Cave Dwellings: McGuyver …McHurting…McBetter, But …A Change Of Plans…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, November 13, 2010

McGuyver …McHurting…McBetter, But …A Change Of Plans…

Yesterday was pretty exciting around the Cave Dwellings..Let me just say that McGuyver has had some issues with his back for the past couple months….It couldn’t have anything to do with the heavy lifting of logs while using the log splitter in our back yard…RIGHT?? JUST MY OPINION…..

  This condition has been progressing as we have traveled…and yesterday it made it’s crescendo into one major pain.  He woke up and was having trouble bending over the bathroom sink…He was OK sitting, but standing was becoming more difficult..As I stated, sitting down, he was fine, but just about lunch time, he was in so much pain when standing that we decided to get the Hiker ready to travel and head home to Illinois Saturday (this morning)…I called and cancelled our much coveted reservations at Bruin State Park LA and at North Toledo State Park for Thanksgiving ($44.00 non-refundable, but at that point I didn’t care)…I even called our Doc in Sandwich and set up an appointment for Dennis on Monday at 3PM….

  McGuvyer, (being McGuyver), proceeded to try and get some stuff outside stowed away…Let  me just say, when I saw him hanging onto the door of the RV with a death grip, and sweating in pain, I decided that THIS was the last straw!!..Sometimes ya just gotta take the bull by the horns…and McGuyver by his britches.  I got online and looked for an urgent care clinic to get him into.  About 1/2 hour later we were at Greenville Family Medical Center, waiting our turn to see a Dr….ANY DOCTOR!!

Let me just say that we didn’t wait long…A little paper work and copies of Den’s insurance cards, and we were into a cubicle.  McGuyver was walking with GREAT difficulty, and now I was the one sweating profusely, wonder what the Hell was going on!!  Just about that time, in swoops Dr. Neal Suares, looking like Matthew McConaughey (for those who know what a hotty he is)..He takes one look at Dennis leaning on the gurney, makes a few cute comments about Sandwich, IL, and gets to the point… He asked Den if he had tingling or numbness to his leg and Den, said, “No, it just feels like someone is jabbing a knife in my lower back when I put weight on my left leg”. Dr .McDreamy decides there is no need for X-Rays, and rules out a pinched nerve. “What I am pretty sure you have” he states confidently, “is a muscle spasm…possible from heavy lifting” (NO, REALLY???)….See, McGuyver, you are NOT SUPERMAN!!!

  He prescribed an injection of Toradol (an anti-inflammatory), some 500mg Naproxen (Aleve), and steroids….Come to find out, Dr. Suares did some of his medical schooling in Chicago area, and worked at St. Joseph Hospital, where my sis has been in and out…AND he has some family who live in Geneva and St. Charles area..just about 30 miles from Sandwich…SMALL WORLD!! I have to mention that this whole deal was only $127.00.  We had our Visa card ready, but they didn’t want us to pay anything, saying they would submit Den’s Medicare and co-insurance…I couldn’t believe they didn’t want one red cent…They even want money up front at our local hospital back home..

  The prescription drugs were available right there at the clinic pharmacy..Fred’s Pharmacy…No, I am NOT making that one up…that is the real name of the place…And they took Den’s Drug Insurance Card, processed it , and we owed $4.44.


We left the clinic, drugs in hand and a shot in McGuyver’s behind…McGuyver drove…driving wasn’t an issue..walking WAS. But, after about an hour of being back at the Hiker, McGuyver felt MUCH improved, (and so did I)..  He even lit a campfire and watched the barges go by as the sun was setting…


So, as I said, our plans have changed.  Tomorrow morning we decided to keep our direction in a lateral move to Texarkana, TX..We have stayed there before, and know the area…Civil War history will have to wait for now…But, we don’t want to head any further South….just in case….And we want to give McGuyver’s meds a chance to see if he is truly getting better…







  1. you know of course that was probably the smartest move you could have made!..medical help immediately!..and now you can carry on, hopefully with your plans. Take care, Dennis!

  2. Hoping Dennis is back in shape quickly! I appreciate how they think they are Supermen... Stu is paying for his two days working on clearing our property. After 7 hrs sleep last night, he took a 3 hour nap and he's still not dressed at 1:00.

    Hugs to you both!

  3. Boy I leave you guys for a couple afternoons of train watching and look what you get into, Tell Dennis he has young sons and daughters who can lift the big ones when it's time to split. Sheesh, how can you enjoy happy hour if you can't lift 12 ounces. Get some already cut wood from the Ranger till he is back to top fighting shape, from my limited experience that will be at least one case of beer from now maybe more, just make him comfortable in his chair and bring him refill's, How am I doing Den? That's about all I can think of now, now that I feel better about helpfull advice I think I'll have a cold High Life Light. Cheer's. Sam & Donna.

  4. Sorry to hear about Dennis' back problems and your change of plans. But, great news that you got medical help and may be on the road to recovery! Hope the next few days finds Dennis back in top shape!

  5. OMG...what are we going to do with you two...we both know the pain he had to be in, for you to even consider backtracking to glad you got med. attention and hope you are feeling much much better. Just remember at our age we cannot overdo. Keep on Truckin'.
    Jim & Barb O.

  6. I certainly hope Dennis is doing better and all those meds do the trick. I know Mike has suffered from a pinched nerve in his lower back and has had to take lumbar epiderals and spinal decompressions etc. It still hurts him from time to time. Yes, they think they are supermen and they ARE "super" men but really.....

    You guys take care!!

  7. Glad you got some relief immediately. Those urgent care places are great when you are on the road. We have used them several times since being on the road.

    Hope the improvement continues and you can keep traveling.

  8. Poor ole Dennis, I know what he is going through, been there, done that. Hey, y'all could come hang out with us. Continue to get better Den.

    Stay Safe

  9. That lower back pain sounded an awful lot like a slipped disk to me. Excruciatingly painful & can leave you immobilized. I know because I have been there. Only solution to prevent it is to not try doing things that we guys all did years ago. I am one of those fellows who never asks for help with anything & if a big rock has to be moved I would struggle away with it forever until I had it moved!! Took me a lot of years & lower back pain before the light finally clicked on in the brain. Yet, even knowing what I know now, I would still be just about dumb & ornary enough to go right outside & move that big dumb rock all by myself again. What is it with us guys anyway!!!!

  10. Hope Dennis continues to improve. Being a carrier of the 'S' gene (Superman) myself, I know at 60 my mind still says we can do it. Then fer' the next three days, with lots 'o' rest & drugs, my body's tellin' me not anymore stupid, but it only sinks in fer' a while. Then we do it again! Travel safe.

  11. Ow! I know that feeling! Getting to the urgent care was the thing to do. We big strapping males who have passed our prime (yes, I admit it) have to give up that macho feeling and see the doctor now and again! It doesn't make us any less, but it can make us last longer if we really take care of ourselves. Good for you to take charge of that guy!