Cave Dwellings: Garage Sales are Hard Work!!…but FUN!
Cave Dwellings

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Garage Sales are Hard Work!!…but FUN!

  Some folks call them “tag sales”, some say “yard sales”..and we here in Northern Illinois call them “garage sales”. But no matter what they’re called, they all seem to shake out the same..You get a wild hair to clean out stuff you don’t need, haven’t used, have no love for or just HATE,  stick a price tag on it and set it outside of your house “for sale”….Then you sit back and wait for the crowds..


       FRIDAY MORNING 8AM                                         FRIDAY AFTERNOON 3PM

It went very well, as you can see.  By Friday afternoon, I had taken down 2 tables.



This was Terrie’s boy’s robot.  Terrie had a substitute teaching job, so she couldn’t come to help me Friday..That left me to demonstrate this “alien”…I had a heck of a time figuring out what buttons he liked pushed in order to make him move…As I soon found out,  I realized that this remote control “weirdo” could walk forward and backward, pick stuff up, talk,  and reach for things….  I would have purchased him myself,  if only he could have grasped a Rum bottle to mix a drink, but, alas… his grasp wasn’t large enough, so Mr. Robot went to some little boy who fell instantly in love with him…

..Saturday morning it looked like rain, but Dennis stuck our sign in the yard again anyway.  I took my newspaper, coffee, cash drawer and crossword puzzles with me and headed for the garage again. We had quite a few people stop in and I managed to “unload”, both of my beauty shop hair dryers..Do they even USE those anymore??? Apparently someone does!!!

About 9:30 AM, McGuyver the weatherman, came out to tell me there was some pretty big rain on the way.(  Not only does McGuyver fix stuff, but he LOVES his little NEXRAD weather site.   If he even THINKS it might storm, he props himself in front of the computer in eager anticipation, with radar screens in full view.) 


As I turned out, McGuyver the weather guru called it..A cool front was approaching from the West and it began raining, lightening and thundering…I closed up the garage sale about 2PM and considered it a great success…






On the left is MY big purchase at my own garage sale….Our neighbor next door, whom I call Deb, the “Chandelier Queen,” dug this one up from her basement and brought it over to sell.  This was about 11AM on Saturday….I almost had a heart attack, I have such an affinity for chandeliers.   After some serious convincing  of Dennis, and a few well placed sad looks his way, it found it’s way into OUR basement for some cleaning and a little work….And let’s just say that Deb, the Chandelier Queen, knows her stuff. This is a nice piece.

It was, however,  missing a few crystals.  That top glass cup has holes for 8 more crystal strings, so Deb gave me her “crystal” stash to pick some out so I could complete it..I have yet to work on it, but I hope to dive into the chandelier crystal bucket later today and lose myself in it…WHAT A BARGAIN!!!  I’ll post a photo of it when it is complete, lit up and hung up..I can’t wait.!

Soooo…..this next week begins my 6 weeks or so of being a “farming widow”..Dennis got the call that they will begin combining beans tomorrow.  This is VERY GOOD NEWS, however…because after he helps his friend get the crops  harvested, we can pack up the Hiker and head out!!! ONE MORE REASON TO LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!…..More later….I now have to go “crystalize”…..


  1. Looks like you came out a winner on both ends of the garage sale, can't believe Denny let his dump truck go though.Hope the harvest goes fast and you guys can hit the road, Donna & I are going to a Rally Thursday and then I am winterizing the trailer before I go to PA. I am trying to talk her into a trip to Fla. in Dec. we shall see.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. glad the garage sale was a success!! for the chandelier?..very nice!..can't wait to see the photos of it up and sparkling!

  3. We had a garage sale once. Kelly stuck me out in the driveway with a .50 cent price tag on my forehead. I'm still here.........


  5. I knew it! Just like Paulette, you both sell junk, then go out and buy more junk to take up the space of the junk you just sold. We have a chandelier too - it's been in our garage for 20 years now!!

  6. Gargae sales are so much fun! Wish I could have been there to help, I just love to work a garage sale. Gosh, I'm so excited just reading about it I'm babbling here. Sorry. :(

  7. OMG - I had no idea I could have sold my chandelier! I just thought I was the only one who liked it. I had an identical one in our house and I left it hanging in the dining room for the new owner.