Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


  We actually talked about leaving Illinois again, before we have to get Den’s friend, Eddy, to plow the Hiker out of the snow.  McGuyver is feeling pretty good.  He hasn’t had any major “episodes” with his back since we got back.  He refuses to go to the Doc here in Sandwich, and I am not going to start  harping on him to do so.  As he correctly points out…I am NO doctor! ( MEN!) He is a grown man and is responsible for his own health…There…end of story (hopefully).

  Thanksgiving looks to be a  fairly small gathering here at the Cave Dwellings.  Ter, Tim and the 3 kids will be here….Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette will be here (though I wish they would allow Den to pick them up and drive them here and home)…Kelly and Cindy already made plans…Hey, nobody thought WE would be in town for Turkey Day!(Least of all us!) …We could have a few random family members drop by, so I am getting my act together for the sacrificial  bird, with all the trimmings!

  We have been having a little issue with our electric fireplace in the Hiker.   It heats just fine, but the pretend flame seems to get stuck when we first turn it on…This just began on our “bonsai run” home. where we hit some pretty rough roads in Southern Illinois (imagine that!)…McGuyver had the whole fireplace torn apart and hasn’t determined if it is the motor or what it is…After it is on for about 15 minutes, the flame thing begins to work…Personally, I think that the poor thing hates Illinois and wants to go back South…I’m with the same program!

  Thanks to all of you who sent best wishes to us for our anniversary.  I got on one of my very best ensembles for the occasion, as you can see.

  Hey, Kelly and Cindy brought me that nightshirt all the way from Ireland…and let me just say “That thing is WARM!”100_8649

I marinated some rib eye steaks , baked some red potatoes in olive oil and herbs…Then, just add a salad with blue cheese and walnuts and we had a romantic dinner for two….that we could eat in our jammies..It may sound crazy to some folks, but it ‘s what we do.

I have been doing some research on Jefferson Texas Christmas events….We  hope to be there sometime on or around Dec. 1st or 2nd.   I have an appointment with the foot Doc Monday for probable Planter’s Fasciitis in my heel.  I am hoping to get a shot and be on my way……Better living through science, I always say…and no way will this keep us from heading South!

We have been to Jefferson, but never at Xmas time. I have been researching it online and it looks like they really roll out the festivities!!  We stay at Lake of the Pines Army Corps campgrounds. Ya just gotta love the Golden Age Card.   I  also “just love” Jefferson…If you have never been there….do put it on your list of Texas towns to visit…It’s like a small New Orleans…




  Well, tomorrow is cooking and prepping day for all of us amateur chefs who are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner.  I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day, and gets to spend some time with family.  This is truly a time to give thanks for all  the blessings we enjoy, good food, friends, family…and  freedom .



  1. Glad to see you guys will be heading back out, That picture on the platform of the Office Car makes you look like a rail Tycoons wife. Hope all goes well at the doctors and you get cleared for takeoff. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Bring it on guys, we're setting record highs down here.

    Stay Safe

  3. Just a thought on the fireplace flame. The flames are produced by a light bulb that then refracts light to produce the flame. Is it possible that the light bulb itself got damaged? There's not much else to the flame part of the fireplace.

    Glad to hear you'll be heading back to Texas soon.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day and dinner, I'll be waiting for a full report on the festivities.

  4. Thanks Rick...Den says the light works fine..the flame look is created by a little motor with fingers...and that doesn't turn till it warms up...McGuyver needs to find a circuit board or something....He thinks he has a handle on it...Thanks for the input...every little bit helps!!

  5. Nice town tour, but I keep thinking about the comment on plowing out the Hiker in the snow. There is something wrong about the very concept of that. I trust that will not be necessary.

    Here in northeast Fl today, the temp was around 80 and clear.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  6. Pack a sandwich and get out of Sandwich! :)

  7. I was so disappointed for you when you had to return home..glad you are heading out again!!..get out of the 'armpit of the USA' before you get snowed in!!..nice outfit by the way!..those are never a disappointment!..can't wait for the day when we can sit in hand and 'happy pants' on!!