Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, September 17, 2010


  Since I am lashed to my garage for the next 2 days, having a garage sale, I am lazy and wanted to make this blog easy for me, and still somewhat interesting for you…So I once again dove into the archives…headfirst..and came out with this …  So, get out your Atlas and look for Comstock, TX, which is just North of Del Rio on RT 90…You should see Seminole Canyon State Park…If you don’t …well, you need to turn the page and go to WEST Texas, not EAST!!!!

One of our favorite trips to Texas was when we were in this Texas State Park.  There was a great visitor center/gift shop/ museum there…and the sites were large and spacious….On the left below was our shelter and picnic table…it was a good distance from the camper, but we didn’t mind…This is what I guess they call the “high desert”……and the views went on forever…



We were there in January of 2007…before we had a blog.  I don’t remember putting these photos on my blog before, but Lord knows I could have…I have that disease they call CRDT (can’t remember a damn thing)…So, if I did, I apologize for my dementia..



The Southern Pacific Railroad ran through here for a very short time….I’m not sure who that “bottle blonde” is …I DO know that she is standing on the bridge over the Pecos River ….We took a day trip to Langtry,  where Judge Roy Bean WAS the law West of the Pecos…


If you ever get the chance , visit Langtry TX….the history literally jumps off the walls of these buildings…Who IS that old cowpoke in the right hand photo????





The park had guided tours of the petroglyphs that were only visible under the cliffs…There weren’t many people in the park in January, and we signed up for the guided tour one nice day…We were the only ones on that tour, so we had Tony, the tour guide, all to ourselves….He was a very spry 80 years young, and actually smaller than me, (as you can see)…He gave us a great tour..The park is very strict that you DO NOT go down to the cliffs alone…That bronze statue on the left is at the visitor center…It’s just fabulous, with his arms raised to the heavens like that…



Now I’ve done it….I really want to get into the Hiker and head for this place!!!!! I have to tell you that it CAN get pretty cold there in January, and we spent one whole day inside our Hiker by the electric fireplace, eating popcorn and watching DVD’s….because it sleeted ALL day!!! Just thought I should mention that…

That’s it for The Caves tour the Cliffs…..hope you enjoyed this thumbnail tour….I enjoyed reliving it!!!


  1. Hope Dennis is watching to make sure your not selling any of his good junk.

  2. Look's to me like a great place to visit, bet it's hot in the summer though. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Wow. Neat place! =)

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. It's amazing that the oven has survived all this time. :)

  5. You looked like you were about to put some bread in that brick oven, Donna! Very nice pics of a great looking place to visit.

  6. That would be a nice place -- at the right time. Maybe March? That statue lookied like a modern-day cousin of some of those petroglyphs. And to answer your question to our blog, George was Liberace's brother, and yes, he did play the violin on the show.

  7. That looks like a great place, even in January. Texas is really amazing and has so much to offer the traveler. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  8. looks like a good place to visit!!..thanks for the trip down memory lane!!..enjoy the garage sale!!!