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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goliad Texas Is Another of Our FAVORITE Campgrounds…

  First of all, I was in shock and awe that we have another determined follower in the group…Welcome to Kathie B. and thanks for coming into our crazy world….Hang on, it can get rough!!

Another travel log from “we who are NOT traveling”…But, this place is one to keep in mind if you like history.  Goliad Texas State Park, which is in Goliad Texas (DUH),  1 1/2 hours North of Corpus Christi on Rt. 183..(I’ll give you a minute to dig out the Atlas..) If you are at all familiar with Texas history, you have heard of the  Battle of Goliad.  It is not as well remembered as the battle of the Alamo, but the people who live in Goliad make sure you know all about it before you leave…

..The Goliad State Park was built on the grounds of the Mission Espiritu Santu, and when you camp there you can tour the mission anytime for free.  And it is a fabulous old mission.  Parts of it have been restored, but some of the old walls are still there, and the stone fence around it is the original.


…You can take a walkway that goes from the park about 1/2 mile to another beautiful and historic place called the Presidio La Bahia.   The first Texas Declaration of Independence was signed in the chapel at Presidio La Bahia. Goliad is also the site where Colonel James W. Fannin and 341 of his men were executed in 1836 on orders from Mexican General Santa Anna.  The presidio was restored to it’s present state in the 1960’s.   Below is the Presidio La Bahia…



The photo on the right is the chapel of the Presidio La Bahia…Man, oh Man…I was touching anything they would allow me to,  so I could channel some of THIS history!!  The really wonderful thing about Goliad State Park is the fact that is so close to the town of Goliad, and the town is really quaint..



….Above left is the wooden walkway that takes you into Goliad..about a 1 1/2 mile walk, and through some gorgeous trees., many labeled so you know what they are.

Above right,  is the old Goliad Courthouse.  They have a lovely historical town square like many old Texas towns.  The courthouse has recently been restored…On the left, and below,  is the famous “Hangin’ Tree”, right outside the courthouse…And trust me, it was used PLENTY!  NOW…I’M CHANNELING SOME SERIOUS HISTORY!

The last time we were in Goliad was in the spring of 2009.  Every March, around the 27th or 28th, they have a re-enactment of the occupation of the fort by Col. Fannin and the following Goliad Massacre.  I might add that they have church services in the missions, but I don’t know the schedules…It is so fabulous, because when they ring the mission bells and you are camped right on property, the beautiful tolling of them gives you chills  just thinking about the history..Well, maybe not everybody would , but I CERTAINLY DO!!!

There are 2 different campgrounds…One is on the lower side of the park ,and that is the one that is down a hill and not near the mission.  It is electric and water only, I believe , and is like camping on a huge parking lot .  I think those sites were $16 a night…The other ones, where we were at,  are in the Live Oaks on the upper side, and right by the mission…Those were full hook up , if I remember correctly, and ran about $20 a night…(If I were you, though ,and were even remotely interested in staying here, I would definitely NOT take Dementia Donna’s word for these prices)….Enough said. As I have said in previous travel blogs, I apologize if I posted this before….CRDT disease…

OK, well, thank you again for letting me relive another of the Cave Dwellers 5 star historical campgrounds…. I feel much better now…(But, God, I can’t wait to haul butt outa here!!!!)


  1. I'm putting this on my bucket list,just because I could realy feel your CHANNELING SOME SERIOUS HISTORY! in the place.

    It's always fun going back in time with you it's like it happend yesterday!!

  2. Thanks...It was very intense to sit under that big tree, knowing how many people had actually died right there....a little surreal...

  3. Thanks for another great history lesson on Texas plus all the photos to go with it. I knew about the execution of the soldiers by Santa Anna, but I wasn't aware that was in Goliad. Now I know. Thanks.

    That Santa Anna was a pretty bad dude!!

  4. Great stuff about that great state of Texas. The place is so huge it is possible you'd never run out of things to write about. All good.

  5. thanks for yet another trip down memory lane!..great job DD..can't wait till you are on the road and experiencing new adventures!!

  6. We love to explore old churches and especially the old missions. And the history lessons you provide make our mouth water! Save us a spot at Goliad, in the full hookup section!