Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, November 9, 2010




Last night’s Cornish Hens….I managed to cut off their legs in this photo shoot….Ansell Adams, I am not….But THEY were great!!

Before I get into my blog, I need to warn you kids in the backseat of the GMC…Angela tells me she is getting carsick.  So whoever is sitting next to her might want to grab one of the WalMart bags and keep it handy.  (Hopefully, Kenny is right beside her, so he can deal with it..)

  Today McGuyver and I found the coin laundry and had a fairly non-eventful time.  I say “fairly” because it was a challenge finding a clean spot to sit and do crossword puzzles while waiting on our laundry…I also say “fairly” because  after we left the laundry, McGuyver discovered his fly had been down the whole time we were there…Luckily, no one  was in there but us, or it could have been lots more entertaining…Luckily, also, that he discovered this faux pas  BEFORE we went into WalMart. McGuyver would have fit right in with all of those WalMart shoppers we get on our email.

  We took a drive up Scenic Loop 333 to the Grenada Dam…This is one huge lake!!   And what a great day!! The temps got up to 65 degrees…finally!


  We also discovered the sight of an old Confederate fort on that road…Fort Redoubt.  


…We walked up the wooden walkway and found the original Grenada-Graysport Road, hidden deep in the woods…


…This road was used by Confederate General Van Dorn and his troops when they raided General Grant’s supply depot, thus stopping Grant from invading Grenada… As I stepped across this old “forest floor” road, I could just imagine the excitement of the Rebel soldiers, sneaking up and destroying Grant’s much needed supplies..(You may already know how I am with this kind of stuff.. You can call ME nutso…, but I call it “channeling” history…)

We headed up a long wooden stairway and came to the top of a hill.  The earth was built up in different points, but there were no remains of the fort, except a few placed cannons…. This spot sat just above the old road below..a definite vantage point to see who and what was coming…I LOVE THIS HISTORY STUFF!!!



What you have on the left is one HAPPY CAMPER standing by that cannon …I think this trip through Mississippi and Louisiana is going to be MEGA EXCITING  for McGuyver and me!!..When I was in high school,  I hated ANY kind of history class.  Then …..I took the required US History class as a freshman in college, and was fortunate enough to get a fabulous history professor.  He was the one who turned me on to our great country’s  story….Thanks Proffesor Lehr….I never listened that close to any instructor ever before  (and never have since…this includes my Driver’s Ed. instructor in high school, who would attest to that fact.)

  When we got back to our Hiker, we took a walk down to the boat launch.  This is the most ridiculous boat launch I have ever seen.  Grenada Lake is definitely quite low at this end…..the trees are sticking up out of the water…It is virtually a dry lake bed here…




Notice where the ramp leads…WHAT THE HELL??? The only boat you could launch from this ramp would be Aiden’s bathtub boat!!!






While we stood there, a guy with a boat in the back end of his pickup (what, no trailer?) pulled past us and followed the muddy lake bottom to find some water to unload his boat into….That little puddle of water at the end of the ramp (right photo) wasn’t gonna do it, for sure!!

So, all it going extremely well at the Cave Dwellings…


…We are deep in the woods of Mississippi .  Wednesday we leave here and head to Greenville, MS for 4 nights.  I have already researched things to see there…As you can see,  last night I had a  much more colorful outfit to wear by the fire….

Thanks y’all for following…Oh, and Angela…take some Dramamine, or I’ll be dressing you for our next campfire!!….


  1. thanks for the history lesson!!..another fine day in Cave Dwellings world!..ensemble gets a 9/10

  2. WoW! Nice history lesson. Now you have a new nick name for him (Mc Fly) LOL. We all have moments like that!

    Great looking campfire attire!

    Travel Safe

  3. Great post, Donna. Like you, I'm a history buff and love these kinds of posts and the pictures that go with them. I can really relate to what you said about walking down that 'old forest' floor road and imagining how the soldiers felt.

    You look very comfortable in front of that campfire!

  4. Happy pants! And are those crocks I see in the other picture of you? Ma, you just gotta get you some of those little doohicky thingies you plug into the holes to accessorize.,default,sc.html

    Then you can have happy feet to go with your happy pants :)

  5. Love the Civil War history and sites, though we've only seen a few. When we get back on the road without making family visits, we'll be looking for more sites! Thanks fior sharing this one in Mississippi. Also, love that forest you're in. Looks just right!

  6. We can sure tell you have been married a long time, when you don't notice his fly down.

    Angela says she is feeling better thanks.

  7. I love the photo of the boat in the bed of the pickup :-)