Cave Dwellings: THE PARTY JUST KEEPS GOIN’…….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, November 26, 2010


First of all, welcome our new followers, Brian and Tricia. You are very brave souls, and we hope you enjoy our meager attempt at a blog..Thanks for jumping in the truck with us..we hope to take you traveling real soon!!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day…We had a great time with some family….young…and… young at heart.



Yes, a turkey WAS harmed in the photos of this blog…but someone else did the dirty work..

I just finished him off!!!!!           

    Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Jr. drove down from Montgomery, IL to join us.  Luckily the weather was cooperating, and there was no snow or ice.  If that had been the case, McGuyver was going to pick them up…I didn’t want them to miss the Cave Family Turkey Day….They came bearing gifts….



….We had a wonderful song from Taylor…





…..who surprised us with the great song, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”….She really has quite a lovely voice, and she is going to be a talent in her school group “MidKnight Special”.  (Their school mascot is a Knight…hence the name.)



We started with some snacks, cheese and crackers, spinach dip, chips and guacamole (did the Pilgrims have those things??)  Dinner was about 2:30PM…and then the desert of ice cream pie…I need to go get some more Rolaids.



The sunset last night was the perfect ending to the day…



….And so today we are winding down…somewhat…..Chris, John and Aiden are going to get in this evening from Indy, and the party will continue…Tomorrow is Italian Sausages in Spaghetti sauce, crockpot style…The Heisers are returning for  the day..and who knows who else will show up..This is really a great way to prepare for another “trek South” on Tuesday…Having a get together with our family just before we “make like a baby and head out”…(I know, I know….but YOU know my sick humor, right?)…..More blabberings Sunday or Monday…Hopefully we leave Tuesday..Keep your fingers crossed for us…We need all the good karma we can get this time.!!!


  1. What a great Thanksgiving for you guys, The Grands all look happy Michelle said she felt sorry for Taylor being outnumbered,I told her Taylor can probably wip both of them at once, they make the girls tough out in the Midwest.Sausage (Salsicca?) and Spaghetti sauce, I'm ready bring a big plate full and a couple of High Lifes out the the truck will ya. Make like a Baby, Ha. HA. I will remember that when I point the Duramax west.You Cave guys know how to have fun, Thank God for that.I always told my boys to surround yourself with people you like and want to be like. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. What a great looking Turkey!! Bet it tasted good too! Glad to see you had a terrific Thanksgiving with family and friends. Your 'day after' dinner sounds pretty good too.

    Hope Dennis got some help hauling that bird out of the oven - that could throw a guy's back out pretty quick!!

  3. I think the best part of a roasted turkey is the crisp, brown, breast skin! I know it's not good for you, but it's just once a year...only this year I missed out. I don't know what the volunteer carving our turkey did with the skin, but there wasn't any when we sat down to eat. ;( I guess I should have come to your house. :)

  4. What a great looking turkey! We did Thanksgiving with friends who didn't want to deal with a whole bird - they opted to turkey deli instead.

    We're new to your blog as well, and are very much enjoying following along with your adventure.

  5. Good time was had by all, except the turkey, of course. I did not feel much remorse in the report of its demise. But at least you did justice to its sacrifice :)

  6. fingers crossed..we are in the backseat waiting!!!..come on never mind the darn spaghetti dinner..lets get outahere!!!

  7. Oh MAN!! I'm gonna belly up to your table ma!! You could tempt a vegetarian to eat that bird, steak, and Italian sausage!!! Now, I'm not saying nothing against my step-mother-in-law, BUT!! That woman can't cook to save her life! So will ya just put a plate outside your door for me? I'll run by and pick it up since I'm already warmed up from the race :)

    Hope your heel feels better soon. My pop has the same thing as you! I know it hurts him a lot. Get your shot, and make like a tree and leaf!!

  8. That turkey sure looked good!

    We are sending postive thoughts your way for your trip south.

    Travel safe

  9. Looks like you really had a great Thanksgiving! The turkey looked amazing! Love your sense of humor too!

    -Mike & Heidi
    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"