Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, September 4, 2010


  This morning was a fabulous, cool and sunny morning…I had invited my YaYa’a and their husbands over for coffee at 8AM, so I made a breakfast casserole.  I tried a new recipe using brie cheese, and it turned out pretty good. They ate it so fast I forgot to get pictures…

   My YaYa, Mary, and her husband had just purchased a brand spankin’ new Prius, and they drove it over to our house…I have to say, I wouldn’t mind having one someday. 


….This little cutie gets 50 miles per gallon..You cannot even hear it start…This would be a great way to travel if you traveled by auto…(It would also make a good “towed” !)  I know absolutely nothing about what is under the  hood of this thing, but it is packed so tight with stuff I was intimidated…Hybrid Synergy Drive…what the heck IS that?? Sounds like a street in Simi Valley, CA.

  After the Ya Ya plus husbands left, McGuyver began to work on his TV mount for the Hiker.  This project has been a “work in progress” this past week.  He has been welding, grinding, measuring, bolting…..and this morning he was  painting… He first began spray painting it while our GMC was still parked in the garage..WHOA!! The wind was blowing IN, so he backed it OUT of the garage! Well, at least the paint was black, the same color as our GMC,  (that would be DIRTY black, as you can see)…..


… That metal thing hanging magically in the air is his TV mount... This is becoming strangely like a magic show….Obviously, Dennis didn’t care too much about getting paint on the old Silverado truck bed…..

….I could see I was quickly becoming useless, so I went inside to cook some Italian Turkey  Sausage for spaghetti.   Tomorrow we are having whole chickens on the grill, with sides of spaghetti, cole slaw and cottage cheese.  We usually end up having a few “visitors” just magically appear when we cook out… (magic is becoming a theme here, eh?) ….Of course, just about the time I was up to my eyeballs, washing 3 whole chickens,  McGuyver decided he needed my help.  NO CROSS CONTAMINATION, PLEASE!!! The paint was dry on his magical little invention,  so now I was to become the Magician’s assistant….

100_7940   100_7942

….and as the assistant, I managed to take this photo on the left while McGuyver ran for a screw driver…I was holding the camera with my right hand,  and holding up the TV with my left…See?, I can do some pretty good magic stuff too!…OH YEAH, THE TV FITS IN THE HOLE!!  The Oak framework is still a little too large, so for his next trick,  McGuyver will show us his trim carpentry skills…That may involve turning the air “magically”  blue with expletives, so I hope not to “assist” in that endeavor.

  100_7939  The deck umbrella table is now put away, and our back deck is all set up for some cool weather campfires. ( I moved the fire pit and charcoal Weber grill up on the deck by myself, I might add.) Dennis was helping a friend who was going to pick up a new Class C motorhome, so  I thought I would surprise Den by getting  this deck stuff done by myself….”I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!”…then hear me groan.



You should have seen me getting the round glass top table down and into the garage..I have no photos of that.  Hey, I can hold my camera in one hand, but I can’t hold up the table with the other!!



Well, today is just gorgeous.  I love this time of year.  Don’t worry, I ‘m not so dumb as to think our warm weather is over, but I DO hope the 90 plus degree days with 90% humidity are done!!  I’ve noticed some great high school football game pictures on the blogs this week.  It is DEFINITELY football weather.  Our grandson skyped us this morning from Indianapolis, and he had on his Purdue Boilermaker shirt …..


…This photo isn’t the best, but this kid IS THE BEST!! His Dad is a Purdue University Grad…Aiden now can say “Boiler UP!” and pump his arm up in the air on command…This is a MUST for any Purdue fan.

   OK, it’s now time for my bicycle ride..and I actually have on jeans today!  I will post again Monday, with picture of our Award Winning Cave Dwellers Gourmet Grilled Chickens!!!! Thanks to all of you apparently very loyal followers…Didn’t your Mom tell you not to follow just ANYONE??


  1. I guess I've been out in the boonies for too long, because I have no idea what a YaYa is. Maybe something like the sisterhood of the traveling pants??

    Anyway, I haven't been to Roma, but I did spend two winters volunteering at Laguna Atascosa NWR down there. Talk about a birder's paradise! :)

  2. Sounds like a great supper to me, Chcken and Spahetti, you know how to keep this follower, I'll follow you anywhere if you cook like that. Tell Denny that set looks nice can't tell is it another Vizio, ours is doing great in the bedroom, I will tackle another one before we hit the road and then we will be completely HD equipted. Oh yeah Donna knew right away what a YA-Ya was and just laughed when I asked her what it was and said it was a girl thing. I told here any man that started talking like that and his friend's would stop drinking with him.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Well good for you!!! You produced a wonderful breakfast dish for your friends...assisted in the magic act with McGuyver...fixed up the deck and then got ready for a bike ride. Indeed...You are woman hear you roar!!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. That TV mount and fitting looks terrific, Dennis did a great job even though he did need your help to finish it!!

    And, you're not useless if you can cook Italian Turkey Sausage for the spaghetti sauce, that sounds good!

    Sorry, bad news. Notre Dame beat Purdue in their college kick-off game at South Bend today! Maybe you should teach Aiden to say "Go Irish" and just forget that Boilermaker stuff!

  5. I'm weary just reading about your days activities. I'll wake up for those turkey sausages, though. Yum Yum.

    Good job with that TV framework. Nice!

  6. love the yaya are so lucky to have them!!!..and as for being a 'helper'..hate it..especially when the helpee starts cussing!!..good job on the sundeck and good luck with the chickens!!..and as for following?..NOT..walking right beside you!!! spirit anyway!!..have a great weekend!!! day we will meet!!!

  7. I like Dennis's work habits. So what's a little overspray here & thee. Big deal!! No finicky fancy pants master manic carpentry for us guys. No sireeeeee. just throw er on the truck & git er done!!