Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


   Tuesday was another very warm and windy day…We live 60 miles from the “windy city”, but you wouldn’t know it… I rode my bike out to McDonald’s for coffee with my fabulous Ya Ya’s.  Holy Cow, the air conditioner was broken there…! Did Ronald forget to pay the bill??  I was already a damp mess from riding my bike, so when I was greeted by a very warm blast of Egg McMuffin air upon entering Micky D’s, I was not a happy “camper”….We sat there, drinking our HOT Sr. Citizen coffees while sitting in a virtual sauna….Probably 95% of the customers on Tuesday mornings are silver haired, hormonal, and crabby…(and that’s just the women!).  Needless to say, we left early…It was a hot ride home on my bike, but I couldn’t resist another shot of the train car progress….

train 1

“Stitchery Witchery”……


  Den has been working on a mount for our new 32” HD TV in our Hiker…He wants to make sure it sits back in the hole and cannot fall out while traveling, so he is custom making a mount…(Don’t ask me, I just watch the darn TV…)



So far, today’s blog seems to be a bit less “colorful” than most blog’s,  what with most blogger’s scenic and beautiful photos…but hey kids, it’s what we got here in Sandwich, IL….McGuyver at work…

   My sister’s condition has been up and down…  Her Oxygen numbers were not good and she ended up back in Critical Care at Sherman Hospital.  I drove up today (Wed.) to see her,  and she is again doing better..As for the chemotherapy,  she has chosen not to get it.  Ultimately, it is HER choice on her treatment…There is a long family story here, which I will not begin to bore you with…Suffice to say, if Darlene’s life story were a book, it could be called  “On Stage…Doing What She Truly Loved.”. Darlene got involved in a community theater group, and performed in plays at the Hemen’s Auditorium in Elgin.  She even got an award for Best Supporting Actress once… Since her health has failed, she has had a difficult time, and had to give it up.  Some of her “conditions” were due to bad choices,   but that is neither here nor there .  I will be there for her when I can.  Darlene has always had great sense of humor, ( imagine that),  and doesn’t let “stuff” get her too down….It does make me sad though, because there isn’t a lot of OUR family side left….


100_4199Sunset at Clear Springs, Texarkana



As you can see, I have relapsed into my file of “on the road” pictures…This puppy needed some color, so I got into the archives…. We’re kind of like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby....I like to resort to the travel collection …. Dennis and Donna do “ The Road To Ajo”, or “The Road To San Antonio”….If only I could look outside my kitchen window here and have these views….Hopefully it won’t be long until our view will change…As for now, I need to appreciate the view of the cornfields changing from green to gold, and the soybeans drying in the sun…The harvest is near, and our Midwest trees will soon resemble a beautiful oil painting…Dennis said he will be in the fields combining corn by the middle of September (corn before beans this year)….YEAH!!! …Day by day it’s getting closer to the nomadic life we so enjoy…..Thanks for reading …Happy Trails!!!


  1. Looks like Dennis really knows what he's doing there - that's a pretty skookum looking TV mount!

    Sorry to hear your sister is not doing too well. Sure is a difficult time for everyone.

  2. Sorry to hear about Darlene, I hope she improves again. I looked at what Dennis is doing and it looks like it will be sturdy, They sure don't give you much of an area with the angle mounted tv center, On ours it is square and deep we have a full size old style 27 inch in there , when we replace it we will have room for a 32 inch flat screen and I will mount it on a tilt up mount and the all the area behind it that is taken up with TV now will be empty and available for additional storage. Is that a plan or what.Keep you chin up, your time on the road is coming, that is what we keep saying. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. we know all about televisions falling while travelling..looks like yours will be secure thanks to Dennis knowing what he is doing!!

  4. The train car is coming together.I know Dennis will do a good job on the TV mount looks like he has all the right tools.

    Sorry to hear about your sis,hang in there.

  5. Sorry Darlene is not doing well again. Yep, no matter what the situation (bad choices, good choices) we're there for family....always. Nice to read you are there too. Thoughts and prayers with you all.

  6. I am so sorry to hear your sister is not doing well. We will certainly keep her in our thoughts and prayers. I know it must be really difficult for the whole family.
    The train car is really progressing well. Thanks for the update. It's fun to watch. :-)

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)