, while on our way home, I got a call from my brother-in-law, and my sis isn’t doing well.  She now has a permanent trache tube, and is back in the hospital in Elgin…So, you see?….It seems that sometimes things happen for reasons… 

  Meanwhile, I have adjusted nicely to our new plans…I am getting the fixins’ for Thanksgiving dinner at our house, which will be fun.  Family time is always good, and we hope we can get all our kids together.  I DO love the smell of turkey roasting in our house, and all of the wining (the liquid kind) and dining that goes on.  Hey, I even have the idea of putting up a few little Xmas decorations.

  There are no photos for this blog…We pretty much drove for 2 days, staying last night at Rend Lake in Southern Illinois…Today, we spent all afternoon UNloading stuff from the Hiker..Hey!! Didn’t we just LOAD that sucker??? In came the TV receivers, computer and printer,(first MOST  important)…then the cocktails and food (gotta have that stuff for our campfire on our deck!), then the dirty clothes (big whoop)..…We left our shorts and summer stuff out in the Hiker… kind of like placing little seeds of hope for a future trip….

So…..we are back home for the time being…Looks like we may see a flake of snow here Wednesday evening or Thursday morning…If we get much snow while we’re here, I may have to talk McGuyver off the ledge…He can tolerate the very first snowfall, then he turns into an old curmudgeon armed and dangerous with a snow shovel… 

Sorry I haven’t commented on any blogs yet.  As you probably know, when we are on the road we have no computer …..And right now, it is waaaay past our cocktail hour…and I have my priorities..I promise I will check all blogs soon! Sorry we had to unload all you kids from the back seat, but you are welcome to stay and visit our house while we are here….I promise we will get back on the road ASAP!!

 Tonight I’ll probably get up in the night, bounce off the walls trying to find the bathroom, and try to flush with my right foot…oh, well….LIFE IS STILL GREAT, DAMMIT!!!


  1. BUMMER, But I was sitting down and I had a cold Miller high Life in front of me when I started to read your blog, so I didn't take it to hard. Sorry to here about your Sis's condition worsening, I hope she isn't suffering, tell Denny to take it easy and NO shoveling.Does that sound familiar to you. Keep us informed on how you guys are doing. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Well, I guess you could just call your trip a brief scouting mission! Hopefully, you'll be back on the road again soon after your Thanksgiving turkey.

    Sorry to hear about your sister, but it's probably a good thing you're back home.

  3. Sorry to hear about your sister and Dennis bad back I know how that feels,I drove a truck for 28 years and it beat me to death.

    But hey lets hang around your house and drink some Bush Light and cook turkey.. and work on that craft plan you have.

  4. You are to be commended for your positive attitude in the face of dissapointment & bad news. Good for you. Hope it all works out.

  5. thats too bad you had to head back home..but nice to be home for the holidays! and health obligations override a trip south!

  6. Everything happens for a reason!

    Hope Dennis and your sister are feeling better soon

    Travel Safe