Cave Dwellings: Please…Don’t Let It Get Toooo Cold Here!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Please…Don’t Let It Get Toooo Cold Here!!!

taylor p. bear




Who is this clown, wandering around looking for snow??? He just better stay out of our neighborhood!!!  ( I DO like the look, though…Polar C,S & D…(Cool, Suave, and Debonair).


Actually, McGuyver decided not to winterize the RV yet..He will  just blow the lines out for now, trying not to blow out his back again,  and hope we can get back on the road before January…or whenever the Arctic winds begin to blow out of Canada….

The last time we were here for Christmas was in 2007…We left the day after, and it was a challenge just getting the camper loaded and ready in the colder weather….

Above is proof that only Santa should don the red hat..Who ARE these people, anyway???

  I went to see my sis today at St. Joseph Hospital in Elgin.  She just had a feeding tube put in, so she can get nourishment.  They hope that once her trache heals she will be able to actually EAT again, but for now, the tube is it.  I told Darlene that our nephew Scott, (who has had a feeding tube for 4 years), says there is a steak in every can.  She still cannot talk, also due to the trache, but she is very fiesty and somehow maintains her goofy sense of humor.  So you see, we are alike in many ways.



                                                    CHRISTMAS AT THE CAVE’S 2007


We are not sure exactly if ,and when ,we will get out of here…Dennis finishes his steroids Friday, and he is feeling fairly good..He wants to wait until he is done with the ‘roids’ and see how his back feels.  Why is it, (she asked dumbfounded) , that men put off ANY visit to a Doctor??  Men should have to suffer all the invasive procedures that we do, that’s what I think…Then they would have a REASON to delay the visit.   Let’s have a show of hands…How many of you ladies would like to AVOID your yearly trip to stirrups and the Gynno Doc??  Me, too….

  I went to get my turkey today, a 16 pound bird.   I’m trying to keep it simple this year..yea, right.  Just the basics..I like it traditional..No turduckins for me,  and no goose or duck either. We will have Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette down, which is ALWAYS a good time.

  OK, this blog is becoming a huge bore to ME, so I cannot imagine how you, who didn’t already nod off, must feel.  I promised an update on the train car, so I will get a new photo for my next blog….and try to “kick it up a notch”…




  1. Hope Den can get back up to speed before the snow starts falling. We'll keep it kind of warm down here if you decide to start up the GMC and head South. Get better Den.

    Stay Safe

  2. We ended up just blowing out our lines for our stay in Reno. Everything worked out fine! Enjoy the cool weather and then hightail it out of there :-)

  3. Oh man! McGuyver is totally playing you. How much you wanna bet he gets a foot massage and a back rub from his hottie wifey?

    Here's McGuyver talking: Oh, wait hun...I think my big toe hurts now. I mean, it's killing me!! Maybe I should sit a while. Bring me a little bell I can ring for service, oh and honey, can you wear that cute maid outfit you bought for Halloween?

    Heehe! (I'm snickering here as I type) ;) JUST KIDDING!!! I know he's one hardworking macho man! I bet being sidelined is killing him. He's just like my Jonathan... always has to be productive. Poor guy! Tell him we're rooting for him to feel better!

  4. Ok, scratch the maid outfit. I'm thinking since it's closer to Xmas, he's gonna want you to wear JUST the Santa hat :) :) :)

  5. What a coincidence I stopped at the Goodwill and got a red flannel shirt and a Santa cap for $2.99 for the shirt ( it is a 2xL) an $1.00 for the cap. Not bad now if I can get a self portrait for the blog so you can see what a real Santa looks like. But I don't want to scare your Grandkids.Tell Denny I hope he is taking his prescription Millers.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. Boring? I thought your blog was a great read today! Sounds exciting getting ready for Thanksgiving and then Christmas (still too early for Santa hat pics though)! I'm with Dennis, you only want to go back to the Doctor when you are feeling all better and o.k. It's bad enough when they find something wrong you never knew about, so why go and tell them anything!!

  7. hope Dennis feels better you may as well enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas and plan for January!!..welcome back home!!

  8. I'm with Dennis on the Doctor thing. Unless one's arm has been severed at the hip, Doctors are to be avoided!!